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I guess I already told you that I am clumsy? Anyways – I went to this shop Europa to check it out. The shop is in a skysphere and it is kind of neat. Very scifi and such. But well lag got me and I fell over the border of the shop platform and “took the lift” 3000 meters to the ground. In no way graceful. But: I found there this beautiful sim with floating islands in the air and glowing bushes, dead trees, sceletons and – well – boys stuff. So I decided to take a picture there. At least I can pretend now that I fell down on purpose, eh?

Okays guys – nearly everything you see in this picture is for free. Right! Let’s start with the pants and the tee: Both are the current groupgift from <kal rau>, both are mesh and both come with a color change hud. So well – a lot of combination possibilities and of course the shirt and the shorts can become worn seperate also. Not too shabby for a groupgift I’d say. The necklace and the adorable boots are huntgifts from the current running MHO7 Hunt. The quality on both is amazing. The boots from *Musim* even match my RL style since I most of the time wear boots (yeah also in summer) and love to combine them with shorts, capris or whatever. The necklace from K!ING has unbelievable details and one of the must haves from the hunt.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black)

Shirt and Shorts: <kal rau> – V-Neck and Cargo Shorts (Groupgift)

Necklace: K!NG – Steel Necklace (MHOH7 Gift)

Boots: *Musim* – Troy Boots brown (MHOH7 Gift)

Picture taken here.