So – you do not go to fairs because all the stuff is for women anyways, right? Ah hell – it is always laggy and people run into you and you have a hard time buying some stuff if there is anything available for you (which is most of the time on the second floor in a small corner next to the restrooms), right? Well let me tell you – you will miss the best events in secondlife for sure. Like i.e. CINEMA: theme of the fair is of course the motion picture – and you really think there is only stuff for women? If you really do you are just so wrong. CINEMA offers A LOT of items for guys. And also – they have a barrier to exclude extensive scripts on the sim. No doubt – there will be lag of course – but the organizers have done a hell of a job to reduce the lag as much as possible. So there is no need for you to stay outside anymore.

Todays outfit is from 22769 ~ casual couture. Their theme is action and adventure and they nailed it down with the mesh zipper slipon and the camu pants. Both items are available in different color options and of course can become purchased seperately. Needless to say that they are also standard sized. I love the camu pants because have a 3/4 cut – that means: you also can add some boots without having mesh bits and pieces coming out of your boots. Also I love the wrinkles a lot that give the pants a way natural look.

The hair is the new release from [IRUCO]. And when I saw it it definitely reminded me of some guerilla kind of style with the messy curls. And this is the biggest asset of [IRUCO] – the haircuts do not look like from a fashion magazine but they look somewhat real. And these curls are not tameable for sure. So I had this army like outfit, the freedom fighter hair – all I needed now was a beard. And I found the right kind of beard at EMO-TIONS. “Seth” is a prim beard that looks quite natural.

Finally the skin I am wearing is the new Preston skin from KENTO. It matches perfectly the look since – even Preston is more kind of a boyish skin – the shading of the face makes you look a bit tougher then like with other skins.


List of stuff:

Skin: KENTO ā€“ Preston T2

Hair: [iruco] hair28 (black)

Slipon: 22769 ~ casual couture ā€“ Slipon Green (for CINEMA)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture ā€“ Chevron 3/4 Camu Pants Green (for CINEMA)

Beard: EMO-TIONS – Seth Beard Black

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