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Halfpipe 1

It is funny – in the current Mens Dept. you can find items from different designers that follow one vibe. This time it definitely is skating. But let us start at the beginning: I wanted to go with a complete different look and therefor I purchased the Pilot Cardigan from <HVK> – that is obviously not shown here because <HVK> have a special kind of “shoppingbag” for their items which is the skateboard with the pose you can see above. And I have had a good laugh when I saw this and I somewhat wanted to create a look around this one. And for the cardigan – I will feature the knit from <HVK> in a further post for sure, because it is fabulous.

The denims with the wrapped around shirt are from !gO! and I really love the look of them. Also the shirt moves of course with your walk and shows once again the creativity of designers with mesh. The bicolor v-neck comes from [LV]SOLIDe and comes in 4 different styles and of course, like the pants from !gO!, in mesh male standard sizing.

Halfpipe 2

The super curly hair is from [IRUCO] and is their latest release. Definitely a must if you are not going for the usual haircut in secondlife. The fantastic necklace comes from KOSH. The “Adain Necklace” can be found in the Mens Dept. in five different styles (black, chopper, silver, gold and shown here: brass) and this time you also can find the matching rings at the Mens Dept. I especially love of course the flawless texturing and the brilliant crafting of the necklace which is with every KOSH item I saw. Also you get not only the male version but also the female version and both options are also included with the chest- and spine attachment points. My eyes are from Poetic Colors and have been an item in a previous cycle of the Mens Dept.

Halfpipe 3

List of stuff:

Skin: KENTO – Preston T2

Hair: [iruco] hair28 (black)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Autumn Eyes “October Rain”

Necklace: KOSH – Adain Necklace (brass) (for the Mens Dept.)

Tee: [LV]SOLIDe – V-Neck bicolor black/beige2 (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: !gO! – Mads Pants (for the Mens Dept)

Sneakers: [JP]:dsg. – Sneakers (Groupgift)

Skateboard and Pose: <HVK> – Shoppingbag (comes with every purchase of <HVK>)

Picture taken here.

Why So Serious?


In my opinion we all are in second life to have fun and to escape our real lifes for a little while. And as amazing it is that there are creations that are incredible real looking the more amazing fact is that we have all kinds of possibilities in second life and rarely use them. So I dedicated todays blog post simply to one thing: fun. Because it is Friday and because this week was rather stressful and I can need some giggles and enjoyment.

First things first: this supersloppy mesh tee is a brilliant find from the current Mens Dept. It is from [LV] and there are seven styles you can choose from and I love the graphic faces on these shirts – especially the shocked expression of the chloe shirt I am wearing today. The bermuda shorts are also from the Mens Dept. and these come from 22769 ~ casual couture. They are perfect to add to your style since they are plain but yet lovely made. They even have real pockets but are not too loud that they overscream your look. The available colors are black (shown here), blue and teal.


Aww – isn’t this old village sim just lovely? Well, yeah it is. But it is not a sim! Indeed it is a skybox or better said: a dreamscene. I already told you in a previous blog post about GARDEN OF DREAMS. The creator Kayle Matzerath is specialized on extreme lovely skyboxes. But not the regular ones like four walls, a floor and a roof. He is creating scenes you can live in – just like this wonderful village shown above. You can not move in one of the houses shown – but you can live on the plaza I am standing on. And this is the fun part: who ever told you that you have to live in a house? Put your bed under the free sky cause the sun always shines in SL. Also it is a brilliant meeting point for friends or even a party ground. This special Dreamscene has just 146 prims.

Remember shoulderpets? When I joined second life – which is nearly three years ago – they have been everywhere. Nowadays you do not see them so much around. But this is about to change. The so called Booshies are a new generation of attachment pets – well these ones are – and they do all kinds of mischief while you are wearing them. The winged cat (called Felitera) on my head starts to fly or is lying on its back and is just way too cute. The little dinosaur like one on my shoulder (called Ibstomp) waves and makes saltos. You can get the Lil’pets in a Gatcha at Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia. And if you like them better hurry up cause the Lil’pets will be in the Gatcha only for a limited time.


List of funstuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: [LV] Loose Tshirt Chloe (for the Mens Dept.)

Bermudas: 22769 ~ casual couture – Bermuda Shorts Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Shoulderpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Ibstomp (Gatcha)

Headpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Felitera (Gatcha)

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Village



Hot Dog anyone? And the steaks also look like they are well done by now. Summer is definitely BBQ time – and I guess everywhere around the world. As soon as the weather is getting better you can see folks wandering to parks or to the seaside with their grills and cool bags. And nothing beats cooking under the plain sky. *Funky*Junk* not only offer the grillmaster and a cool bag as item for the Mens Dept – they also have a picnic table (with meals included), a lounge chair and a complete BBQ-patio – and it is all kinds of cute. Even more – it is the perfect item to have some fun with your friends and to have a chat while you enjoy the pixelbeer and virtual chicken wings.

My BBQ look is also from the Mens Dept. The cropped chinos are from DROP and the black note tank is from [LV]. Around my neck you can see the inverted version of the KOSH Epiphany necklace. And also my hair can be found there. It comes from [Atro Patena].


And also Insufferable Dastard joined again the Mens Dept. ID brought us many wonderful made mesh eyes and also in this round there are beautiful ones you can choose from. I am wearing the solid green ones but you also can get some heterochromic ones which is kind of special for an unique look. Again a fantastic idea!


List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] – Hector black (for the Mens Dept.)

Eyes: .ID. Heterochromia solid green (for the Mens Dept.)

Necklace: KOSH – Epiphany Necklace inverted (for the Mens Dept.)

Tank: [LV] – SOLIDe Tank Note black (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: D R O P – Cropped Chinos beige (for the Mens Dept.)

Patio and BBQ-Stuff: *Funky*Junk* – Backyard BBQ Patio (for the Mens Dept.)

A Sunny Day at the Pier


Finally Friday! And since I spent my day yesterday in the libary I decided to take a break today and to chill a bit on the wonderful pier from PRIME. The pier is the current huntgift for the Summer Breeze Hunt and it is just way too cute. It is not too heavy (15 prims in total) and has neat animations (single and couple). So this one is a brilliant huntgift you definitely should get.


And since it is kind of a slacker day today I also wear some comfi clothing I found at the Mens Dept. By the way – in case you did not get the news: the Mens Dept. has moved its location! It can be now found here. But back to my outfit. The Polo Shirt is from [LV] and you can choose from 3 styles which differ by the color of the printing. It is sculpted with way easy to fit prims. Very reasonable made and finally some Polo Shirts. The shorts are the Postman Shorts from 22769 ~ casual couture also available at the Mens Dept.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Black)

Poloshirt: [LV] Polo Shirt grey/black (for the Mens Dept.)

Shorts: 22769 ~ [homme] postman shorts black (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Prob: PRIME – Summer Breeze Pier (SBH gift)