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I guess I already told you that I am clumsy? Anyways – I went to this shop Europa to check it out. The shop is in a skysphere and it is kind of neat. Very scifi and such. But well lag got me and I fell over the border of the shop platform and “took the lift” 3000 meters to the ground. In no way graceful. But: I found there this beautiful sim with floating islands in the air and glowing bushes, dead trees, sceletons and – well – boys stuff. So I decided to take a picture there. At least I can pretend now that I fell down on purpose, eh?

Okays guys – nearly everything you see in this picture is for free. Right! Let’s start with the pants and the tee: Both are the current groupgift from <kal rau>, both are mesh and both come with a color change hud. So well – a lot of combination possibilities and of course the shirt and the shorts can become worn seperate also. Not too shabby for a groupgift I’d say. The necklace and the adorable boots are huntgifts from the current running MHO7 Hunt. The quality on both is amazing. The boots from *Musim* even match my RL style since I most of the time wear boots (yeah also in summer) and love to combine them with shorts, capris or whatever. The necklace from K!ING has unbelievable details and one of the must haves from the hunt.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black)

Shirt and Shorts: <kal rau> – V-Neck and Cargo Shorts (Groupgift)

Necklace: K!NG – Steel Necklace (MHOH7 Gift)

Boots: *Musim* – Troy Boots brown (MHOH7 Gift)

Picture taken here.


itemcredits please see below

Hellos Sweeties and happy weekend to all of you !

Sorry, for my long absense in the past week. My raising wisdom tooths is giving me a hard time at the moment, so this will just be a short blogpost.

With all the pain, it was a real pleasure to see in my offlines, that 22769 had released a new groupgift yesterday.

And from my personal event calender, I know that The Gallery Gift Shop has also started in a new round. So, I take the chance to have a look at the new collection at the event venue. And yes, I try to reward myself for all the countless hours where I missed you last week with this neat blue mesh babydoll by NYU. For 350L$ you get the blue one and a pink version of the babydoll in female standard sizing.

The bag I am wearing is the groupgift from 22769. This mesh bag comes with a cute holding animation, and is prefilled with flip flops and a newpaper, so you have everything with you if you plan to visit the beach at the weekend. The blue Flip Flops are included in a wearable version as well. And, I see that the guys over there have also past groupgifts on display you can grab themfor free if you wear your 22769 Grouptag.

As ususal you find the credits below the next image. And for me it is time to put another ice pack on my swollen mouth, and hope that it is tomorrow better. Until then, feel hugged everyone.

for credit please see below

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

NYU – Summer Babydoll Dress, Blue – [available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 350L$ (includes the pink version) | not free]

22769 ~ casual couture – Beach Bag – [Groupgift for Members of 22769 ANB Group | free]

My Animationoverrider



If there is something like a trend in SL I would say that tribal motives are kind of having a renaissance. I see more and more items that are inspired from different cultures – or, like in case with the v-neck I am wearing, take patterns and combine them to something completely new. The Jax mesh v-neck from CheerNo is the current offer in the Mens Department. You can choose between two styles. And the v-necks come in male standard sizing. Even if there are many colors used in the print I especially love about the shirt that it is not too loud.

The cool sun visors (not yet released) and the tote bag come from :sey. The tote bag is even a gift – you have to join the :sey group to get it. Nevertheless: I need to protect myself from the sun anyways since I am rather fair and get a sunburn quite easy. So the visors come quite handy for me.


List of stuff:

Hair: [kik] hair Ethan (dark brown)

T-Shirt: [CheerNo] Jax V-Neck Tee – Tribal Print 2 mes (for Mens Dept.)

Bag and Visors: :sey mainstore

Picture taken here.

Pretty Women

for items please see blow

Happy Monday Ladies !

Todays insperation for the blogpost comes from last night. Yes, I have to admit, I was in that mood to watch Pretty Women again. And after the first minutes, it turns into a private ladies night (my beloved significant other started snoring next to me right after the start). Maybe I should fall at sleep the time he watches his movies. But anyways, I’ve told you already about the Gallery Gift Shop before. And today I want to show you the item from 22769 which they have for sale at the venue for just 100L$. There is also a matching male item, I’m sure Nestor will show it to you in the next days.

The Draped Beach Dress is a mesh dress with an interesting cut. I think, you can wear it with trousers or as stand alone dress and show off your long legs for the special sexy look. With this two dressing options, it’s just an awesome dress.  The dress itself comes in standard sizing, but as always before purchase mesh clothing: Try a demo for fitting first!  The draped dress is also available in different colurs in the 22769 Flagshipstore (150L$).

Again, I’m wearing for this blogpost my Alice Project Hair, available at faMESHed. The sunglasses currently not available for sale. But Ladies, I’m pretty sure, you all have the matching glasses for being hot at the beach.

Have a great relaxing day everyone and an even better start in the week.

Credits for Items I’m wearing in this blogpost:

Alice Project – Ashleigh  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

Belleza –  Lily V2 Medium Group Gift [free for groupmembers | groupentry fee 250L$]

22769 ~ casual couture – Draped Dress beach style [available at the Gallery Gift Shop | 100L$]

Image taken at the Gallery Gift Shop Venue

Visiting old Brussels


Good Day Lovlies,

you maybe have figured out already that I have a slight addiction for historical places. Today I’m visiting the heart of Brussels. The Grote Markt or also known as the Grand Place.

This place has a great historical background, so I recommend you to visit the wikipedia page for all the details. I found it very interesting and I was really happy to find this place within second life.

But, back from historical lessons to fashion. I’m wearing today the current Groupgift from Countdown: the Jennifer Mesh Cocktail Dress. It is available for members of the Countdown Group at the mainstore. And yes, I was shopping again … and I found the neat The Sun 2012 Necklace from WTG at the new round of Stuff in Stock. Yesterday they have opened the doors for a new cycle. And you can find a lot of goodies there. My Reptile Boots are from 22769 ~ casual couture. They are available in the Flaggshipstore (look at the shoe section).

So, now it’s about time for an early coffee in one of the many outdoor cafes around. See ya all, and don’t forget to check credits for all Goodies used in this entry.

Credits for items:

WTG – The SUN 2012 [available at Stuff In Stock | 70L$]

Countdown – Jennifer Mesh Tube Cocktail [available as Group Gift | 0L$ ]

22769 – Reptile Boots color:grey [not free | 190L$]

La Grand Place in Brussels