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There is a new fun event in town and you definitely do not want to miss this one: CINEMA. CINEMA is a fantastic huge mesh multiplex build as venue for a very unique and brilliant sales exhibition. You can find the sections SciFi, Action/Adventure, Romance, Musical/Fantasy, Horror, XXX and Film Noir – and the merchants crafted exclusive items dedicated to the genre they are in. And all participating merchants really outdone themeselfes with imagination and ideas.

Todays blogpost is devoted to the arty Film Noir genre. This fabulous suit comes from [HASTE] and it is not only mesh in standard sizing but also has a lot of wearing options. You can wear the ensemble with blazer and without for a cooler Tarantino like look. Definitely one of my favorite finds at the venue. Another brilliant idea is the film noir shadow box from la petite morte. It works with the new projector function of secondlife and it is throwing way dramatic shadows as you can see in the pictures. So if you are going for a Hitchcock kind of scenery this item is a MUST for you. The gun in my hand is included in the package and also a pose I did not use here.

Finally the glasses are from K_gs and are their new item for the Gallery Gift Shop – and it really nails the look down. The BottleBottom Glasses are lovely made and just add the special extra.

Noir 2

List of stuff:

Glasses: K_gs – BottleBottom (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Suit: [HASTE] – Film Noir Suit (for CINEMA)

Prob: .la petite morte. – shadow box film noir (for CINEMA)