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Free at last


Freebies are shabby – only noobs wear freebies and they are not stylish at all, right?


Normally I try to do one blogpost a day which keeps me busy enough to be honest. But today I was forced to make another one (and believe me – this will be the exception of the rule). Why is that so? Well – I was trying to sort my inventory when a groupmessage from :sey popped up. Risey Arai made a freebie section. Freebies? At :sey? I must be kidding you. I do not. And boys and girls. The freebie section is not big, it is bloody HUGE! Everything I am wearing today is actually from the new :sey Freebie Department. Well everything except my everydays skin from Kento, the shades from bastard and the hair from Atro Patena. And the pose is from my new favorite pose store HISpose.

This is of course great news since Risey is a sculpt and texture god – not to mention his special style. The even better news are between the lines tho. Risey is cleaning out his shop and is getting rid of the old stuff. This can only mean that we can expect even more awesomeness from :sey – and the latest mesh releases speak loud and clear. Keep an eye on this shop – there is definitely more to come within the next weeks.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] Kelvin Black

Glasses: bastard. – MESH BC Frames/Solid Black

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles

Pose: HISpose – Emo Leans

Everything else: :sey – Freebie Department



If you read this blog frequently you already know that the Summer Fashion Festival is currently running on the ArisAris sim, because the lovely Mondra Kira is reporting about it. And – even if there is a lot stuff for girls to find – there are also some items for men to be found. Like this cool leatherjacket from Ra Creations. Not only that it is mesh – you can change the color of the jacket and also of the shirt with one mouse click. I chose the black version with a brown tee. The t-shirt can also become worn seperately and also the jacket is available in a jacket alone option.

Another great find are my mesh eyes. They come from VerseEye. They are in no way natural – and they also do not want to be realistic. The Allora Series is a collection of artistic eyes as you can see in the picture below. The patterns in the iris are amazing and it can work brilliant for roleplay also. In any case – if you want to give your avatar an unique look you definitely should check out VerseEye. And finally – the version I am wearing is a free groupgift also!


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Black)

Eyes: VerseEye – Allora – Bronze

Jacket and Shirt: Ra Creations – Men’s Leather Jacket [Multicolor] at The Summer Fashion Festival

Poses: HISpose – Modell II set


Night Vision


Rob your piggy banks, guys: the new collection of the Mens Dept. openes today and it is all kind of awesome! The Mens Dept. is definitely the place to get state of the art menswear and most of it is mesh. These incredible realistic goggles are from Pixlights Factory. I especially love the metallic texture on these. This is no item that was made between lunchbreak and afternoon nap. It is absolutely georgeous and it works in so many ways. As neat accessory also like for roleplay.

The leatherjacket/tee combination is from Havok – and Havok is one of these stores who work with mesh for men for some time now and pushes the quality to new levels with every release they do. The texturing on the jacket and also on the tee is flawless. You can only wear the jacket with t-shirt, but that is no downer since the  combination is brilliant. and on the plus side – there are two different combinations you can choose from.


Poses are essential for a blogger and for everyone who enjoys SL fotography. To find reasonable ones – well this is a different story. HISpose is a shop that offers poses made by a blogger. Sixx Yangtz is blogging for years now and he definitely knows how a good pose has to look like to work for a picture. You can check out his and his partners blog here: RYXX

I used in these pictures the poses from the Model III set.


List of stuff:

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Jacket: {HVK} Fre$h Leather Jacket W/ Tee 2 (for Mens Dept.)

Goggles: PIXLIGHTS Goggles (for Mens Dept.)

Poses: HISpose – Modell III set