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Today I want to show you some awesome things to find in SL for low money – or in fact: for free! Hunting is a fun thing and often time consuming. And no doubt – it clutters your inventory big time. On the other hand there is one thing I absolutely love about hunts. You get introduced to many shops and places you most probably have never heard of. And if the theme is somewhat appealing it doubles the fun.

The Silk Road Hunt is such a hunt. The theme is the ancient silk road – but you also can translate it like: buildings and items from different cultures. And, just to repeat myself, I love this about second life.


When you are a blogger, or into SL photography, you most certainly know that one of the hardest tasks is to find the right location or poses. I was lucky to find the Silk Road Gift at Pierre Ceriano – because the gift is this awesome Samarkand Caravanserai – this huge plaza I took todays photos in. It is the perfect background! And even better: the initial building is rather huge (footprint 80 x 80 meter) but Pierre also has put the building components of the Samarkand Caravanserai in the gift. So you can alter the building for your needs. And for photography friends: there are enough gates and interesting structures to create wonderful shadows also, not to mention the excellent texturing.

From one of the biggest finds in the Silk Road Hunt to one of the tiniest gifts: Dressed by Lexi donate this adorable “Heaven and Earth Turtle Talisman” Necklace. The texturing reminds me a bit of Art Deco and it just is way too cute. Hey – everyone loves turtles. Oh and the meditation pose I used in the first picture is also included in the gift! The pants and the boots are from the Men Only Hunt 2 and come from SWAK.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Wood Bark)

Necklace: ::DBL:: – Heaven and Earth Turtle Talisman RS (SRH3)

Pants and Boots: SWAK – Got Head? (MOH2)

Building: Pierre Ceriano – Samarkand Caravanserai (SRH3)

Happy Birthday CHIC


Here I am now with everything prepared. I have my best clothes on (I mean – I even wear a hat), the room is tidy, I have some birthday cocktails prepared and I got some fresh flowers. The only thing missing is the honored guest: CHIC. Because it is its birthday. CHIC turns 2 – well actually tomorrow, but since CHIC is famous and has many, many friends I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate it a day beforehand. Well – good idea, but CHIC did not appear. I mean – I can understand that perfectly cause CHIC is organising a huge celebration by itself and has a lot of things to do. And hey, I am just a small blogger and I really can not expect that CHIC can make room in its incredible busy schedule just to drop by, say hello and have a Manhatten or two. Nevertheless – I am a bit disappointed of course since I spent ages to clean my house, dress up, preparing the cocktails and getting these darn fresh flowers.


The birthday event is called CHIC² and of course all brands which work together with CHIC are having a booth there and offer complete new items. I was lucky to get an early access to CHIC² and the place is overwhelming. Little boxes arranged like a tower and each box is decorated individually by the designers to celebrate together with CHIC. This is an event – sure, but somehow also a state of the art installation of what you can do in second life with a little bit of creativity. You literally can spend ages there to see what ideas the creative minds of SL have come up with. Oh – and you can also shop there for new and exclusive items also!

The vest and shirt is the first release at CHIC² item from 22769 ~ casual couture, and like all new items from the store it is mesh and it comes in male standard sizing. The guys from 22769 offer 4 different color options at the event – I am wearing the white shirt and the brown vest. I like especially the idea that the shirt/vest combinations also are in a trans version at the place – so people can buy the clothing as a gift – and that is what birthdays are about anyways: gifts!

The hat and hair are the new male release by [Atro Patena] and also available at CHIC². And also the “Coffee and Cigarettes” pose from STATUS (part of a pose pack with 10 poses) can be found there. The poses include – of course – the cigarette and the coffee cup.

And now: the brilliant furniture! I saw it and I instantly fell in love. You know that I have a thing for retro stuff anyways, but the Haarlem Deco Set from POST lifted my expectation up to a complete new level. The texturing of every item included in this set is unbelievable. The love for detail is marvellous. And all pieces are copy – so you can rez as much chairs and sofas and tables (and vases with fresh flowers) as you want to. The deco set fits in every home and if you have a thing for style – this is your purchase! Of course the Haarlem Deco Set can be found at CHIC² also.

The wall art behind the sofa can not be found at the birthday party. But with a little hunting you can get it for free: The Footprints of Buddha are the gift from Miss Buccaneer’s Restorations for the Silk Road Hunt 3.


The prefab comes from Designer Prims. The “Little Beach House” is – again – a wonderful open and well constructed house. What I really do love about the houses and skyboxes from Designer Prims is that the house is not “loud textured” – means: the house steps back behind every kind of furniture and decoration you put in. Nearly every furniture you can think of fits in their houses without appearing strange.


List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] – Ethan_Black (for CHIC²)

Skin: Filthy June Group Gift Lucaz – Tan – Shaved (Free to join til 8th June)

Shirt and Vest: 22769 ~ [homme] Brown Vest & White Shirt mesh (for CHIC²)

Jeans and Boots: ::GB:: MOH2 Limited Set mesh (for MOH2)

Pose: STATUS POSES – Coffee an Cigarettes (for CHIC²)

Furniture: POST Haarlem Deco Set (for CHIC²)

Wall Art: Miss Buccaneer’s Restorations – Footprints of the Buddha, Gandhara (for SRH3)

Prefab: Designer Prims – Little Beach House

Lost in the Libary


Sorry for my absence these days. I turned into a bookworm and spent ages in the libary since I have had an important test today. And what can I say – it went pretty well – weeeeee… Anyways – lucky coincidence: I stumbled across a store with the most amazing skyboxes in second life. Garden of Dreams – or short GoT – offer, well lets say, unusual skyboxes for everyone. And since they also offer a libary as skybox I just was not able to resist.


The libary comes completely furnished and has overall 423 prims. And as you can see in the picture – it is rather big (40 x 40 meter). And it has a lot of animations like on the fireplace, on all chairs and desks, in the book shelfs and book stands… In other words – you can have a lot of fun with this one (and yes – some x-rated animations are also included). What I love best about the skybox from GoT is the transport system – there is no easier way to set up a skybox. You rez the box rezzer on the ground, rez the “Transportation bubble”, let the skybox rez (which will become rezzed in 1000 meter hight) and just slip in the bubble that teleports you directly in your skybox. Brilliant and neat idea!

So if you are fed up with the usual 4 walls with floor and ceiling and want to have some Harry Potter feeling in your new virtual home i strongly recomment the libary. But anyways: GoT has so much more to offer. A desert skybox, an old tree to live in, a tibetan temple… anything you can think of and that is slightly unusual – you will find it here. So you definitely have to visit the Garde of Dreams.

My todays look comes – again – from the Men Only Hunt 2. The tank, the boots and the denims – all mesh – come from Gabriel and my nerdy glasses are the gift from CheerNo.


List of stuff:

Hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Black

Glasses: [CheerNo] Glasses – MARLEY*Painted Yellow Lens B (for MOH2)

Outfit and Boots: ::GB:: MOH2 Limited Set (for MOH2)

Poses: Purple Poses Set (MOH2)

Prefab: Garden of Dreams – The Libary Skybox: 423 Prims / 2000 L$



Ok guys: I know it is hard to accept, but in male clothing there are more colors then black, blue and white (and all tones inbetween). Color is fun and color is style. And therefor the Men Only Hunt 2 – which has the theme “United Colors of Men” – hopefully convinces you to be brave and bold and ad some more tones to your wardrobe. Today I want to introduce you to “lime”. Lime is something between green and yellow and looks fresh, summerish and definitely stylish.


The fun thing: Lime is a fairly young color. According to wikipedia the first use of the word “lime” to describe a color was 1890 and for a color that is pretty late. As you can certainly tell its name comes from the citrus-fruit limes. Color nerds differ between many shades of lime like electric lime (which is quite popular in psychedelic art), french lime and of course the exact definition of the web-color lime. Todays look goes more in the electric lime direction and – if I may say so – it is very disco. The mesh jeans are the gift from n-creation and comes in 3 different sizes. The tee with the quote “without music I am lifeless” comes from ABD. And talking about music: The fabulous headphones and also the finger tapes come once again from :.envious.: and are part of a complete outfit you can get for free, if you do the MOH2 hunt. The lime mesh eyes are the gift from Mayfly and the texturing on these eyes is extremely pretty.

To keep a long story short: color is not the enemy of a dudes wardrobe. Embrace color and for crying out loud: go hunting! You can not get more and better male items for free right now. And many of them are mesh. So what are you waiting for? See you there \o/


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Eyes: Mayfly – LiquidLight Mesh Eyes (nuclear shadow) (MOH2)

Headphones: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Tee: ABD – Without Music green (MOH2)

Finger Tapes: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Pants: n-creation – corr jeans lime mesh (MOH2)

Poses: MotionLess – Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2 – Gift)

Prince Charming

Prince Charming 1

Don’t you ever, don’t you ever
Stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome
Prince Charming, Prince Charming
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

My sister played this song to me when I was about 6 years old – and she was a huge Adam Ant fan. And maybe it is silly, but I forgot about this tune til today when I put together my look. First there was the native skin from [A N A T O M Y] Body Shop with the blue stripe across the face. And when I put on the fantastic Military Jacket from Kauna the song jumped in my brain (and still is staying there, cause I am humming it while I write this entry). All I needed to finish the Adam and the Ants look was some striped pants and thankfully 22769 ~ casual couture gift these mesh capri trousers in the MOH2. And – drumroll please – they are in Standard Sizing! Yes you have heard right: finally mesh standard sizing for men is released! And hopefully this encourages even more designer to create mesh clothing for men. And last but not least: the chucks are also a gift from the MOH2. They belong to a complete outfit from :.Envious.: called Hypnosis.

Prince Charming 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] Kelvin Black

Eyes: .ID. Liquid Eyes (for Mens Dept.)

Skin: [A N A T O M Y] Body Shop – Native Skin (MOH2)

Jacket: Kauna – Military Jacket (mesh) (MOH2)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture [homme] capri trousers striped (mesh)(MOH2)

Shoes: :.Envious.: – Hypnosis (part of an outfit) (MOH2)

Poses: [Expressive Poses] Stripped Set (MOH2)