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Preppy in Mumbai

Preppy in Mumbai

There is no doubt that the current round of the Mens Dept. is one of the best so far – you can get so much wonderful stuff there. And since nothing at the Mens Dept. is over 150 L$ you also make a snip and your virtual wallet will not be exhausted after a shopping spree.

The preppy jumper comes from [Sheep Door] and is another good example about how creative creators work with the new medium mesh these days. The jumper can be worn with and without shirt. And again the shirt can not be worn alone. But I so love the overall look of this and also the folding of the jumper is way realistic. I chose for todays look the cropped shirt navy. Other colors and demos are available at the Mens Dept.

The bermuda shorts are from 22769 ~ casual couture and are the current huntgift in the Finding FabFree Hunt. The gift also contains an open shirt for men which is not shown here. And also my todays haircut is from the Finding FabFree Hunt and is the gift from ChiChicky.

List of stuff:
Hair: ChiChickie! – Tyler (Finding FabFree Hunt)
Jumper: [Sheep Door] Cropped Shirts Navystripe (with collar) (for the Mens Dept.)
Shorts:  22769 ~ casual couture – [homme] Bermuda Shorts Creme (Finding FabFree Hunt)
Furniture: [DECO] – Mumbai Ottoman (for the Mens Dept.)

Preppy in Mumbai

In case you wonder about where I took my todays pictures in: it is the fantastic Mumbai Sky Loft from [DECO] which also can be found in the current Mens Dept. (and also the ottoman stool from the first picture). The name of this more then awesome prefab tells you it is a skybox – and it works pretty well as skybox indeed – but on the other hand it also works as a ground house as you can see in the picture. This is something I love about the prefab – that it works both ways. The Mumbai Sky Loft also has a entrance door for this purpose – and if you will use it as skybox you can either rezz a platform with gardening in front of it or build yourself a balcony.

Anyways – the texturing in this prefab is wonderful – rich earthlike tones, very sophisticated wood textures and a lot of neat things to find. The skybox is a maisonette prefab – there is a gallery also as second floor reachable via stairs.

List of stuff:
Prefab: [DECO] – The Mumbai Sky Loft (for the Mens Dept.)

Preppy in Mumbai

I mixed for the interior many things I gained over the last few days in my inventory – but somehow they came together naturally. There is – first of all – the ICONIC sofa from Apple Fall which is also an items from the current Mens Dept. And this one is really a surprise because it holds so many poses in it – i believe even more poses then in my posestand i use from time to time. You find single and coupleposes galore and also the look of this one is really something I want to have in my RL also. I spiced the furniture up with some stuff also from Apple Fall from the current Round of FaMESHed – the Vogue frame and the hemp rug.

The shelf behind me – or in better words: the bookworm ladder – is one of the items from floorplan for the Mens Dept. And I just love it. Not only that I love books and own many of them in RL, but the idea is simple and brilliant. The lamp is a new release from { {BSD Design Studio} } and the plant is – again – a gift in the Finding FabFree Hunt and comes from [PP].

List of stuff:
Sofa: [AF] – ICONIC Sofa (for the Mens Dept.)
Frame: [AF] – VOGUE Frame (for FaMESHed September)
Carpet: [AF] – HEMP Rug Branches(for FaMESHed September)
Shelf: floorplan. – bookworm ladder / neutral (for the Mens Dept.)
Plant: [PP] – Cactus Container Garden (Finding FabFree Hunt)
Lamp: { { BSD Designs Studio } } – post modern 3legs lamp L

Preppy in Mumbai

So – a lot of hunting and sales events in this blogpost – I guess that should keep you busy on this Sunday. Read you soon…

Why So Serious?


In my opinion we all are in second life to have fun and to escape our real lifes for a little while. And as amazing it is that there are creations that are incredible real looking the more amazing fact is that we have all kinds of possibilities in second life and rarely use them. So I dedicated todays blog post simply to one thing: fun. Because it is Friday and because this week was rather stressful and I can need some giggles and enjoyment.

First things first: this supersloppy mesh tee is a brilliant find from the current Mens Dept. It is from [LV] and there are seven styles you can choose from and I love the graphic faces on these shirts – especially the shocked expression of the chloe shirt I am wearing today. The bermuda shorts are also from the Mens Dept. and these come from 22769 ~ casual couture. They are perfect to add to your style since they are plain but yet lovely made. They even have real pockets but are not too loud that they overscream your look. The available colors are black (shown here), blue and teal.


Aww – isn’t this old village sim just lovely? Well, yeah it is. But it is not a sim! Indeed it is a skybox or better said: a dreamscene. I already told you in a previous blog post about GARDEN OF DREAMS. The creator Kayle Matzerath is specialized on extreme lovely skyboxes. But not the regular ones like four walls, a floor and a roof. He is creating scenes you can live in – just like this wonderful village shown above. You can not move in one of the houses shown – but you can live on the plaza I am standing on. And this is the fun part: who ever told you that you have to live in a house? Put your bed under the free sky cause the sun always shines in SL. Also it is a brilliant meeting point for friends or even a party ground. This special Dreamscene has just 146 prims.

Remember shoulderpets? When I joined second life – which is nearly three years ago – they have been everywhere. Nowadays you do not see them so much around. But this is about to change. The so called Booshies are a new generation of attachment pets – well these ones are – and they do all kinds of mischief while you are wearing them. The winged cat (called Felitera) on my head starts to fly or is lying on its back and is just way too cute. The little dinosaur like one on my shoulder (called Ibstomp) waves and makes saltos. You can get the Lil’pets in a Gatcha at Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia. And if you like them better hurry up cause the Lil’pets will be in the Gatcha only for a limited time.


List of funstuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: [LV] Loose Tshirt Chloe (for the Mens Dept.)

Bermudas: 22769 ~ casual couture – Bermuda Shorts Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Shoulderpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Ibstomp (Gatcha)

Headpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Felitera (Gatcha)

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Village