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Around The World has some fantastic surprises to offer – and it is my pleasure to show you some items today you maybe would not expect at a “usual fashion fair”. But then again – Around The World is so much more then that. The idea behind the event is to bring all cultures of the world together in one event and let designers become inspired by a special region. And for me inspiration is the key point of everything in second life.

REMY are in the african section and the offerings in their tent are awesome. There is one thing that immediately catched my eye tho: the Beast Hood. The hood – or cape if you like that better – is unisex and comes in 3 different sizes and also with or without fur cast. It is a rigged mesh piece and it is just beautiful done. You can find 7 styles at the booth in Africa.

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Fallen Gods are also part of the Around The World fair and Mondra already blogged some furniture from their subbrand ~Libertine~ here. But Fallen Gods would not be what they are if they would not also offer some astonishing skin work at the fair also. Creator Alia Baroque released a complete new skin line exclusive for the event. And since the Fallen Gods booth is located in the Middle East the inspiration is the sun (aureum), marble and sand. And it is hard to pick a favorite one because every skin has something that immediately catches my attention. I must say that I love the “dune riffles” on the sand skin a lot. The Aureum Skin (left) has spakles and sunflare like textures – and the marble one speaks for itself. In other words: the skins are epic and perfect for an unique look and definitely for roleplay.

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List of stuff:

Hood: REMY – Best Hood (for Around The World)

Skins: +FALLEN GODS INC.+ – Materica Skins male | left to right: aureum, black marble, sand (for Around The World)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Gen 4 – Sea Weed

Comfy weekend

for items used, please see the credits below

Happy weekend Lovlies,

before the weekend starts, and we all get ready to relax from work, I want to share some great items with you today. And today I was lucky to get my photoshoot “on Location”.

While I was strolling over the Around the World Event currently running in Second Life, I found the fantstic booth from Fallen Gods.Inc. And yes Ladies, I’m that kind of girl who takes a seat when it’s offered and the Libertine ~ Marquis Master Chair is not only a comfy one, it comes prefilled with a lot of different animations to you. Of course, you can purchase this masterpiece of work at the lovely decorated booth at Around the World.

Oh, and sweets, have you recognize my new haircut today? Yes, I was hairshopping and one store I haven’t visted for a long time was on my List to have a peek.  So, if you’re in need for a new Hairstyle, make sure you also check out the hairsection at Dela. I found there the rigged Mesh Hair “Mercy” … well and you all know me, for the steal of 250L$ per coloroption I couldn’t resists.

My todays Outfit can be also yours. It’s the new release from 22769 ~ casual couture for the November cycle of the Gallery Gift Shop. The Lynette Outfit cotains the Blouse and the Flare Pants (both for 170L$) . Of course, they offer you a free demo at the venue, so you can check the perfect fitting before purchase. You can also purchase the pieces seperate if you just like one.

That’s all for today. I hope you have a great saturday night ahead! For you the credits of the items, below.

Dela – Mercy Dark  – Brown2 [ available in the Mainstore | different colors available for 250L$ or as Fatpack for 1295L$ | not free ]

22769 ~[femme] – Lynette Blouse – orange [ available at the Gallery Gift Shop | 100L$ (combined with the Lynette Flare Pants as Outfit 170L$) | not free ]

22769 ~[femme] – Lynette Flare Pants – orange [ available at the Gallery Gift Shop | 120L$ (combined with the Lynette Blouse as Outfit 170L$) | not free ]

Libertine ~ Marquis Master Chair – [ available at Around The World | 1900L$ | prefilled with different sitting animations | not free ]
Image taken at the Fallen Gods.Inc Booth at Around the World.


Venom 1

On candystripe legs the spiderman comes softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead looking for the victim shivering in bed

Fantasy is a huge scene in secondlife. But at one certain time within the year even residents who are not into roleplay should check out roleplay shops. And this time must be Halloween. One of the biggest brands dedicated to roleplay, fantasy and quirky items for sure is +FALLEN GODS INC.+ and these days a visit to the temple, that happenes to be a shop, is strongly recommended. Not only that you find the perfect outfit for the next Halloween Party there within literally minutes. +FALLEN GODS INC.+ also have their famous fortune teller up again – and the price is this creepy but wonderful made Arachno Avatar. And – you never know: the folks hanging around at the temple from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ are extremely friendly and just a nice bunch. And since the fortune teller only works with interaction with others you might find new friends there also.

Venom 2

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and suddenly! A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright that the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Skins are one thing in secondlife that fascinate me. With realistic skins it is unbelievable how high the standard of realism and quality has become. The skins from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ instead are very artistic. When I put the skin on I spent some time to get all the details. The shading of the skin is flawless and even though the skin is mainly black the muscles still are defined. Then there is these fascinating patterns and nearly tribal paintings going on and it looks like the skin is more or less the canvas for the ideas of the creator. And I really love how the colors pop out on this skin. This one is definitely a show-stopper.
The package you receive from the fortune teller – if you found your perfect match – contains the male and female Biologic Skin, forehead and chest add ons, the spider legs, the loin cloth and also eyes. So – if you are lucky you get the full treatment.

The hair is from “The Ghost Of Halloween” Hunt and is one of the many gifts from UW.St. And there is a lot of hair to find in the fun hunt – to learn everything about it check my blogpost here.

And finally – the lava cave is a dreamscene from Garden Of Dreams. It is called “The Dungeon” and it has a lot of animations and poses included. If you are looking for a place to scare your friends or to make your own halloween party – this one is strongly recommended.

Venom 3

List of stuff:

Hair: UW.StThe Ghost of Halloween Hunt

Avatar: +FALLEN GODS INC.+ – ARACHNOS (fortune teller item)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Dungeon