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I’m not afraid of you !

image used in blogpost

Happy Sunday Lovlies !

Wow, that was a party last night. I just prepared in time all the neat stuff that we needed for a perfect roof top party! But, it was a little bit stressy – and yes, I thought I was a bit tickled by the champange. So I decided to have a lazy day for myself today. Go out, enjoy the early sun of spring and do one of the things I have loved as a child: Visiting the Zoo !

And yes, all the big lions, elephants and bears where nice, but on my way from the asian themed section over to the canadian themed I meet a nice fellow. Well, nice on the second look. At the first look he tried to  look benath my wonderful dress from Chantkare. The Maje Dress, can be currently found at the new collection at the Dressing Room Blue for the steal of 70L$. Yes, all items have been changed at the venue and will be available for two weeks now.

At the same location, I also made a snip with the hairstyle I’m wearing today. The Ramona Hair, from Exile, is available in four different colors for just 60L$.

Now, my new friend will show me his side of the zoo. I’ll better run after him. You find the credits for the items of todays look below the next image. See you around lovlies !


Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Exile –  Ramona:Persimmon [not free | 60L$ available at the Dressing Room Blue]

Chantkare – Maje Dress 2012 [not free | 70L$ available at the Dressing Room Blue]

ARTEMIS AnkleRibbon heel [available as Groupgift]

BoHo HoBo colored titanium hoop earrings [Gift in Shop | free]

[a.e.meth] – Vivid Eyeshadow – purple [not free | Gatcha Item – 20L$ per Play]

IZUMIYA – Pose 015 [free]

Image taken at Zoo World


Pure 1

When it comes to clothing we are spoiled. Prim attachements like cuffs, bottom prims, collars are common. And now mesh also has a big impact on our virtual fashion sense despite the well known problems with alterations of shapes and standard sizing. What we tend to forget is that plain and pure texture clothing can be breathtaking well done.

Chantkare, well known for fabulous womens clothing with a very special and adorable native touch finally opened a men departement. The designer Agustin Wonder is currently working on items and outfits, but a few already made their way to the store. And this cotton tee is one of them. And now talk about textures! The bold feather texture is a piece of art itself. There is not one thing i dislike about the purchase. The cotton texture is subtile, the wrinkles are extremely realistic, the collar line is exceptional and the feather print is like jewellery on fabric. Does this tee need prims? I do not think so.

The pants are the gift from Artemis at the Menswear Fashion Week – if you have not been there already you better hurry up!

Pure 2

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy*24 (black)

T-Shirt: CHANTKARE Men’s – Native Feather Organic Cotton Tee (Crimson)

Pants: ARTEMIS MEN GIFT /halfPants (at Menswear Fashion Week)

Bracelet: +grasp+/ Beed and Leather strap bracelet

Picture taken here.

Honey, I’m home

I'm comin ghome


weekend is so close. Just only a frew hours and a -well planned- Party weekend with the girls will start. But after the past week, I really deserve it. Don’t know if you sometimes also had the feeling: Yes, freetime. Just get to your comfy cloth and relax.

But the comfy cloth part, also is an absolute Must for traveling too, at least for me. So I already have changed my formal clothes to my favorite kneelength jeans from Coco. For the kiss of the sun, I take Jett Top from Cold Logic in black. The top are available as huntgift at Cold Logic for “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”. The HUnt ends on March 30th. So you better should hurry to search for the pink flower in the shop. The Top comes in three different colors and you find all the Standard Sized meshes in the gift.

Well … now, I better should have a look if my significant other is already home, but for you here are my credits for today:

coldLogic  jett black [available as Huntgift “The Fresh Unknown Hunt”]

COCO Designs Knee Length Denims (dark blue) (look in the Outlet)

ARTEMIS AnkleRibbon heel [available as Groupgift]

Swoon Style! [current Groupgift – join inworld group and look in past notices]


Barefoot 1

There are some designers out there, who already offer some mesh feet for avatars. But about 99% of them offer feet for women. Lucky enough CheerNo thinks about the guys and that is where I got my feet from. Okay – what sounds about right in SL sounds a bit weird for RL – but nevertheless: the feet are easy to fit, come – of course – with a color-HUD and look incredible realistic.

Also – the v-neck and the scarf are the current groupgift for lads at ARTEMIS and it gives you a kind of boheme-ish look that I like. The glasses are also a groupgift: LnL, more known for their fantasy/roleplay clothing, give them away for free at their store. The poses I used come from {.:exposeur:.} who currently have a pose sale going on. If you are into SL photography go there. The poses are extremely well done and you can get a steal there til end of this month!

Barefoot 2

List of stuff:

hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

sunglasses: LNL unisex sunglasses

shirt and scarf: ARTEMIS Men Groupgift

gloves: +grasp+ Biker glove black

pants: 22769 ~ [mesh] rolled up trousers color:black

Feet: [CheerNo] FeeT. V1

poses: {.:exposeur:.} Fashuneestoh