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Drive By Shooting

Drive By Shooting 1

I just have way too much fun with my new bike but on the other hand the brand new shiny Mens Dept is knocking on your doors. So I decided to make a post to give you a preview of things to get at the number one fashion event for lads before I hit the road again.

So let’s start with my look: The awesome mesh jacket comes from [LOVE RE ME] can be worn with or without hoodie. Also awesome: I used to have EXACTLY the same jacket in RL a couple of years ago – same color, same style. So it was clear that I have to pick this one. Of course the jacket is available in many colors and there are also female versions included. The pants are from 22769 for the Mens Dept. The corduroy skater pants have super realistic textures and I especially love the bags. Also the pants are available in a lot of colors. The sneakers are an old group gift from [JP]:dsg. that is still available!

Drive By Shooting 2

Todays skin is also a preview for the upcoming release Noah from REILA Skins. It is a good idea to check the Reila Skins Webpage for the exact release date and of course also the tanning options. I am wearing Noah tan 2. What I find quite interesting with Noah is the very subtile oriental touch. I definitely will show you some more of the skin in further blogposts so see this one as a teaser.

But back to the bike: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY are also taking part in the new Mens Dept. but the bike is not available there. In fact I went lucky and got it from the Lucky Toilet in the PIXLIGHTS FACTORY mainstore. And it is big fun also. And as superplus it also has my fav color. But anyways – may it by motorbike, train, plane, car or teleport: you MUST check out the new collection at the Mens Dept opening 5th November. The designers again pushed the quality of mens items to a new level. And you also can make a snip there!

Drive By Shooting 3

List of stuff:

Hair: [Iruco] hair27 (black)

Skin: Reila Skins – Noah Tan2

Jacket and Hoodie: [LOVE RE ME] – Letter Jacket Green Plain (for the Mens Dept)

Pants:  22769 ~ casual couture – Skater Pants Green Corduroy (for the Mens Dept)

Sneakers: [JP]:dsg. – Sneakers (Groupgift)

Bike: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY – Sport Chopper Green (Lucky Toilet)

In Concrete

In Concrete

Time to show you more awesomeness from the Mens Dept. And clearly the Mens Dept is in kind of an inbetween season. Not really autumn-ish but also the summer items disappeared. One of my favorite finds in the current round is the Basicborder Vest and Chanbray Shirt from [Sleepy Eddy]. You can find three color options at the venue, but each package contains also shirts in two colors. Seen above is the olive vest and white shirt.  The cropped slim pants are again from [LOVE RE ME].

Also in this round you can find furniture and decor pieces at the Mens Dept. and this makes the whole event somewhat interesting and special since you find something new in every cycle. [HANDverk] joined the first time the Mens Dept. and I instantly fell in love with the Director-X Chair. The chair comes with 8 animations and an easy to adjust menue.

In Concrete

List of stuff:

Hair: [INK] HAIR – Steez (black)

Shirt/Vest: [SLEEPY EDDY] – Basicborder Vest and Chanbray Shirt, olive/white (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Slim Pants Check D (for the Mens Dept.)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Chair: [HANDverk] – Director-X Chair, grey (for the Mens Dept.)

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

I love green. And somehow it is funny how this translates to my second life. I mean – we can do everything in here and we can be whatever we want to but it is these little things like a favorite color that gives us personality. Green is also the main color of this rather flamboyant Dandy Jacket by 22769 ~ casual couture. There are four different styles available at the Mens Dept. and well – clearly I picked the greenish one. The interesting part: you can wear the jacket also without shirt and regarding the shirt itself: there are six different colors in every package of the Dandy Jacket. Again – the shirts can not be worn solo since they are only covering the bits the jacket does not and I assume (without having any clue about making mesh clothing – I am only good in wearing it) it has something to do with the whole rigging process. But anyways – the deal is as fabulous as the jacket itself is.

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

Green again. If you are reading our blog for some time now you hardly see me wearing other eyes then green once. And believe me – I tried. But somehow it looks plain wrong when I wear blues or hazels or greys or even reds and what else the creators have to offer in SL. The eyes are mesh, and as the quality tells they come again from Poetic Colors. Lano Ling, the creator, dedicated the new selection of his eyes to the ocean. And indeed – the colors and reflections are crisp and wonderful realistic. I am wearing “sea weed” but of course you find other colors also at the display of Poetic Colors at the Mens Dept.

The Peacock and the Deep Blue Sea

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Colors “sea weed” (for the Mens Dept.)

Jacket and Shirt:  22769 ~ casual couture – Dandy Jacket Peacock (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Slim Pants Check A (for the Mens Dept.)

My Cup of Tea

My Cup Of Tea

The Mens Dept opened the doors again for a new cycle. And if you did not spent the last six months under a rock on Mars you already know that the Mens Dept. is the place to be for up to date fashion and more for men. And the Mens Dept becomes better and better. What I absolutely love about this event is that you not only gain clothing and accessories, but also buildings, furniture and other neat stuff – especially designed for men.

Todays look comes – of course – from the new Mens Dept. The cropped slim pants come from [LOVE RE ME] and they are available in four different styles. They are mesh in three sizes and of course demos are available at the venue. I especially like that the badges can be added. The hoodie comes from !gO! and it is available in many different colors. Each pack contains two versions of the hoodie: one with hood down (shown here) and one with hood up. And since autumn is knocking on our doors it is about time to update your hoodie collection.

Recognized my new haircut? This one is not from the Mens Dept. but from [INK], a store I found at the hairfair. It was one of the shops I always wanted to check out but always forgot. Well today I remembered while cleaning my inventory. I like the messy style of the Steez Hair a lot and it also gives you kind of a youthful look.

My Cup Of Tea

I mentioned buildings and furniture above already – and [kusshon] again provided an awesome piece of fun furniture for the Mens Dept. The “Paradise Hanging Chair” is just that type of thing every man needs in his “boy corner” or bachelor shag. The chair is available in lighter tones (shown here) and in darker tones and again it comes with a lot of animations and accessories. Some of them are shown above, but there are a lot more included. Like always with [kusshon] the accessory like coffee mug, martini glass, newspaper and tablet pc are trans so you can share it with your friends.

Finally the Tea House from :::LITHIUM::: is awesomeness in cans. I so love the minimalistic style of it and it is easy to set up. The texturing is flawless and the building itself is a gem. Also there is enough room for your ideas and this is by far the best asset of buildings: to step back when it comes to your ideas of decoration. Anyways – you can get the Tea House for a snip at the Mens Dept. And believe me: you need it!

My Cup Of Tea

List of stuff:

Hair: [INK] HAIR – Steez (black)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Hoodie: !gO! – Men’s Hoodie Red (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Slim Pants Check A (for the Mens Dept.)

Chair: [kusshon] – Paradise Hanging Chair light (for the Mens Dept.)

Prefab: :::LITHIUM::: – Tea House (for the Mens Dept.)

Dreamscene: Garden Of Dreams – Woodglade

Living In The Past


Coincidences in secondlife never fail to amaze me. I think everyone knows by now that the Vintage Fair is up and running and vintage – or retro style – is the big hype on the grid. Nevertheless: the Mens Dept. is a sales event that is not dedicated to past lifestyles. But if you look close enough you find items there that simply fit in every kind of era. The old TV chair set from [kusshon] is one of these items. You can choose between 4 colors and the chair itself has 10 poses in typical TV lounging style. The couch table and a splendid amount of probs (beer cans, cheeseburger, slice of pizza, ashtray, cigarettes) is also included in the set. What I like most about the probs from [kusshon] is the fact that you can share these probs with your friends since they are mostly trans. So if you are looking for typical boy furniture – the Mens Dept. should be your first stop!


Floorplan have this chest of drawers at the Mens Dept. And here the fun starts: You can change the color of the drawers by mouseklick and I guess every designer would give you the options “yellows”, “blues and reds”…etc. Not floorplan – here you can choose between the colorstyles “chewie”, “artoo”, “threepio”, “darth” and “dagobah”. Shown above are left threepio and right artoo. The mesh tee is the item from DROP and I especially like that it is not overtextured so you can fit it to every kind of look you are going for. DROP have 6 different colors at the Mens Dept – so you definitely will find a suitable one for you. The cropped pants with the badges are also mesh and come from [LOVE RE ME] – and even if they are the item for the Mens Dept there is also the female version included. And finally the skin is – again – from NIVARO and is the special release for the current Mens Dept. round.

Finally I can close the circle by coming back to the Vintage Fair again. The skybox I took the pictures in is the exclusive release from %Percent. The 70s retro skybox has the dimensions 7.5 m to 20 m and 5.5 m height (approx.) and only 24 prims after set up. And it has these neat 70s styled patterns on the wall and also on the carpet. Also it has a lot of windows and a small balcony – so enough room for you to make your ideas real. Also the skybox comes copy and mod – that means that you can, with a little bit of building knowledge – alter the box to your needs like tearing down a wall and rez a second one beneath it to double its size. The skybox contains mesh parts.


List of stuff:

Hair: [COLORS] – 57 Ash Black

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: D R O P – Mesh V/N Tee Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Pants (for the Mens Dept.)

Chair and couch table: [kusshon] – old TV chair set, lilac (for the Mens Dept.)

Chest of drawers: floorplan – chest of drawers / warsies (for the Mens Dept.)

Skybox: %Percent – 70s Skybox (for Vintage Fair)