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Invite me to Vintage Fair

itemcredits, please see below

Hellos Sweets,

finally Friday .. and finally one day before Vintage Fair 2012 opens their door to puplic. Yes, Nestor has already posted some of the details of the upcoming Vintage Fair 2012. Vintage Fair 2012 is organised by the wonderful team of CHIC Managment around Keira Seerose.  The great (and this year 3 sims spanning) fairground was created by Trompe Loeil and is completly meshed. So you need a mesh capable viewer to the builds displayed correctly.

The complete event could not have been possible without the support of the great sponsors ( Aura, Belleza,Cheeky Pea, Cold Logic, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations, Trompe Loeil and GizzA Creations ) and all participating merchants there. So before I come to my first Vintage Fair 2012 blogpost, I want to thank everyone of them from the deep of my heart. For you Sweets, you can find all SLurl’s of the Vintage Fair 2012 here (of course, you have to wait til the Event opens).

But, back to topic, you want to invite me to vintage fair? I’ve put a decent make up on the  Rose Skin (new release at the Vintage Fair) from Shine  This wonderful skin is available in four different tones. Each package comes with different make up options and a matching Rose Skin is available for just 900L$. You find the different skin tones as fatpack also. Demoversion is at the booth.

credits for items, please see below

My todays jewellery is also a Vintage Fair exclusive item. You can find them displayed in the booth of WTG. The neat Foliage earrings are available for 200L$. The earrings include a colorchanger to fit to your current outfit. So, this is a great steal, since you get seven options for one price.

This awesome mesh gown I am wearing for my todays visit at the fair, is carefully crafted by Curious Kitties designers. The gown is available in different colors, for 2500L$ each.

Thats it for now .. now I have an appointment on the fairground. Hope you all have a splendid Friday sweets, as usual, find the credits for used items below.

Credits of items used:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]

SHINE – Rose Magenta/Tan/C2 – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 900L$ – fatpack available | not free ]

WTG – Foliage – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 200L$ (conatain colorchanger | not free ]

Curious Kitties – Vintage Rose Gown – Red [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 2500L$ ]

22769 ~ [vogue] – Female Denim Pose #06 – [ available in 22769 Flagshipstore | 10L$ | not free ]

On Safari


Hello Sweeties,

today clearly is not my day. I woke up way too late, had to rush and have my head up all in the clouds. The strangest things happen to me today. So well – I decided to go a bit on Safari in second life just to relax. But my bad day karma followed me even there! But first things first: I have told you yesterday already about the closing sale at Finesmith. What I did not tell you is that there is a hunt going on at Finesmith also. You can find 20 hidden items in the store and get so much wonderful stuff. I combined some of it in the pictures – and Ladies – there is definitely more to come! So the necklace, the ring, the earrings and even the bag and the sandals come from that hunt! And these items are wonderful made. One thing you should be aware of: to do this hunt you have to be a Finesmith VIP member and the joining fee is 100L$. On the other hand you get 20 wonderful items and even a groupgift and this is not too bad in my opinion.

The question now was – with what can I combine my new hunted jewellery and accessory? Well – it was not really a huge task for me. Nyu offers minimalistic high fashionable mesh clothing and this tube dress matches perfectly.

I have told you about my bad day karma. And it happened in second life also. I found the right place to make some photos, I found my look and then started changing my hair. So I picked the wonderful Wasabi Pills Annette Mesh Hair but forgot to remove the bangs from my Alice Project Yolanda Hair. And I did not even noticed! When I checked the pictures on my computer I thought: “Well this is way strange – I do not remember that the Anette Hair looked that way.” But I was not able to put a finger on it since it looked quite natural to me. When I started to write down the credits for this post I recognized what happened. On the other hand – it looks great. Normally I would never come to the idea to combine two different hairstyles in one, but judge for yourself: I kinda like this look. So well – things happened but at the end of the day it was a lucky coincidence.

Before I snuggle up on my sofa to just end the day – I will give you the credits for todays look. Read you soon, Sweeties


Credits for items I used for todays look:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]
Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

Jewellery, Accessory and Shoes:
FINESMITH – Cougar Groupgift (necklace, ring and earrings) | Wild Sandals and Wild Travel Bag (storehunt)  [needs Group tag | 100L$ joining fee | not free]

NYU –Tube Dress Nude [former FaMeshed item | not free]


There’s a party

please see credit below

Happy Monday everyone !

Today is a very special day for me. Yes, I have been invited for a party – and so are you ! Today, CHIC Managment SL celebrates their second anniversary on the SL Grid. For this special event, CHIC² Birthday Event has started. CHIC² is a place where you can find exclusive items for sale from designers all over the Second Life Grid. And ladies, I highly recommend to visit this great venue. It’s the first venue, where all brands display there items around the landing point.

And ladies have you recocnized my great dress today? It’s called Night Wish and Zanzo offers it at the CHIC² Birthday Event for you. The great outfit comes in two parts, the shorts and the top. Both can be worn seperatly, or together. And – of course- the Night Wish Outfit comes in mesh female standard sizing. Completed is the package by the Alpha Layers (worn together version as seperated version inlcuded).

for credits please see blow

Next I have prepared a closeup of the earrings I’m wearing today. They are also available at CHIC². The “Golden Honey Drop” Earrings can be found in the booth of Chloe. Next to the wonderful earrings there is also a matching ring (125L$) available for purchase at CHIC². All items contains a resizer for easy fitting.

So, ladies, I hope to see you all the CHIC² Birthday Event! Have a great Monday, and don’t forget to check the credits of my todays look.

Credits of items I used:

Belleza –  Lily V2 Medium Group Gift [free for groupmembers | groupentry fee 250L$]

Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [available as huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

MONS  –  Shocking Eyes lime  [ Fatpack | 250L$ ]

Chloe– Honeydrop Earrings – [available at CHIC² | 125L$ – not free]

Zanzo – Night Wish – [available at CHIC² | 320L$ not free]


for items used, please see below credits

Happy Sunday everyone ,

What a night! Yesterday on the way home, i became surprised by a violent storm – in wich my car decided to stop the service. Thank god I found on a farm hideout. The friendly older couple living there (yes, they also have a very cute looking son) spontaneously offered me to stay the night in their barn. And when the storm has passed by, her son will have a look at my car.
I have gladly accepted their offer. And we spent a wonderful evening all together. And just as a side note, her son is already a gem – everything else I leave to your imagination!

But, before rumors come up, I better start telling you about my todays look. Today, I mixed items from the Mesh Around 2012 and the upcoming CHIC² Event. And yes, they perfectly match together. The wide sweater, I’m wearing today is the huntgift from [NN]-Designs and hidden at their mainstore. I’ve combined this great jumper with my coldLogic Capri Pants. (blogged here). Also as a gift you can find the “Yolanda” Hair in Mesh Around 2012. This great, classical hairstyle is from Alice Project.

for credits of items, please see below

Have you seen the this adorable neacklace I’m wearing today? It’s avaialbe at the (upcoming) CHIC² Event from MG – Maxi Gossamer. Let me tell you something about the CHIC² Event, starting tomorrow. CHIC² is the birthday celebration of CHIC Event Managment. It’s a suprinsing venue, with a very special twist in it. So, ladies, better mark it in your calender and shedule a visit there. Oh, and this event is very great to do a shopping spree together with your significant other. But back to the great Sun Eden Pendant Necklace I’m wearing today. This detailed mesh necklace is really, really sweet and unique.  It comes in three different versions (long, short and mini Orbit) and you can select by menu if you want to wear it as golden or silver necklace, to fit to your outfit.

A word about the prop I used in this blogentry, before you find the credits for todays blogpost. These great prop is available also at CHIC², and is available from BENT. This prob includes 10 different Poses, wich are controlled by menu. So a lot of photofun will be ahead for you.

Now, I have the smell of fresh coffee and see the face of a really nice gentleman in front me … here are the credits for todays blogpost.

Items used in today blogpost:

Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [available as huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

MG – Maxi Gossamer –  Lost Eden Sun Pendant [available at CHIC² | 299L$ – not free]

[NN] Designs – Wide Sweater Mesh  – striped grey [available as Huntgift in Mesh Around 2012 | free – huntgift]

Prob & Pose:
BENT – Country CHIC Barn Prop [available at CHIC² | 250L$ – not free]

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1

I have a confession to make: I was never into roleplay. I sometimes have a hard time to control my animation overrider – no chance that I could deal with a combat meter. Nevertheless I highly appreciate the imagination and the wonderful craftings of fantasy orientated and dedicated merchants. This is what secondlife is for: to live dreams.

The fantasy and roleplay scene within SL is legion – and the biggest fairground for fantasy related products is for sure the Fantasy Faire which opens to the public Saturday April, 21st. And I am very proud and glad to show you some of the exclusivly made items beforehand. You also should know that shown items are donation items for RFL.

The elf skin and ears I am wearing in the picture are from De La Soul. The wonderful jewellery and the triton belt are coming from Trident who also crafted this egyptian tomb skybox I took the pictures in. The boots are from Hooligan and are not from the Fantasy Faire but from the currently running Sanity Falls Hunt and the leather pants are the huntgift from Egoisme for the Runway Perfect Hunt 2.

Tomb Raider 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin and Ears: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Pearl
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st

Eyes: DLS – Radiance – MESH Eye – Violet
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st.

Necklace: Trident Medusa Necklace [Gold/Silver]
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Belt: Trident Triton Horn II Belt M
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Pants: Egoisme EHC – Elegance leather pant (Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Boots: HOOLIGAN – Sanity Falls armored boots (Sanity Falls Hunt Gift)

Skybox: Trident Egyptian Tomb II
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Tomb Raider 3