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Living In The Past


Coincidences in secondlife never fail to amaze me. I think everyone knows by now that the Vintage Fair is up and running and vintage – or retro style – is the big hype on the grid. Nevertheless: the Mens Dept. is a sales event that is not dedicated to past lifestyles. But if you look close enough you find items there that simply fit in every kind of era. The old TV chair set from [kusshon] is one of these items. You can choose between 4 colors and the chair itself has 10 poses in typical TV lounging style. The couch table and a splendid amount of probs (beer cans, cheeseburger, slice of pizza, ashtray, cigarettes) is also included in the set. What I like most about the probs from [kusshon] is the fact that you can share these probs with your friends since they are mostly trans. So if you are looking for typical boy furniture – the Mens Dept. should be your first stop!


Floorplan have this chest of drawers at the Mens Dept. And here the fun starts: You can change the color of the drawers by mouseklick and I guess every designer would give you the options “yellows”, “blues and reds”…etc. Not floorplan – here you can choose between the colorstyles “chewie”, “artoo”, “threepio”, “darth” and “dagobah”. Shown above are left threepio and right artoo. The mesh tee is the item from DROP and I especially like that it is not overtextured so you can fit it to every kind of look you are going for. DROP have 6 different colors at the Mens Dept – so you definitely will find a suitable one for you. The cropped pants with the badges are also mesh and come from [LOVE RE ME] – and even if they are the item for the Mens Dept there is also the female version included. And finally the skin is – again – from NIVARO and is the special release for the current Mens Dept. round.

Finally I can close the circle by coming back to the Vintage Fair again. The skybox I took the pictures in is the exclusive release from %Percent. The 70s retro skybox has the dimensions 7.5 m to 20 m and 5.5 m height (approx.) and only 24 prims after set up. And it has these neat 70s styled patterns on the wall and also on the carpet. Also it has a lot of windows and a small balcony – so enough room for you to make your ideas real. Also the skybox comes copy and mod – that means that you can, with a little bit of building knowledge – alter the box to your needs like tearing down a wall and rez a second one beneath it to double its size. The skybox contains mesh parts.


List of stuff:

Hair: [COLORS] – 57 Ash Black

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: D R O P – Mesh V/N Tee Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Pants (for the Mens Dept.)

Chair and couch table: [kusshon] – old TV chair set, lilac (for the Mens Dept.)

Chest of drawers: floorplan – chest of drawers / warsies (for the Mens Dept.)

Skybox: %Percent – 70s Skybox (for Vintage Fair)

Hair Fair for the guys


I guess everyone by now has noticed that the Hair Fair 2012 has started. And of course this event seems to be a fair mostly for the ladies. However – I was brave enough to teleport there and find some stuff for lads also – some surprising, some interesting and some of course fabulous. But first things first: the Hair Fair 2012 has a webpage and what I really love about the organisation of this event is the hints page, or if you want to call it that way, the fair etiquette. You can find it here and I encourage you to read and follow the tips and ideas of the organisation team because it reduced the lag, that usually comes with events like the hairfair, dramatically. I have a pretty old computer and there are for sure better internet connections then the one I use – but I experienced no major lag issues and my purchases also did not delay. Also – I completely avoided any clothing at all except of a body alpha layer. So if you have been at the hairfair and came across a floating head – jep, that was me.

Surprises: Like said – after following the instructions of the organisers I experienced nearly no lag at all – and that was a surprise for me. Another surprise was the lack of some hair designers I expected to be at the fair like i.e. Dura. I also did not expect to meet so many fellow men at the fairground.

The following finds are strictly my personal taste – there are of course some more mens hair to find. So lets start with above picture. This is a new release from [COLORS] called 57 (Black Pack). It is sculpted the old way and I love the overall look of it. Also with 100 L$ per colorpack it is not overexpensive.


From left to right:

Magpie: This was a complete experiment cause the hair is supposed to be womens hair. But be honest: It is short, it is curled – it is pretty much unisex. I tried a demo and even tho I was (of course) not able to modify it I assumed that it could fit me with a few minor tweaks. Also 120 L$ is okay for an experiment. And see – it works. I just made the hair a bit bigger and I have a trendy kind of short curly haircut. Definitely one of my surprise finds on the Hair Fair.

[COLORS]: (again) This time with the Freebie they offer in their booth called FREE D.

*ARGRACE*: Straw Fedora – yet another Fedora, but well – I love this one cause the texturing on it is excellent. It is also a Freebie at the Hair Fair and it comes in three colors (blue, khaki and purple)

[INK]: NATUM (white) and another Freebie from the Hairfair. The cut of the hair grew on me and the color can work for special occasions.

Talking about Freebies: The necklace in all pictures is the freebie at the booth of {fashionably dead} and is called “Abstract Bird Necklace”. And also the poses I used for this blogpose are indeed a Freebie at the Hairfair and come from Amacci. The eyes instead are not free but a steal at the current Mens Dept. It is the mesh eyes from Poetic Colors (pearl aurora).


List of stuff:

Picture 1/3:
[COLORS] – 57 Jet Black (Hair Fair 2012)

Picture 2 (from left to right):
Magpie – Footsteps Even Lighter (Liquorice) (Hair Fair 2012)
[COLORS] – FREE D AshBlack (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
*ARGRACE* – Straw Fedora Blue (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
[INK] – NATUM (white) (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)

All pictures:
Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles
Necklace: {fd} Abstract Bird Necklace (Hair Fair 2012 – Freebie)
Eyes: Poetic Colors – pearl – aurora – medium (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)
Poses: Amacci (Hair Fair – Freebie)