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Living in a Box


Hello Sweeties,

have you missed me? Well – my RL world is kind of stressful right now and I feel so sorry that I can not blog as much as I want to. Sometimes it feels like living in a box from where you can not break out. You know the feeling? I guess so – and that is pretty much my life right now.

Talking about it I found the perfect prob for this kind of feeling at the Tropical Bazaar in SL. It comes from ILAYA and is called “Model in a box”. It comes with 8 easy to adjust poses. And the box is available in 2 different colors.

Then I went back again to Culture Shock and got myself this wonderful dress from mavma. It is a Culture Shock exclusive and a donation item also! It is a mix between mesh parts (the skirt) and texture parts which makes the dress fit nearly every shape. And the flowerish spine attachement is of course optional – so you can dress down or up, just as you like. What I like most about this dress is the playful use between blue in the front and yellow in the back.


And here are the credits for todays blogpost:

Alice Project – Ashleigh  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

mavma . cuture shock exclusive dress [100% Donation Item at Culture Shock 2012 | 249L$]

[ILAYA] Model in a Box [available at The Tropical Bazaar | 75L$]

Ingenue  – Jude Boot Mustard – [ available at Culture Shock  | 100% Donation Item  | 295L$]

Three, Two, One … Culture Shock

image for blogpost

Greetings Sweathearts,

today is the Big Day … Culture Shock 2012 finally opens its doors for public (at 4PM SLT) . And all the goodies Nestor and I have shown you before are finally available! And sweets, there are so many awesome items waiting for you, that I had to clone myself for todays blogpost to show more than one.

The pose and prob I’m using in this blogpost is available at the venue. Let’s start with the items. This great prob is from Sparrow Tree Studios and called Platforms. In each of the three Platforms are different poses. You can control them by menu.

The dresses I’m wearing are from justB22769 ~ casual couture and PM Purple Moon Creations (left to right).  The items from justB and 22769 are rigged mesh. Even if they are in different sizes included, I recommend that you try a demo for fitting before purchase.

The Jude Boots I’m wearing are  from Ingenue.  Yes, it’s always the same pair, but you’ll find them displayed at the event in different colors. And as with so much stuff in the credits, I’ll better start them now. All the credits start at the left outfit.

See you at Culture Shock Sweets .. and remember, you shop for Doctors without Borders. So no need for guilty conscience after shopping !


on all:

HS  Hair FORE Black – [store closed]

Ingenue  – Jude Boot Mustard – [ available at Culture Shock  | 100% Donation Item – 295L$]

SKIRT: justB – a line skirt Black/Red [ available at Culture Shock  | | 100% Donation Item – 99L$]
TOP: justB – Satin off the shoulder Top Red [ available at Culture Shock  | included in item above]

22769 ~ casual couture [femme] Tubedress 6o’ties style [ avaialable at Culture Shock   | 100% Donation Item – 180 L$ ]

PM Purple Moon Creations – Malena Dress in Black [ available at Culture Shock  | 100% Donation Item – 250L$]

Pose & Prop:

Sparrow Tree Studios – Platforms1 [ available at Culture Shock | 100% Donation Items – 250 L$]