review policies

Hello – nice to meet you. Please take a seat and grab some cookies. is a blog that shares our finds in SL. However we do accept and appreciate review copies. Please be so kind to

  • send the items in a folder named “Review copies from xxx (your storename here)”
  • include your landmark (and also, if you like, a notecard with further information)
  • send female items to Mondra Kira, male items to Nestor Farshore and unisex items to both

Please also do understand that we do our best to blog your sent items as soon as possible. However we both have a Real Life and due to the nature of SL it also can happen that we do not receive your sent goodies. Also we do reserve the right to blog only the clothing items that fit our style.

We do blog nearly everything in SL – that means clothing, shapes, skins, hair…etc. also as prefabs, furniture, vehicles…etc. We are not an adult blog, so we do not blog sex toys or other adult items.

We are not associated with one particular store neither do we want to in future.

The shown items in this blog are our personal taste – due to the nature of SL we can not guarantee that the items work on your avatar shape also.

Thank you for reading and considering sending your goodies to us

Mondra Kira and Nestor Farshore

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