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There is a new fun event in town and you definitely do not want to miss this one: CINEMA. CINEMA is a fantastic huge mesh multiplex build as venue for a very unique and brilliant sales exhibition. You can find the sections SciFi, Action/Adventure, Romance, Musical/Fantasy, Horror, XXX and Film Noir – and the merchants crafted exclusive items dedicated to the genre they are in. And all participating merchants really outdone themeselfes with imagination and ideas.

Todays blogpost is devoted to the arty Film Noir genre. This fabulous suit comes from [HASTE] and it is not only mesh in standard sizing but also has a lot of wearing options. You can wear the ensemble with blazer and without for a cooler Tarantino like look. Definitely one of my favorite finds at the venue. Another brilliant idea is the film noir shadow box from la petite morte. It works with the new projector function of secondlife and it is throwing way dramatic shadows as you can see in the pictures. So if you are going for a Hitchcock kind of scenery this item is a MUST for you. The gun in my hand is included in the package and also a pose I did not use here.

Finally the glasses are from K_gs and are their new item for the Gallery Gift Shop – and it really nails the look down. The BottleBottom Glasses are lovely made and just add the special extra.

Noir 2

List of stuff:

Glasses: K_gs – BottleBottom (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Suit: [HASTE] – Film Noir Suit (for CINEMA)

Prob: .la petite morte. – shadow box film noir (for CINEMA)



Sunny days are here! And since I have had a rather rough weekend I decided to start the week easy. That means: chilling in my new beach house I got myself at the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo. The prefab is from Designer Prims and what I like best about this house is the open architecture. The rooms float in each other and make a perfect hangout. The prefab comes with kitchen, pool and plants. There is also a furniture pack that I did not use in the pictures.


Bad thing – since I worked hard on the weekend I found absolutely nothing in my fridge except this old bone. Maybe I should sneak over to Mondras place to get myself some food. Nevertheless: welcome to my kitchen. The artwork in the background (and also the mouthy) are my recent finds from the Gallery Gift Shop. And again – if you are looking for artworks for your virtual home – the Gallery Gift Shop is the place to be. There is some stunning art to be found there.


Since I decided to have a slacker monday I refuse to take on any clothes but my retro briefs I got myself from the Mens Dept. It is from [Lazybum] and again it is extremely well textured with easy to adjust prim parts. The skin I am wearing is a preview for the upcoming Men Only Hunt. It comes from (red)sand and comes also with colorful tattoo layers and some trousers. A very reasonable gift if you ask me. And talking about gifts: also the rainbow shades are from the Men Only Hunt. They come from ShadZ. The lounge set is again from the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo and comes from [Park Place]. The lounger have several animations (male and female) and they are copy – so you can rez as much of them as you want to.


List of stuff:

Prefab: Designer Prims: A Place Less Ordinary (1800 L$ – to be found on Home and Garden Expo)

Furniture: [Park Place] Chill Out Lounge and Side Table (at the Home and Garden Expo)

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Skin: (red)sand The Goof (MOH2 – Gift)

Shades: ShadZ – classic (MOH2 – Gift)

Briefs: [Lazybum] Retro Square Cut Briefs (for The Mens Dept.)

Mouthy: k_gs Bone “I’m your dog” (for The Gallery Gift Shop)

Art: Idle – Peace (for The Gallery Gift Shop)

Poses: MotionLess – Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2 – Gift)

Dirty Ole Town

Dirty Ole Town

When it comes to clothing my credo is mixing and matching. I was never a big fan of one certain style – as you surely can tell. There are many clothing and accessories from the so called Fantasy, Vampire or Steampunk Genre that work pretty well with casual clothing – and the other way around. I started with the Risk Outfit from Phoenix Rising because I loved the vest and the rolled up sleeves shirt. Then I found the hat from Grim Bros in the Sanity Falls Hunt – and also the boots from Death Row Designs. And finally I sneaked in the current Running exhibition of The Gallery Gift Shop for the animated Time Leaper monocle from K_gs. All in all a steampunkish, adventurous kind of outfit.


I have to admit that I simply love the monocle. It is fully animated – the arms of the clock are rotating and it is just a nifty little accessory that gives you a little extra to your look. The name of the cowboy hat is “Make Me One With Everything Hat” and this describes it the best. Grim Bros went splendid with gaming cards, dollars, goggles, strange green glowing test tubes, scissors and many stuff more. And it is another hint that you honestly can expect high quality gifts from the fabulous Sanity Falls Hunt.


List of stuff:

Hat: Grim Bros. make me one with everything – adventure hat (Sanity Falls Huntgift – you need a HUD for this hunt)

Hair: [kik] hair Ethan (dark brown)

Monocle: K_gs TimeLeaper (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Risk (mud)

Boots: DRD – Sanity Hunt Boots (Sanity Falls Huntgift – you need a HUD for this hunt)

Picture taken here.

Welcome to my dormitory

My dormitory 1

I am a student in RL – and I must confess: in SL I am kind of homeless. I never rented land nor was I interested in prefabs, skyboxes and houses. Well since I am blogging now this is about to change I guess. And sometimes pleasent surprises happen. But let us start from the beginning:
I was doing the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt yesterday. A japanese hunt on a japanese sim – count me in. Unfortunately I did not find any male items there, but I came across a shop which is selling themed skyboxes and i kinda liked their vendors. So I took the landmark to their mainshop and I was in skybox wonderland. One of them definitely catched my attention: the Apartement Collage Days (and I assume it should be College instead of Collage). It is – more or less – a dormitory. Or let’s precise that- a version of how a japanese designer thinks like how a western dormitory could look like. The skybox comes in two versions: with and without furniture. And it has in both ways not too much prims. Shown above is the furnished version.
The skybox is mod – and since the name of the store is Design it Yourself the designer even encourages his costumers to change things they do not like or to make the purchased skybox bigger (or smaller) to fit everyones personal needs. The furniture comes with animations which are cute and funny. Nevertheless – i wish i would have had a doritory like this the first year I was at universtity. And to be frank: dormitorys do not look stylish like the one I purchased at DiY – they are more the ingrain wall covering kind of rooms.
For my student look I combined the groupgift from Poison, the red satin like jeans, the White Denim Shirt and the Male Dress Shoes from Gabriel and the striped tank from Mr. Poet. My glasses are the Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 huntgift from K_gs and the hair is from Hype.

My dormitory 2

List of stuff:

Glasses: K_gs Chrome Glasses (DSM 2.0-Gift)

Pants: Poison jeans pack >>>Poison<<< (red) GG

Hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

Shirt: ::GB:: DenimShirt White (Group Gift)

Undershirt: ::[Mr.Poet]:: stripe vest

Shoes: ::GB:: Male Dress shoes (brown)

Prefab: DiY – DESiGN iT YoURSELF 1K_Apartment_Collage Days