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Let it Snow

For item credits, plese see below the blogpost

Hello my Sweets!

Today is my first blogpost about the upcoming With Love Hunt ❤ organised by CHIC Managment in Second Life. And this hunt is full of gorgeous gifts. The With Love Hunt ❤ is a special way from the creators to say “Thank you” for the support of their customers throughout the past year.  Each Huntitem will cost you 10L$, but all of them are worth much more than this little amount of Linden Dollars.

For my first blogpost from a series of covering this event, I used the Essences Saga Skin, and the wonderful Paris Black Diamond Necklace from Maxi Gossamer. As you all know, I’m in love with the Essences Lipstick, and today I put on one from the Indy Lipstick Series. My todays hair is again from Dela, and I blogged it already here so this wonderful hair can not be found in the With Love Hunt <3. And the lovley “Bow” Pose is included in the gift hidden at In~Stance for the With Love Hunt <3.

Right after the next image I have preapred all the credits for the items used in this blogpost. Read you on the weekend.

credits below

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Dela – Lori  – Dark  Brown [ available in the Mainstore | different colors available for 250L$ or as Fatpack for 1295L$ | not free ]

Essences – Saga Skin for With Love Hunt ❤ [ With Love Huntgift hidden in the Essences Mainstore | 10L$ | not free ]

Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Paris Black Diamond – Combo all – Gold [ With Love Huntgift hidden at the Maxi Gossamer inworld store | 10L$ | not free ]

In~Stance – Bow Pose – [ Gift for the With Love Hunt hidden at In~Stance | 10L$ | not free ]

Monochrome Silver Lining

for item sused please the credits below

Hello Sweets,

we finally made it to the middle of the week! In other words, I hope you all have had a great humpday. Today my blogpost is -sadly- a short one just because rl is giving me a hard time. But, you all know, I’m a true believer and things will always end up great.

But enough of the whining, now for the  good news today: my complete outfit, I’m wearing in the image above can be yours for just 10L$ (hair and jewellery not included). How can this happen? Well, we have to thank the designer participating in the  currently running Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt. Each designer has hidden a piece of silver fabric wich includes the gift.  And please keep in mind that this is a 5L$ Hunt.

Today, I’m wearing a combination from the Huntgifts hidden at Ezura Xue and even.flow. The Silver Lining Dress matches perfect to the Classic Floral Heels in Silver. So put your hunting shoes on and join the hunters on the track ! And while you have the hunt fun ahead, I jump back to work … but promise to show you some more exiting finds on the grid very soon.

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Analog Dog – Thyme – House Wine – [ availalable at the Analog Dog Hair Island | different colorpacks available | 275L$ each | not free ]

amorus – Fallen – Set Orange – [ blogged before here | not free ]

Ezura Xue – Silver Lining Dress – [ Huntgift for Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt hidden in the Mainstore | 5L$ | not free ]

even.flow – Classic Floral Heels – Silver – [ Huntgift for Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt hidden in the Mainstore | 5L$ | not free ]

Poses by DieselWorks

Image taken at: LEA17 Concrete Cube Light


for credits please see below

Happy Saturday Sweets,

do you have your huntshoes ready? Crab your bestie and start a ladies adventure. I’ll promise you, after this exiting adventure you got 200 Gifts .. and that’s just the start!

Okay, I better should start at the beginning. Yesterday at 6pm the WOMENstuff Hunt started into a second edition. This time there are 200 participating desingers, which all have filled the little known T-Shirt with a gift for you. The most of them are exclusive items, carefully created and given away for free! So, what else do you need? More gifts? Okay, that is a thing the Huntorganisers already have planned in from the beginning. So they asked the designers to change the gifts in December.  You still want more, let me think: I just have done a few stops of the hunt so far … but the bunch on the hunttrack is nice, and the staff is helpful. So, what more can you ask for … oh have already mentioned the fun? No? Then try it out yourself because hunting is fun! You can find a list of participating stores and hints here.

With this blogpost I want to show you some finds from the Hunttrack. Let us start with this awesome Jewellery set in the image above.  This great set (wich shouldn’t be missed in every ladies inventory) is hidden at Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery. The Circus Maximus Set includes the earrings, the necklace and a Braclett Bunch.

for items used, please see credits below

Next In line is this wonderful Boho Dress from 22769 ~ casual couture. The Kate Boho Dress comes in mesh female standard sizing with matching alpha layers. And I simply adore the texturing.

Also the pose I used in the images can be found on the hunttrack. You have to search the gift at Savoir Fair Shapes. If you find the tee there it contains three different poses. The one I used in the images is the lovley Casual Friday 1.

So ladies, before you go hunting, please check the credits below. Have a great Saturday Night ahead !

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery – Circus Maximus Set – [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive | contains Necklace, Earrings and Braclett | free ]

22769 ~ casual couture – Kate Boho Dress – [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive |Dress comes in female mesh standard sizing |  free ]

Savoir Fair Shapes – Casual Friday Poses [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive |3 Poses included |  free ]

What a Girl want

for items, please have a look below

Happy Sunday my Sweets,

this will be a very short blogpost, just because the last days of summer keep me busy. And in Second Life, there is so much going on that it is hard to decide where to start.  But, one thing that catched my attention is the currently running Summer Harvest Hunt organised by the Ego Co. This Hunt is to celebrate the last warm days of the bypassing summer and a welcome to fall in style. Except the pose, you can find all the items used in this blogpost on the hunttrack in the hunt.

Should we begin? We shall. Have you recognized my new hairstyle? It’s from Alice Project and hidden is the Kiera Infinity Minipack. So you get this great mesh hair together with a HUD with serveral colors preloaded.

for items used in this blogpost, please see below

My todays outfit can be found as Summer Harvest Huntgift at NiNight Creations. This cute mesh, extra wide sweater comes in standard sizing. And it is a very comfy and casual piece of clothing. You can wear it (like i did) as a small dress or combine it with your favorite trousers.

But, what a girl wants – if we exclude shoes- are bags. And from the moment I unpacked the wonderful cute Tree Bag from TeaTime, i fell in love. Thank you for this neat piece of accessory!

That’s all for now sweets, now I go back hunting and shopping, while I have preapred for you the credits of this blogpost.  Read you soon!

Items used in this blogpost:

Alice Project – Kiera Infinity – [available as Huntgift for The Summer Harvest Hunt | free ]

NiNight Creations – Ladies Loose Sweater 3  – [available as Huntgift for The Summer Harvest Hunt | free ]

TeaTime – Tree Bag – [available as Huntgift for The Summer Harvest Hunt | free ]

Picture one – my AO
Picture Two – Amacci Female Model86

Somewhere over the Rainbow

for credits, please see below the blogpost

Happy Saturday Sweets,

you know what, sometimes when I start to blog a lot of the nice finds from different events I have a song turning in my head. And today is one of those blogposts. Today an alltime classic song for me is spinning around. “Somewhere over the Rainbow” – from the Wizard of Oz. And, yes I felt like Dorothy (wonderful potraited by Judy Garland) while taking these pictures.

But now, I better should tell you something about the “Oz”  I’ve created myself inworld. And yes, this post is a very good example of how you can mix & match different sales and hunts. So let us start.

The hair for my todays look is another freebie from the currently running HairFair 2012. It’s The Mel Hair in Almond from Milana. This neat haircut comes in four different colurs in the pack.

for credits, please see bottom of this blogpost

The dress I’m wearing is a gift in the currently  running Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt. This colorful mesh dress is from Somnia. It is a special edition of the neat Argyluarian Dress exspecially created for the Seraphim Birthday Hunt. It comes in female mesh standard sizing, with matching alpha layer.

Another word about the Seraphim Birthday Hunt: Please keep in mind this hunt  is not a free hunt. Every hunt item on the track costs you 10L$, but with all the wonderful creations the designers have put in the little birthday cupcakes hidden at participating stores it’s more than worth it.

The great prop (or more a living room) is also a gift in the Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt. It is from CIRCA and it includes next to the wonderful setup (a big couch prefilled with different poses – 11 in total),  the decoration. This gift makes a perfect add on to your personal home.

So much for my “Wizzard of Oz” moment from today. I’ll keep humming “Somewhere over the Rainbow” while I continue to explore the colorful word of second life.  For you I have preapred the credits of the items used in this blogpost.

Read you soon Sweets !

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Milana –  Mel in- Almond – [ available at HairFair2012 | free | four colors in the pack ]

Somnia – Argyluarian Dress in Rainbow Colors – [ Huntgift in the Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt | not free | 10L$ ]

Gos -Espadrilles in Tie Dye – bagged [huntgift from the previously running Depraved Summer Love Hunt ]

CIRCA – “Seraphim” Pergola Lounge – [ Huntgift in the Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt | not free | 10L$