Drive By Shooting

Drive By Shooting 1

I just have way too much fun with my new bike but on the other hand the brand new shiny Mens Dept is knocking on your doors. So I decided to make a post to give you a preview of things to get at the number one fashion event for lads before I hit the road again.

So let’s start with my look: The awesome mesh jacket comes from [LOVE RE ME] can be worn with or without hoodie. Also awesome: I used to have EXACTLY the same jacket in RL a couple of years ago – same color, same style. So it was clear that I have to pick this one. Of course the jacket is available in many colors and there are also female versions included. The pants are from 22769 for the Mens Dept. The corduroy skater pants have super realistic textures and I especially love the bags. Also the pants are available in a lot of colors. The sneakers are an old group gift from [JP]:dsg. that is still available!

Drive By Shooting 2

Todays skin is also a preview for the upcoming release Noah from REILA Skins. It is a good idea to check the Reila Skins Webpage for the exact release date and of course also the tanning options. I am wearing Noah tan 2. What I find quite interesting with Noah is the very subtile oriental touch. I definitely will show you some more of the skin in further blogposts so see this one as a teaser.

But back to the bike: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY are also taking part in the new Mens Dept. but the bike is not available there. In fact I went lucky and got it from the Lucky Toilet in the PIXLIGHTS FACTORY mainstore. And it is big fun also. And as superplus it also has my fav color. But anyways – may it by motorbike, train, plane, car or teleport: you MUST check out the new collection at the Mens Dept opening 5th November. The designers again pushed the quality of mens items to a new level. And you also can make a snip there!

Drive By Shooting 3

List of stuff:

Hair: [Iruco] hair27 (black)

Skin: Reila Skins – Noah Tan2

Jacket and Hoodie: [LOVE RE ME] – Letter Jacket Green Plain (for the Mens Dept)

Pants:  22769 ~ casual couture – Skater Pants Green Corduroy (for the Mens Dept)

Sneakers: [JP]:dsg. – Sneakers (Groupgift)

Bike: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY – Sport Chopper Green (Lucky Toilet)

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