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Happy Halloween my Sweets !

I have to talk a word with my boyfriend later. Yes, just because he sent me a textmessage earlier today with just included:

“Meet you later at the Asylum – dress for a ball.”

Well, and I did it (after a short moment of panicing – WHAT to wear on a night like this – which is also worth a ball). So I looked at all the different events currently running in second life. And ladies, after arriving at the new cycle of Zodiac this awesome mesh dress from 22769 ~ casual couture catched my attention. The Geometric Lotus Dress is waiting there in four bold black & white looks. The lotus flowers on the shoulder are part of the dress. The Geometric Lotus Dress is of course in mesh standard sizing. But as always, please try a demo before purchase for fitting proposes. You find the demo also at the location.

My hairstyle is for free. It is one of the latest subscribergifts by Exile. For my todays look I choose the Violetta Hairstyle in Rouge from the more than genours package you recieve.

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Now better run, I’m dressed and hope you all have a great Halloween Night ahead. With a lot of treats and a blast of fun if you’re getting tricked.

Items used in this blogpost:

Exile –  Violetta – Rouge [ latest Subscribergift | Fatpack – all colors included  |  free ]

22769 ~ casual couture – Geometric Lotus Dress  [ available at Zodiac | four different styles available | 160L$ each | not free ]

Doutch Touch  – JoLiE V2 Cream – Basic [ my normal skin | not free ]


Skulls 1

Happy Halloween. Todays post is dedicated to skulls – because I just found two items that match the theme perfectly. First of all there is this “Skulls’n Bones Necklace” by Whims&Wishes that comes in 4 different versions (depends on how much necklace you want to hang around your neck – shown here is version 3). All four different kind of necklaces come in a chest and spine attach option. And if you hurry up you even can get the necklace for a snip during the Woeful Wednesday Sale!

Skulls 2

The second item I want to show you today is this brilliant Louis mesh leather jacket with tee. {MoYaz} started a complete new mesh mens line and this is the first release. The jacket itself is available in many different colors and since I love green I choose the obvious one. With the jacket comes a HUD that allows you to change the texture of the T-shirt. And of course there is a black and a white tee also included in the HUD – but for me the prints definitely are more fun. And also you can wear the jacket without a shirt (alpha layer is included and the “no shirt” option can also be found in the HUD). So one jacket with multiple wearing options – definitely a good deal for me.

Skulls 3

List of stuff:

Skin: KENTO – Preston T2

Hair: [Iruco] hair27 (black)

Necklace: .:W&W:. – Skulls’n Bones Necklace

Jacket and Tee: {MoYaz} – Louis Leather Jacket Green (comes with Texture change HUD for the T-shirt)



Captain on deck! No doubt – CINEMA provides you with casual clothing and accessories, but you can find – in the right combination – fantastic items for roleplay also.  Todays outfit comes from 22769 ~ casual couture and features the Diktator Jacket and the Diktator Pants. In my opinion both work also as uniform for an air corsair. The jacket and the pants are mesh in male standard sizing and the guys from 22769 pushed the meshes another step forward because the detailing is insane. I especially love the cut of the jacket. It is kind of quirky with the leather ribbons over the chest – and the collar is to die for. Also the sleeves feature buttons and make this unusual jacket a pure gem in your inventory. Same goes for the trousers and the belt.

Airpirate 2

Of course an air pirate is nothing without his ship. Garden Of Dreams are mainly known for their Dreamscenes. But you also can find wonderful gadgets there like this brilliant Airship. It is very steampunk and like all items from GOD wonderful crafted. I must admit – I cheated a bit on my pictures, because the ship itself is phantom since the purpose of this item is indeed to fly around with. All in all it is an impressive vehicle with rotating propellers and steam coming out of the injectors.

Airpirate 3

Todays skin is the new release from Reila Skins: Alex. Alex comes in different facial hair options (like shown above), with a shape, eyes, browshaper and also with teeth tattoo (not shown here). You can learn all about the new release on the Reila Skins Webpage. What I do love about this skin is the subtile body hair and the way it is giving my avatar a somewhat rougher look. A definitely more manly skin.

Airpirate 4

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin: Reila Skins – Alex Tan

Necklace: :sey – Freebie Department edokin necklace

Jacket: 22769 ~ casual couture – Diktator Jacket red (for CINEMA)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Diktator Pants white (for CINEMA)

Underwear: VITAMEN – Roku-Shaku Fundoshi_Takara – Shu-Iro

Vehicle: Garden of Dreams – The Airship



So – you do not go to fairs because all the stuff is for women anyways, right? Ah hell – it is always laggy and people run into you and you have a hard time buying some stuff if there is anything available for you (which is most of the time on the second floor in a small corner next to the restrooms), right? Well let me tell you – you will miss the best events in secondlife for sure. Like i.e. CINEMA: theme of the fair is of course the motion picture – and you really think there is only stuff for women? If you really do you are just so wrong. CINEMA offers A LOT of items for guys. And also – they have a barrier to exclude extensive scripts on the sim. No doubt – there will be lag of course – but the organizers have done a hell of a job to reduce the lag as much as possible. So there is no need for you to stay outside anymore.

Todays outfit is from 22769 ~ casual couture. Their theme is action and adventure and they nailed it down with the mesh zipper slipon and the camu pants. Both items are available in different color options and of course can become purchased seperately. Needless to say that they are also standard sized. I love the camu pants because have a 3/4 cut – that means: you also can add some boots without having mesh bits and pieces coming out of your boots. Also I love the wrinkles a lot that give the pants a way natural look.

The hair is the new release from [IRUCO]. And when I saw it it definitely reminded me of some guerilla kind of style with the messy curls. And this is the biggest asset of [IRUCO] – the haircuts do not look like from a fashion magazine but they look somewhat real. And these curls are not tameable for sure. So I had this army like outfit, the freedom fighter hair – all I needed now was a beard. And I found the right kind of beard at EMO-TIONS. “Seth” is a prim beard that looks quite natural.

Finally the skin I am wearing is the new Preston skin from KENTO. It matches perfectly the look since – even Preston is more kind of a boyish skin – the shading of the face makes you look a bit tougher then like with other skins.


List of stuff:

Skin: KENTO – Preston T2

Hair: [iruco] hair28 (black)

Slipon: 22769 ~ casual couture – Slipon Green (for CINEMA)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Chevron 3/4 Camu Pants Green (for CINEMA)

Beard: EMO-TIONS – Seth Beard Black


Venom 1

On candystripe legs the spiderman comes softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead looking for the victim shivering in bed

Fantasy is a huge scene in secondlife. But at one certain time within the year even residents who are not into roleplay should check out roleplay shops. And this time must be Halloween. One of the biggest brands dedicated to roleplay, fantasy and quirky items for sure is +FALLEN GODS INC.+ and these days a visit to the temple, that happenes to be a shop, is strongly recommended. Not only that you find the perfect outfit for the next Halloween Party there within literally minutes. +FALLEN GODS INC.+ also have their famous fortune teller up again – and the price is this creepy but wonderful made Arachno Avatar. And – you never know: the folks hanging around at the temple from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ are extremely friendly and just a nice bunch. And since the fortune teller only works with interaction with others you might find new friends there also.

Venom 2

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and suddenly! A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright that the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Skins are one thing in secondlife that fascinate me. With realistic skins it is unbelievable how high the standard of realism and quality has become. The skins from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ instead are very artistic. When I put the skin on I spent some time to get all the details. The shading of the skin is flawless and even though the skin is mainly black the muscles still are defined. Then there is these fascinating patterns and nearly tribal paintings going on and it looks like the skin is more or less the canvas for the ideas of the creator. And I really love how the colors pop out on this skin. This one is definitely a show-stopper.
The package you receive from the fortune teller – if you found your perfect match – contains the male and female Biologic Skin, forehead and chest add ons, the spider legs, the loin cloth and also eyes. So – if you are lucky you get the full treatment.

The hair is from “The Ghost Of Halloween” Hunt and is one of the many gifts from UW.St. And there is a lot of hair to find in the fun hunt – to learn everything about it check my blogpost here.

And finally – the lava cave is a dreamscene from Garden Of Dreams. It is called “The Dungeon” and it has a lot of animations and poses included. If you are looking for a place to scare your friends or to make your own halloween party – this one is strongly recommended.

Venom 3

List of stuff:

Hair: UW.StThe Ghost of Halloween Hunt

Avatar: +FALLEN GODS INC.+ – ARACHNOS (fortune teller item)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Dungeon