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The Gallery Gift Shop Gallery


The Gallery Gift Shop turns one – and like Mondra already told you there is a hunt going on on the Gallery Gift Shop Ground. And this is one of the cutest ideas ever. While you are hunting for picture frames you not only get the gifts from the merchants – you also get the frames. And most merchants have put their portrait in the frames to personalize it. This gave me the possibility to make my own Gallery Gift Shop Gallery with the artists and merchants from the Gallery Gift Shop.

Todays look also comes from The Gallery Gift Shop – and matching the anniversary theme 22769 ~ casual couture offer the “champaign supernova” mesh outfit containing the longsleeve and the champaign chinos. The longsleeve and the chinos can become worn seperately of course. The tux leather loafers are from NYU and the scarf comes from Tee*fy.


I took the pictures in the abiss mesh studio apartement – alas I altered a few things like the art provided with the prefab. I replaced it with the “Hallucinatio botanicus” painting from Gabrielle Swindlehurst, who is a Gallery Gift Shop artist from day one of the outstanding sales event.

If you have not yet – you simply must pay the Gallery Gift Shop a visit. It is brand new – a complete new build and enviroment which is a mishmash between an art gallery, a park, a shop and a hangout – very cute and adorably done.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Black)

Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture [homme] Champaign Supernova (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Scarf: Tee*fy – Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Plum

Shoes: NYU – Tux Leather Loafers Cream

Art: The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt

Art: Gabrielle Swindlehurst – Hallucinatio botanicus 1 (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Prefab: Abiss – Mesh Studio Apartement

Home Alone


Finally Friday! Perfect time for relaxing and preparing for the weekend. And guys – honestly – there is A LOT happening this weekend. I am talking about new releases, a complete new round of the Mens Dept. – one of the best collections at this fair so far – and about must haves!

You see me playing my guitar on my complete new beanbag. The beanie – not for your head, for your bum – is one of four beanbags from [kusshon]. And there are ubercute animations included. Like – seen above – the guitarplaying. The guitar also comes in 2 trans versions – so you can give it away to your friends for a lil jam session. Brilliant idea from the designer. The beanie can be found tomorrow in the Mens Dept. The picture in the background comes from Gabrielle Swindlehurst and it is called – you guess it already – FIVE. I found that one for a snip at the Gallery Gift Shop. The neat little tree is from the Midnight Mania Board at Lithium. By the way – Lithium moved – update your landmarks! Link – like always – below. And for the bookshelf… hold your horses for another few minutes – I will tell you something about it soon.


When I am at home I usually do not dress up – and what you see in this picture is pretty much me in RL. Some sloppy tee and loose pants, or in other words: comfi wear. The loose pants are from [Sheep Door], is mesh in different sizes (female sizes also included) and is also available at the Mens Dept tomorrow. There are three colors to choose from: Navy (shown here), Beige and Red. And while we are at it: of course the sloppy tee can also be found in the Mens Dept. It is from Havok, also mesh, also variable sizes and available in Khaki (shown above), Navy, Black and Grey. I especially love the pattern on the shoulders – it gives the shirt a little extra.


Come a little bit closer – there is even more I have to show you. The necklace/rosary is from KOSH and KOSH are joining the Mens Dept for the first time this round. Have I already told you that the new collection of the Mens Dept. is the best so far? Well I guess you now get a picture. Need more proof? Sure thing: look me deep in the eyes. Vibrant color, wonderful made, a masterpiece of its own. It must be Poetic Colors. But wait! It was kinda quiet around Poetic Colors for a while now, wasn’t it? Well – Poetic Colors is back with a bang – and with a complete new collection of mesh eyes. And Poetic Colors also joined the Mens Dept.

Soo – remember the bookshelf above? Well – here it comes: The bookshelf is included in a complete new prefab from Designer Prims. It is a skybox – or a groundhouse if you like. It works brillant both ways. And… It is completely mesh! The Romantic Loft Space has a 30 x 16 footprint and has incredible features like blinds you can turn on and off, texturechanger and of course a security system. And now comes the best part: The Loft is only 20 (TWENTY!) prims! It is big, it is beautiful and you can put furniture and art galore in it, cause with 20 prims you really have to clutter your space to get to your prim limit on your parcel. To get a glimpse of the brilliant prefab look below – and believe me, since I chose this one to be my new home in SL – you will see some more pictures of it. Soon!


List of stuff:

Eyes: Poetic Colors – pearl – dry fern – medium (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Necklace: KOSH – Epiphany Necklace (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: {HVK} – Wale Tribal Loose Tee (Khaki) (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [Sheep Door] – Loose Pants (Navy) (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Beanbag: [kusshon] – men’s beanie (red) incl. guitar (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Plant: LITHIUM – =Bloom=Mini Plant B (Midnight Mania)

Art: FIVE by Gabrielle Swindlehurst (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Prefab: Designer Prims – Romantic Loft Space (mesh / 20 prims/Landimpact)




Weekend boys and girls – and even better: A new exhibition in the Gallery Gift Shop. And like always you find also this time some wonderful and quirky items there. The Gallery Gift Shop is now in its 12th round – that means: end of this new exhibition the art and sale fair is one year old! Not bad for secondlife where you can literally watch sales events come and go.

Today I am wearing the contribution from 22769 ~ casual couture for the GGS. Some mesh slim cut chefron jeans and a special edition of the mesh open shirt and tee combination. The matching glasses come from {Kiro} and are also a find at the GGS.


I am having a little pre-celebration for the 1 year anniversary of the Gallery Gift Shop with some home made cheesecake. The cheesecake comes from +9 who finally have an inworld store with neat little things. You definitely should check this store out if you need something like sushi plates, a watermelon bowl, cute sandals or hats – it is a bit of everything and very japanese (I guess) but adorable. And – the cheesecake i.e. is completely free.

The art in the background is one of my favorite pieces of Gabrielle Swindlehurst who is also a contributor at the Gallery Gift Shop. She provides astonishing art from exhibition to exhibition and it is also not that pricy. If you are looking for something decorative for your home – you MUST go to the Gallery Gift Shop because it is all there. Finally the furniture comes from Designer Prims. The carpet has 14 different textures on touch – you can change it whatever matches your room best. The sofas have splendid reasonable animations which made me giggle when I tested them – and you even can change the textures of the pillows and the sofas.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black)

Outfit: 22769 ~ [homme] special edition open shirt and tee with slim cut chefron jeans (male standard sized mesh) (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Glasses: {Kiro} Castor Glasses -Pastels- (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Shoes: DUH! – White Canvas Slip Ons

Art: Gabrielle Swindlehurst – The Land of Nod (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Furniture: Designer Prims – Livingroom Furniture

Cheesecake: +9 cheese suffle cake

Some Quality Time


Sometimes you just need some quality time with yourself. As much as I love going to cafes, bars or go dancing – sometimes I enjoy to be alone. You know, slacking around in some comfi wear and literally doing nothing. I chose for this purpose my todays outfit. And again – everything can be found at the upcoming Men Only Hunt 2 (only 2 more days before it starts, boys!). And one thing I was not able to resist because of my studies is the Fillmore Tank from Elmont. A neat pattern for some, a pop art poster design classic from the 60ies for the other. The motiv is one of the famous concert posters of the Fillmore West Theatre where some psychedelic rock bands like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane have been on stage.


As you certainly know – one thing I adore in secondlife is art and design. So I decided to decorate my skybox this way. The painting in my back is from the artist Gabrielle Swindelhurst and it is a snip at the current Gallery Gift Shop. It is called “A certain kind of sadness” and it is kind of moody but beautiful the same time. I cheated a bit on the furniture, cause the furniture pack comes with the prefab “A place less ordinary” from Designer Prims I blogged about in my post Chilling. But the furniture can become purchased in the Designer Prims Maistore individually also. The potted flower on the left comes from [CIRCA] who make wonderful plant decorations.


And talking about: This multi stand from [CIRCA] is definitely one of my most favorite finds at the current 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo. The idea is simple but effectice. And it makes such a great decoration item and brings life in your virtual home. My denims and sneakers are from LaRosa and are also a gift in the MOH2. The jeans are rigged mesh. And my bracelets and necklace come from CPD and are a brilliant addition for a summery beachy look.


And finally: the skybox. It is from Designer Prims again and can be found at the Home And Garden Expo. The “Holiday Skybox” only has 49 prims (including the patio) and is not too heavy to put your own style of furniture and decorations in. Again the design is very open and this is one thing I like the best about the creations of Designer Prims. It is one room seperated by room deviders. The rooms are connected and still you have a separee.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Necklace and Bracelets: :*:CPD:*: Big Kahuna (MOH2)

Tank: Elmont – The Fillmore Tank (MOH2)

Trousers and Shoes: LaRosa Crotch Pants and Sneaker (MOH2)

Skybox: Designer Prims – Holiday Skybox (Home And Garden Expo)

Furniture: Designer Prims – Livingroom Set (Home And Garden Expo)
included in the A Place Less Ordinary Prefab – can become purchased individually at the Designer Prims Mainstore

Art: A certain kind of sadness by Gabrielle Swindlehurst (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Table plant comes with furniture pack
Potted Plant: [CIRCA] – “The GreenHouse” Meadow Potted Iris – Exotic (Home And Garden Expo)
Plant Stand: [CIRCA] Pkg – “The GreenHouse” Multi Stand – Ivory (5 plants) (Home And Garden Expo)