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There is a new fun event in town and you definitely do not want to miss this one: CINEMA. CINEMA is a fantastic huge mesh multiplex build as venue for a very unique and brilliant sales exhibition. You can find the sections SciFi, Action/Adventure, Romance, Musical/Fantasy, Horror, XXX and Film Noir – and the merchants crafted exclusive items dedicated to the genre they are in. And all participating merchants really outdone themeselfes with imagination and ideas.

Todays blogpost is devoted to the arty Film Noir genre. This fabulous suit comes from [HASTE] and it is not only mesh in standard sizing but also has a lot of wearing options. You can wear the ensemble with blazer and without for a cooler Tarantino like look. Definitely one of my favorite finds at the venue. Another brilliant idea is the film noir shadow box from la petite morte. It works with the new projector function of secondlife and it is throwing way dramatic shadows as you can see in the pictures. So if you are going for a Hitchcock kind of scenery this item is a MUST for you. The gun in my hand is included in the package and also a pose I did not use here.

Finally the glasses are from K_gs and are their new item for the Gallery Gift Shop – and it really nails the look down. The BottleBottom Glasses are lovely made and just add the special extra.

Noir 2

List of stuff:

Glasses: K_gs – BottleBottom (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Suit: [HASTE] – Film Noir Suit (for CINEMA)

Prob: .la petite morte. – shadow box film noir (for CINEMA)


Unicorn 1

I rarely do location shots. First of all it is so much easier as photographer to build your own set and to fiddle around until you have the perfect pose and angle. And second of course noone is running in your picture when you are on high resolution and asking you what you are doing. BUT: this post is different, because it is indeed a location shot. And I want to tell you the story how that happened.
I found an artist via flickr that I found quite interesting and learned that the artist – Lux Chiantelle – also has an inworld gallery and hangout. As you know I am always looking for art for my home and garden blogposts so I contacted her and she was so kind to hand me over the landmark to the LND Gallery. And the place just blew me away. I wanted to buy some art there and I did (you will see bits and pieces in further blogposts also). But the Gallery and Hangout was just so me. Not only that the Gallery has a way lovely layout and is art itself – but the interior just has the perfect amount of quirkyness I simply adore. So you simply MUST check this place out!
And as we entered a new month the new round of the Mens Dept is coming closer. I am very glad to show you a special preview of a coat from !gO! you can get there beginning October 5th. I love this dufflecoat – first the texturing is way lovely and second I love dufflecoats in RL also. The dufflecoats are available in three different colors (red, green and brown) and are rigged mesh in male standard sizing. And believe me – I have seen many parts of the new collection and of course I will show you some more of it within the next days. But the 7th cycle of the Mens Dept. is by far the best one – you will love it.
Finally the glasses are from GOTZSCHE and are available at L’Accessoire.

Unicorn 2

Hair: [INK] HAIR – Steez (black)

Glasses: GOTZSCHE Wear – Sport Glasses (Schatten) (for L’accessoires)

Coat: !gO! – duffle coat red (for the upcoming Mens Dept – opens 5th October)

Jeans: [NW] folded denim

Location: LND Gallery & Hangout

My Audrey Hepburn Moment

my Audrey Hepburn Moment

Sweet Ladies,

didn’t you have dreamed of to be one of your personal style Icons before? I always do! And I was so surprised that I found the Maitreya Mesh Audrey Dress at the  “My Attic” Event at the Docks.  That I can’t resist.

This lovley dress is avaiable at the Venu for just 95 L$.  This classic Mesh Dress from Maitreya comes in Standardsizing (L,M,S,XXs – Xs). The Sunglasses from Maitreya – as well are for purchase at My Attic. (95L$).

I used for the images the Necklace and Earring from JKT-pepas Jewels (I recieved them as a gift from the SL- Marketplace. Thank you sweetheart!) I completed my Audrey Hepburn look with the Sling-Back Pumps from In Her Shoes.


teleport to My Attic

SPLENDIDE*U  Madison Sienna

Maitreya Mainstore  Mesh Audrey Dress [available at MyAttic]

Maitreya Mainstore  Jackie O Sunglasses(mesh) [available at MyAttic]

JKTrends Mainstore Pepas necklace & Earrings

Do you think I’m sexy

Do you think I'm sexy 1

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy
come on sugar let me know.
If you really need me just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so.
Tell me so, baby.

Underwear in SL: What for? I mean – face the facts: normally you wear your denims or whatever pants you choose and wear no underwear at all. Okays – it can be interesting for some foreplay when you get into action with the partner of your choice. But normally I have the feeling that undies – especially for men – are highly underrated. This has to change!

The new monthly gift from VITAMEN is a piece of art. It is completely sculpted with resizer and just way easy to fit. And the bulge is quite impressive without beeing way too big. The texturing is flawless and there is not one single tiny bit I could dislike about these undies. And again – it is a gift. Not a groupgift, not a dollarbie – just plain and simple a gift!

Talking about gifts: the bracelet is a groupgift from RONSEM. And they have gatchas also where I got this highly detailed hemp anklet. The hair i am wearing is from [kik] and the glasses are also from that store and once again are a gatcha item.

Do you think I'm sexy 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [kik] hair_Ethan (dark brown)

Glasses: [kik] Pig Ear Glasses – Gatcha

Underwear: :: VITAMEN :: Monthly Freebie Mar 2012 Roku-Shaku Fundoshi_UmeSakari – Shu-Iro

Bracelet: RONSEM* Bracelet AKATONBO (Group Gift)

Anklet: RONSEM* Hemp Anklet – incarose (gatcha)

Shoes: [jp]dsg. Sneakers/MultiChange/Groupgift

Foto taken here.