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for credit of items used, please see below

Hello  Sweets,
between two meetings today, I decided to take a little break and spoil myself with a little shopping spree at faMESHed and The Gallery Gift Shop. And best, on both locations you can find great items from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. So I decided to combine them both to a great look.

But before I tell you a little more about the items, I want to point you to my new haircut. Have you noticed? I made a steal at [e] during their annual hair sale. Today I’m wearing the haircut called Figure. You still can find the great mesh hair at the mainstore from Eliktatira. For 250L$ you can choose one colored version, but there are also Essentials Collections (280L$ – with up to 8 colortypes included) or the Fatpack (1400L$ – all available colurs included). Of course demos are available to check the look before purchase.

Let us start with this great done Trenchcoat I’m wearing today. This is a perfect match for the upcoming fall season and it is available at faMESHed from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. At the venue you can choose between 12 great colors for 300L$ each. Or you can take the fatpack (all color options included – 2000L$).  This mesh item comes in five different sizes with matching alpha layers. And, as always, a demoversion to test your personal fitting is also available at the venue.

Okay, back to the taxi, and next stop is The Gallery Gift Shop. The new items are out there for a few days now, so it will be hopefully not crowded. And I was surprised to see that NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture offers there the great Studded Sunglasses for 230L$. In total you have 256 different color combinations available with just one pack. But, please keep in mind, that the sunglasses are also mesh items.

And finally, my bag is also from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. But, for more information about this accessoriy, I want to point you to Nestors Blogpost Enter the Runway. You find the bag at the current cycle of L’accessories.

Now it’s time for me to say goodbye. The next meeting awaits me. But I’m pretty sure I will make a great impression with my modern and classy look today. Thank you designers, for these wonderful creations. While I’m in the meeting, I have preapred the credits for my todays look and hope to read you all soon !

Credits for items used in this Blogpost:

Eliktatira – Figure – Black 04 – [ available at the Eliktatira Mainstore | 250L$ per color | different color available | Essential-  and Fullpack also available ]

NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Studded Sunglasses – [ available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 230L$ | in total 256 color combinations ]

NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Trench Coat – Wool Military [ available at faMESHed | 12 different colors available | 250L$(each) – Fatpack 2000L$ ]

Picture taken here.

The Sunny Side Of Vintage

for items used, please see below

Hello Sweets,

another day, another blogpost. Today I want to show some more goodies you can find at the Vintage Fair 2012. Todays post, contains items from Alice Project, Essences, 22769, Zenith and SLink.

But, first I want to a answer a question some of you have asked me inworld: Where is your shape from?

I normally wear shapes from CS-Shapes by Xanthe Audebourgh. Currently I’m wearing the slimmer but taller version of her lovley Petunia Shape. Before that my allday shape was the sweet Lana Shape. Sadly she decided to put neither the Petunia or the Lana Shape on sale. But, if you are looking for a new relastic shape, visit CS-Shapes by Xanthe Audebourgh. I’m pretty sure she has some that fits you perfectly!

And how sweet this shapes work with different skins, you can see in the picture above. Today I’m wearing the Indy Skin wich is a new relase from Essences for Vintage Fair 2012.  For my todays look I picked the Tan Version of this awesome, very detailed  skin. The skin is available in five different skin tones (pale, rosy-pale, medium, tan and black). Optional you can purchase different Lipsticks (on tattoolayer) at the booth too.

fore creidts please see below

My new hair is also available at the Vintage Fair 2012. My todays hairstyle is a mashup from two of their wonderful hairstyle available from Alice Project. I mixed up the curly Lynn Hair with the bangs from the Shirley hair also available at Vintage Fair. With the easy to handle Hud from Alice Project you get your favorite haircolor within a minute. And a lot of different wearing options with one purchase. The mesh hair from Alice Project is rigged and follows your movement smoothly.

And while building up my look for today, the wonderful Cherry Ostrich Leather Bag by Zenith Fashion fits perfectly to my look. You can find this great mesh bag in the booth of Zenith Fashion at Vintage Fair 2012. The bag comes with different wearing options. Every wearing option is filled with a matching pose.

Talking about poses, shouldn’t we? I used manly for this blogpost the wonderful poses by D.Luxx. You can find this pose and many more on the Vintage Fair 2012.

for credit please see below

The colorful dress wich I choose for my look, is from 22769 ~ casual couture. They got -again- crazy with a booth full of new releases on Vintage Fair 2012. All items are mesh items and come in standard sizing. Like always, they are colorful and unique in their style. But this time they top it with playing with their brand .. so if you enter the booth, feel sent back to the famous Studio 54. I mean Studio 22769. And the Liz Dress in the style Batik Sun is more than a summer item. It is a classic longdress with a colorful twist. The alpha layer comes in two versions, and like all items they have included Alpha Textures.

To this summerstyle, I wear the great Strap Pumps from SLink in Creme. I have prevoiusly blogged them here.

Now I better go and have another look at Vintage Fair 2012. See you there? I hope .. but first: here are the credits for all items I used in this blogpost.

Credits for items I used:

Essences – Indy Skine(medium) – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 1500L$ (each Skintone Pack) | 4 Skintones available | not free ]

Alice Project – Lynn Infinty – [available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 250L$ | not free]

22769 ~ [femme] – LIZ Dress – style: Batik Sun [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 210L$(each style) | 4 different Styles available | not free ]

Zenith Fashion – Cherry Ostrich Leather Bag – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 220L$ (each color) | 10 Color available | not free ]

Feet & Shoes:
SLink – Vintage Two Strap Pumps – black – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 700L$ (each color) | 4000L$ (Fatpack) | not free ]

D.Luxx – The Vintage – Sugar Smacks – [available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 20L$ (each pose) | not free ]

Invite me to Vintage Fair

itemcredits, please see below

Hellos Sweets,

finally Friday .. and finally one day before Vintage Fair 2012 opens their door to puplic. Yes, Nestor has already posted some of the details of the upcoming Vintage Fair 2012. Vintage Fair 2012 is organised by the wonderful team of CHIC Managment around Keira Seerose.  The great (and this year 3 sims spanning) fairground was created by Trompe Loeil and is completly meshed. So you need a mesh capable viewer to the builds displayed correctly.

The complete event could not have been possible without the support of the great sponsors ( Aura, Belleza,Cheeky Pea, Cold Logic, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations, Trompe Loeil and GizzA Creations ) and all participating merchants there. So before I come to my first Vintage Fair 2012 blogpost, I want to thank everyone of them from the deep of my heart. For you Sweets, you can find all SLurl’s of the Vintage Fair 2012 here (of course, you have to wait til the Event opens).

But, back to topic, you want to invite me to vintage fair? I’ve put a decent make up on the  Rose Skin (new release at the Vintage Fair) from Shine  This wonderful skin is available in four different tones. Each package comes with different make up options and a matching Rose Skin is available for just 900L$. You find the different skin tones as fatpack also. Demoversion is at the booth.

credits for items, please see below

My todays jewellery is also a Vintage Fair exclusive item. You can find them displayed in the booth of WTG. The neat Foliage earrings are available for 200L$. The earrings include a colorchanger to fit to your current outfit. So, this is a great steal, since you get seven options for one price.

This awesome mesh gown I am wearing for my todays visit at the fair, is carefully crafted by Curious Kitties designers. The gown is available in different colors, for 2500L$ each.

Thats it for now .. now I have an appointment on the fairground. Hope you all have a splendid Friday sweets, as usual, find the credits for used items below.

Credits of items used:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]

SHINE – Rose Magenta/Tan/C2 – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 900L$ – fatpack available | not free ]

WTG – Foliage – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 200L$ (conatain colorchanger | not free ]

Curious Kitties – Vintage Rose Gown – Red [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 2500L$ ]

22769 ~ [vogue] – Female Denim Pose #06 – [ available in 22769 Flagshipstore | 10L$ | not free ]

The not so red carpet and me

Main Picture for Blogpost: the Red carpet and me"

Well Ladies, what should I say. You see, you get an invitation to a ball. You spend ages in your private beautysaloon and you -maybe- take one or two glasses of champaign before you start. With the taxi holding in front of a fantastic building, you expect the flashlights of the cameras and while you walk and pose for them you run … against the piano …

That was the moment when I woke up from the nightmare last night.  Thank God, the festival the night before didn’t went that bad. Okay, the carpet was not red, but the party was great. And the styling provided by the creators was perfectly fitting. For the Gala last night I had chosen the Ceole Groupgift. My Shoes are from 22769 and the wonderful earings are from JKTrends.

But here are the Credits:

Raspberry Aristocrat Jess Hair – Black Beauty

Celoe chelsea dress[Groupgift]

JKTrends Mainstore Pepas necklace & Earrings

22769 ~ Classic Black Pumps