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It takes Two


It is now a bit more then 3 months ago when Mondra and myself had the idea to start a blog together. We both love inworld photography, playing around with windlight settings, finding the right angle and getting rid of these pesky grid- and shadowlines. And we both admire the creative energy within second life. So I guess it came natural that at one point we had the idea to found yet another second life blog.


BUT: we never did a blogpost together. So we met inworld, done some shopping and here we are: best friends all dressed up in this cute cafe. Mondra will make her blogpost later today – and she will tell you everything about her outfit there. Right now it is my turn to talk about my look. We went to this neat store called NYU. If I have to describe the creations and the store itself with one word it must be “minimalism”. And if you grant me a second word it will be “elegance”.


The whole outfit, that means blazer, shirt, shorts and these adorable loafers comes from NYU and is mesh. And this is where simplicity speaks loud. The clothing is not overtextured – it is plain, clear and extremely well made. And without loud patterns the pieces stand for their own. This does not mean that the shirt, the jacket and the shorts are not textured at all – indeed they are in a very subtile way that makes them one of the “most real pieces” from my inventory. I really love the classy and yet quirky look and shape of it a lot. And guys – if you are looking for some reasonable mesh pieces, also in accessory, I urge you to check at NYU. If you have a thing for a casual look you will simply love the creations.


List of stuff (my part)

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Black)

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black

Outfit: NYU – Cropped Jacket Set (black/white) (mesh)

Shoes: NYU – Tux Leather Loafers white (mesh)

*credits on Mondras outfit in her blogpost later on*

Free at last


Freebies are shabby – only noobs wear freebies and they are not stylish at all, right?


Normally I try to do one blogpost a day which keeps me busy enough to be honest. But today I was forced to make another one (and believe me – this will be the exception of the rule). Why is that so? Well – I was trying to sort my inventory when a groupmessage from :sey popped up. Risey Arai made a freebie section. Freebies? At :sey? I must be kidding you. I do not. And boys and girls. The freebie section is not big, it is bloody HUGE! Everything I am wearing today is actually from the new :sey Freebie Department. Well everything except my everydays skin from Kento, the shades from bastard and the hair from Atro Patena. And the pose is from my new favorite pose store HISpose.

This is of course great news since Risey is a sculpt and texture god – not to mention his special style. The even better news are between the lines tho. Risey is cleaning out his shop and is getting rid of the old stuff. This can only mean that we can expect even more awesomeness from :sey – and the latest mesh releases speak loud and clear. Keep an eye on this shop – there is definitely more to come within the next weeks.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] Kelvin Black

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles

Pose: HISpose – Emo Leans

Everything else: :sey – Freebie Department

Murder he wrote

murder 1

Of course you know hunts – where you have to look for a special item, grab it and jump to the next landmark. It is so fun to see that creative people still can make something new out of this concept. And if you want to do an adventure within second life – like these old computer adventure games – you simply MUST do the Sanity Falls Hunt. It is not only a hunt but a story connected to the hunt. And for doing it you need to buy a HUD for 100L$ at the starting point. This is not a downer, cause the HUD has essential influence on the game and your experience – and obviously you are not able to get the prices and the hints without the HUD.

You play a character called “Alex Blackwell” who wakes up in Sanity Falls with his wife missing. Your task is to safe the life of your wife to find posters in Sanity Falls displaying a telefone number. When you dial the number on your mobile phone (the HUD) you get the landmark to a participating store and the hint. There you have to look for an envelope of cash – cause you have to collect 1.000.000 Dollar as bait to get your wife back. And of course – every envelope contains a price also. And finally the glasses are from bastard. – a fairly new shop – whooffers them as 1 L$ promo offer. The glasses come in four styles.

murder 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – espresso (Part of the Alex Blackwell Avatar)

Outfit with Shoes: DRD – Alex Blackwell Avatar

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black (1 L$)

Prob and Pose: Julia Creation “The Crime Scene”

Starting point of the Sanity Falls Hunt here.