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Hello There !

for credits, please see below

Well today I said it already in the Title, but anyways … Hellos Sweets !

Hope this week has treaten you right so far. We make it to Wednesday, so the weekend is near. Today I want to share some items that you you can find at L’accessoires and at the Vintage Fair 2012. If you are in the mode of shopping today, you have to visit them both. Both events offer you great items from all over the Grid.

Shall we start, with all the Goodies for today? Let’s go !

The great skin I’m wearing today is from Heartsick. It’s the lovley Belle Amie  Skin. The Skin comes in Clearvange and Freckles options, dark brows or no brows. You find the Skin in five  different Skintones. Each Skintone is just 750L$ available at Vintage Fair 2012. Of course you can try a demo before purchase!

And now let us switch the event for a short time. Have you seen my spectacular hair ribbon today? This great accessorie is from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. At the event you can choose between two different packs for 200L$ each. Each pack contains contains 7 different color options. I picked for my todays look the red polkadot option. And, what can I say: I loved it from the start.

for credits, please see below

You see, today I’m really adorable dressed. And yes, I was in a hurry. From L’accessoires Venue back to The Vintage Fair, and direct to the wonderful booth from Orquidea! There I found this classic Cocktail Dress in different colors to choose from. For 150L$, you can pick your favorite out of the 6 displayed one.  This dress is decent textured and the flow of the prim parts of the skirt is absolut awesome.

The poses I have used for my todays blogpost are also available at the Vintage Fair 2012.  The Pin Up Poses are available for just 30L$ (in total you can choose between 8 of them).

Now I have prepared for you the Credits of the items I used today. Hope you all have a great day!

Credit for used items in this blogpost:

Aeva/Heartsick – Belle Amie – Pack 3 / no Cleavage – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | four different Skintones available | 750L$ each | not free ]

NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Big Ribbon – red/polkadot – [ available at L’accessoires | 200L$ |two different style with 7 different colors included | not free ]

Orquidea – Vintage Evening Dress – black [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | six different color available | 150L$ each | not free ]

Image one:  Nani Poses – Pin Up Pose #1 – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 |in total 8 Pin Up Poses available |  30L$ each | not free ]
Image two:  Nani Poses – Pin Up Pose #2 – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 |in total 8 Pin Up Poses available |  30L$ each | not free ]

Early Mornings

for items used please credits below

Hello Sweets,

today it will be a quick, but hopefully informative, blogpost.  I have the honor to show you all the neat and exclusive releases from Adoness for Vintage Fair 2012.

This great Odessa gown is so full of details, that I would just let speak the next images for themself:

for details please see below

First I want to put your attention on the detailed hat (yes, it is included in the purchase), next to the clothing and the hat you find a Monocle included.The Monocle is not included in the pictures.

Oh, and have I already mentioned my great hairstyle in todays blogpost? It is also an Vintage Fair 2012 exclusive  item from Adoness. And I have to say the Octavia Hair (I’m wearing the black version) matches perfectly to the overall appearance of the dress.  The hair is offered for 180L$ per colorpack. In total there are four different colorpacks available at the Vintage Fair 2012.

item credits please see below

Before I let you check the credits  I want to drag your attention on the very detailed collar of this classical dress.

That’s all for today my sweets, hope to read you on the weekend.
Items used in this blogpost:

Adoness – Octavia Hair (black) – [available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 180L$ (per color) | available colorskales: black, brown, light and red – Demo at the Vendor | not free]

Adoness – Odessa Dress – [available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 280L$ | including hat and monocle | not free]