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So – you do not go to fairs because all the stuff is for women anyways, right? Ah hell – it is always laggy and people run into you and you have a hard time buying some stuff if there is anything available for you (which is most of the time on the second floor in a small corner next to the restrooms), right? Well let me tell you – you will miss the best events in secondlife for sure. Like i.e. CINEMA: theme of the fair is of course the motion picture – and you really think there is only stuff for women? If you really do you are just so wrong. CINEMA offers A LOT of items for guys. And also – they have a barrier to exclude extensive scripts on the sim. No doubt – there will be lag of course – but the organizers have done a hell of a job to reduce the lag as much as possible. So there is no need for you to stay outside anymore.

Todays outfit is from 22769 ~ casual couture. Their theme is action and adventure and they nailed it down with the mesh zipper slipon and the camu pants. Both items are available in different color options and of course can become purchased seperately. Needless to say that they are also standard sized. I love the camu pants because have a 3/4 cut – that means: you also can add some boots without having mesh bits and pieces coming out of your boots. Also I love the wrinkles a lot that give the pants a way natural look.

The hair is the new release from [IRUCO]. And when I saw it it definitely reminded me of some guerilla kind of style with the messy curls. And this is the biggest asset of [IRUCO] – the haircuts do not look like from a fashion magazine but they look somewhat real. And these curls are not tameable for sure. So I had this army like outfit, the freedom fighter hair – all I needed now was a beard. And I found the right kind of beard at EMO-TIONS. “Seth” is a prim beard that looks quite natural.

Finally the skin I am wearing is the new Preston skin from KENTO. It matches perfectly the look since – even Preston is more kind of a boyish skin – the shading of the face makes you look a bit tougher then like with other skins.


List of stuff:

Skin: KENTO – Preston T2

Hair: [iruco] hair28 (black)

Slipon: 22769 ~ casual couture – Slipon Green (for CINEMA)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Chevron 3/4 Camu Pants Green (for CINEMA)

Beard: EMO-TIONS – Seth Beard Black

Bohemian Weekend

boheme 1

Hello lovelies,

it is weekend, my significant other is absent and there is no sight of rain to see – that means: meeting with my girlfirends and have a nice relaxing spring rooftop party with veggies and dips, cocktails and some gossip and fun. The party preperations have been a piece of cake, but finding the right outfit was a hard task. Thank god I found this supercute shop called BoHo HoBo. And I completely fell in love with the vibrant colors, patterns and the taste of hippie-ness in the creations.

boheme 2

I simply love these patched bell bottomed jeans and the afghan choli – it workes so well together. And while talking about: the creator is an afghan artist and she also provides information notecards and lots of interesting stuff. You can literally spend ages in this wonderful find on the grid. But now I better hurry up to prepare the snacks, but not before I provided you with the essential credits about my look of the day.

boheme 3

Credits for Items used in this blogpost:

EMO-tions – CELESTE  – brown

BoHo HoBo Afghan style choli (red) [not free | 75L$]

BoHo HoBo Jeans- Patched [not free | 95L$]

BoHo HoBo colored titanium hoop earrings [Gift in Shop | free]

[a.e.meth] – Vivid Eyeshadow – purple [not free | Gatcha Item – 20L$ per Play]

TDR 2 years pumps GIFT – [available at Dressing Room & Dressing Room Blue | 1L$ for left & 1L$ for right – different colors included]

Boho Hobo

The Magic of Early Mornings

image used in blogpost

Hellos Lovlies,

how was your morning? Hope you have had a great one. Today I want to tell you a little secret about myself. I love to get up early in the morning. Going outside and listen to the voices of the nature. Listen to the birds, feel the wet grass below my feet and the morning breeze over my face.

The Half Arm Dress I’m wearing is the latest release from 22769,  they currently offer this dress at the Gallery Gift Shop.  The mesh dress comes in Standard Sizing so it was not hard for me to pick my todays look. And what else can I say: I simply love it! But before my besty gets the impression that I leave him (for the dress), I better run to get some morning goodies from the bakery.

For you I have preapred the Credits of this Blogpost. Read you soon !

Credits for items:

EMO-tions – LADY (darkred)

Dutch Touch  – JoLiEV2 Cream – Basic CL1 EBBlond [not free]

22769 ~ casual couture –  half arm dress green stripes [mesh] [available at the Gallery Gift Shop | 190L$]

Image taken here.

Purple Easter Eggs

details shown: shoes & bag

Hello Lovlies,

long time no hear. But I haven’t forget you all. Instead, I really missed each of you. But sadly the past easter weekend keept me busy.

But, I always have had an eye for the styles on the grid. And what catches my attention from the start, was the “Dress Me Purple Hunt” at Purple Moon. In this Simwide Hunt you search for -well- purple easter eggs. Each of the ten hidden Eggs contain a gift for you. You can find in this hunt next to clothing really neat accessories and the boots shown in the image above.

And ladys, all these items are great. Overall the eggs are not so hard hidden, and as usual I recommend to take your significant other to search while you shop!

Before I close this entry with the credits I want to show the great mesh Balloon Dress (also hidden in the Dress Me Purple Hunt). I love this dress. It comes in 4 different sizes in the package! Also you can take a closer look on the wonderfull necklace I’m wearing. This is also a gift of the hunt. So, put your hunting shoes on.

ballon dress, necklace, bag, hunt

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

EMO-tions – LADY (darkred)

PM Purple Moon Creations – Tribe Necklace Brown/Purple/Magenta [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Julia Balloon Dress in Purple [MESH] [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Mara Boots in Aubergine [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Monogram Bag [Huntgift in the Dress me Purple Hunt]


The Lady and the Sea

imag eused in blogpost

Hello Ladies,

sad new for all lovers of Fashionable Late. The last circle has started a few days ago. So this last edition is the biggest from what I have seen. With a lots of creators there presenting you new releases. And ladies, even if it is the last one I  more than recommend shopping there!

But, even if this great Event is coming to an end, I want to show a new store at the venue there. 22769 ~ casual couture is presenting you this wonderful mesh dress. It comes in standart sizing, but I still recommend, that you try a demo before purchase.

The neat jewellery wich completed my look is the latest Group Gift from Crystal Line. I love the great necklace and the earring wich match perfect to my spring styled dress. The package include also matching nails, but sadly SL wasn’t in a mode to let me put them on while I was taking the pictures.

image used in Blogpost

After writing down the Credits used in this image, I hope to see you shopping at Fashionable Late !

Have a great day sweets.

Credits for items used in this blogpost:


EMO-tions – LADY (darkred)


Crystal Line – “COCO” Accessory set(orange) [available as groupgift]


22769 ~ caual couture [femme] Half Arm Dress Sunrise [available at Fashionable Late | not free]