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Uriel 1I just came back from the holidays and found the new groupgift skin from Reila Skins that I definitely wanted to show you guys: the NOAH skin (Xmas special edition) is a brilliant skin and it is not just the usual skin you can get. The white beard and brows and hairbase just makes it the perfect skin for a unique look and it definitely is brilliant for roleplay. Since the skin is rather fair I wanted to create an angelic look with it. And here comes my nostalgic noob moment: I guess everyone once had this moment as noob when he found some freebie angel wings and stumbled across the grid with these wings for at least a day or two. And yeah – I also was one of them. And I thought I was so fancy with my grey boy next door jumper, the denims and these wings. Times have changed thank god.

So for my Uriel look I decided to wear the Kirins Poem Jewellery from Finesmith (necklace and tiara – also included in the set is a ring that is not shown here). Now all I needed was some wings and I found them as groupgift in a particle shop called Festiva. I must admit that I am kind of snobish about particles because I really dislike poofers and stuff like this. Festiva on the other hand has particles that are kind of out of this world. The creations of Kosamu Oh are a brilliant example of what you actually can do with particles. So if you are looking for effects – may it be as avatar attachment (like the wings) or as rez object – I highly recommend a hop to the shop.

Uriel 2

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Platinum)

Skin: Reila Skins – Noah Xmas Special (Groupgift)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Jewellery: Finesmith Jewellery – Kirins Poem

Wings: FESTIVA – Bird (white) (Groupgift)

Casual Weekend

for credit please see below

Hello Sweets,

Weekend is here. Or very close, depends on the timezone your in. For me it has started a few minutes ago, and the first thing I always do, is to switch clothes into something comfy. And, remember my shopping on the september collection of faMESHed yesterday? I was surprised that the guys from 22769 are also there as guests in this collection.

And yes, they offer something very comfy for the weekend. In total it is a complete outfit, they put on display at the venue. It’s the Rachel Outfit, as they call it. But you can purchase each item seperatly. So in detail they have six different color’s of the cute Rachel Boho Blouse, and three different unique jeans waiting for you. For my todays – I call it Fridays – look I picked the patchwork denims and combined it with the blouse in soft lemon. And I was ready to go!

But on my list for today is a meeting with the girls, you know where we talk about the boys. And so I spiced my look up with the last groupgift from Finesmith Jewellery. The Coguar Set contains the necklace and the earing. This unique set is -as all items- very well crafted and comes with a different textures preloaded  (changeable by touch). Let me show you all a closer look of the set.

for credits please see credit below

A sidenote on the skin I’m wearing today. This fabulous skin from Essences is after the end Vintage Fair now available in the mainstore.

That’s all for now my sweets, because I’m already to late to meet the girls. For you are the credits of the used items below, otherwise: enjoy the start of the weekend.

Credit for items used in this blogpost:

Essences – Indy Skine(medium) – [ available in the Mainstore | 1500L$ (each Skintone Pack) | 4 Skintones available | not free ]

Alice Project – Shirly Infinity – [ Vintage Fair Relase  | not free ]

Finesmith Jewellery – Coguar – [ latest Groupgift  for members of Finesmith Jewellery Group | Groupentry not free ]

22769 ~ [femme] – Rachel Boho Blouse – Soft Lemon – [ available at faMESHed | six different colors available | 160L$ each | not free ]
22769 ~ [femme] – Rachel Denims – Patchwork – [ available at faMESHed | 3 different colors available | 160L$ each | not free ]

Make Up:
Eylashes:  #7 –  Individually Primmed Lashes
Lipstick:  Essences – Indy Lipstick 14

Exposeur – Oh Boy 10

Gatcha Sunday

for credits please look at the bottom the entry

Happy Summer Sunday Sweets !

Today it’s my pleasure to show you some of the great items you can find at The Amira Gacha Festival – SUMMER BY THE SEA. Yes, next to shopping Gatcha is one of my addictions.  For all who haven’t played Gatcha yet, try it yourself. You pay a little machine, wich contains a lot of items. Some are rare, some not. So it’s your own luck what you get out. But, every item is worth a try. And if you get an item in double, no worries: you can trade with other players or make a gift out them. The most Gatcha Items are no-copy, but trans ! This Gatcha Festival runs from July 1st – July 8th, 2012.

Right after my visit at The Amira Gacha Festival – SUMMER BY THE SEA an old friend invited me to have a sneak look on his current building project. And yes, I loved what I see. So I started to take pictures there, after putting one of the great walltattoos on one the walls. Maybe he will later recognize, tha the was also overdressed. The wall tattoos are are from If Walls Could Talk. You can get different quotes to personalize your walls at your place. Each wall tattoo can be resized and recolored for your needs.

My todays dress is from e.volve, the harvest sundress in picnic style is one of the rare items offered at the festival. With a little bit of luck you can get your own for 35L$ (per game). Alternativly  you will get a cute top. So 35L$ is more than a awesome offer for the fun.  All items are offered from  e.volve are mesh and comes in female standard sizing.

for credits please see end of this blogpost

I completed my todays look with two items from the Finesmith Storehunt. And, as a sidenote, the closing sale at Finesmith is still going on. Most items are reduced to 100L$. I have already blogged about the Hunt and the closing sale already, so please have a look at the linked blogpost for more informations.

What’s left? Yes, my great shoes I’m wearing today. Today I have picked the wonderful YS&YS Brera Pumps in Night. There are more different styles available at the YS&YS Mainstore. Now, I better run and enjoy a summerish barbecue in the garden, right after giving you all the details of my todays look. Read you soon Sweets!

Credits for todays look:

If Walls Could Talk – Barefoot Wall Tattoo [available at The Amira Gacha Festival – SUMMER BY THE SEA | 40L$ per Play | not free]

e.volve – harvest sundress – picnic [rare item at The Amira Gacha Festival – SUMMER BY THE SEA | 35L$ per Play | not free]

YS&YS – Brera Pumps – night [ available at the YS&YS Mainstore | 500L$ (per Style) | 1750L$ (Fatpack) –  differnt versions of the fatpack available | not free ]

FINESMITH – Playcube Braclet – [available in the Finsmith Storehunt | free]

FINESMITH – Travel Bag – mint/tan style – [available in the Finsmith Storehunt | needs Group tag | 100L$ joining fee ]

Poses from Sparrowtree Studios Poses

On Safari


Hello Sweeties,

today clearly is not my day. I woke up way too late, had to rush and have my head up all in the clouds. The strangest things happen to me today. So well – I decided to go a bit on Safari in second life just to relax. But my bad day karma followed me even there! But first things first: I have told you yesterday already about the closing sale at Finesmith. What I did not tell you is that there is a hunt going on at Finesmith also. You can find 20 hidden items in the store and get so much wonderful stuff. I combined some of it in the pictures – and Ladies – there is definitely more to come! So the necklace, the ring, the earrings and even the bag and the sandals come from that hunt! And these items are wonderful made. One thing you should be aware of: to do this hunt you have to be a Finesmith VIP member and the joining fee is 100L$. On the other hand you get 20 wonderful items and even a groupgift and this is not too bad in my opinion.

The question now was – with what can I combine my new hunted jewellery and accessory? Well – it was not really a huge task for me. Nyu offers minimalistic high fashionable mesh clothing and this tube dress matches perfectly.

I have told you about my bad day karma. And it happened in second life also. I found the right place to make some photos, I found my look and then started changing my hair. So I picked the wonderful Wasabi Pills Annette Mesh Hair but forgot to remove the bangs from my Alice Project Yolanda Hair. And I did not even noticed! When I checked the pictures on my computer I thought: “Well this is way strange – I do not remember that the Anette Hair looked that way.” But I was not able to put a finger on it since it looked quite natural to me. When I started to write down the credits for this post I recognized what happened. On the other hand – it looks great. Normally I would never come to the idea to combine two different hairstyles in one, but judge for yourself: I kinda like this look. So well – things happened but at the end of the day it was a lucky coincidence.

Before I snuggle up on my sofa to just end the day – I will give you the credits for todays look. Read you soon, Sweeties


Credits for items I used for todays look:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]
Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

Jewellery, Accessory and Shoes:
FINESMITH – Cougar Groupgift (necklace, ring and earrings) | Wild Sandals and Wild Travel Bag (storehunt)  [needs Group tag | 100L$ joining fee | not free]

NYU –Tube Dress Nude [former FaMeshed item | not free]


Like a Lotus Flower


Hello Sweeties,

looks like summer took a break here. It is raining cats and dogs and all weekend plans for picnics in the park and BBQ’s and stuff like that are on hold. But in SL it is always summer – at least when you choose the right sim. So I said to myself: if I can not have summer in RL then at least I am looking for something summerish in SL. And I found it with this wonderful dress from 22769 ~ casual couture. I love the indian pattern so much. But Ladies – beware! The dress has a very revealing cut in the back. That is why I included just another picture to show you what I mean…


See what I talked about? You can be sure to get a lot of attention from the boys when you wear this one at any occasion.

But lets talk about jewellery, shall we? You maybe have heard already that Finesmith has a huge closing sale. This is truly sad news, cause Finesmith is one of the most influental accessories brands at all in SL. The good news is: everything is marked down to 100 L$. So I went there and got myself this wonderful necklace and the matching earrings and ring from the Rehana Series. Let me tell you – it is georgeous. And just to complete my look I hopped over to everyones favorite sales event The Gallery Gift Shop and got myself the Princess Lashes from #7. But I will give you the complete credits after a closer look to the jewellery and the lashes. Read you soon.


Credits for items used:

Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

#7 – Not Your Princess Lashes [available at The Gallery Gift Shop  | 49L$ | not free]

Necklace, Earrings and Ring:
FINESMITH –Rehana Platinum [closing sale | 100L$ | not free]

22769 ~ casual couture  – Sophia Dress India Pink [new release | 190L$]


SLB9 (last day today!)