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The one thing that makes the Mens Dept. truly special is the fact that you not only can get high quality clothing for men there. It is a big part and this also is absolutely appreciated. Next to the Mens Dept. there is no other event for guys that shows brilliant state of the art designs in menfashion on the grid. Nearly every piece is mesh – and that speaks loud. And for the non-mesh-clothing: they are extremely well done and by far outstanding.

I absolutely love about the Mens Dept. that you also can get other stuff there. Like furniture, decorations and even buildings – all with men in mind. Look at the Henrik Bench from Cheeky Pea. It is a typical Locker Room bench with 6 single and 3 couple poses/animations. It is lovely in its straightforward design. The Haywood Pipe Shelf from PILOT is one of the most brilliant ideas for a piece of furniture ever and I strongly recommend everyone to get a copy. Not only that the idea is fantastic – it is also extremely rich on details as you can see on the connector and the socket, but also on the lamp and the books. You even can turn the light on and off by mouseclick. The potted plants are from the Midnight Mania at Lithium, the vase with daisies are a gift from Designer Prims (you can get it at their landingpoint) and the artwork is – again – from my number one art provider The Gallery Gift Shop.


And now let’s go back to the clothing: 22769 ~ casual couture again set a high mark on quality mesh clothing. The chinos and the poloshirt is not only a perfect casual combination – they are also extremely well done and textured. The “behaviour” of the mesh is very natural and so is the folding on the textures. This definitely shows me that mesh never fails to surprise me. I also love the fact that 22769 offers – again – three different styles of chinos and three different styles of poloshirts at the Mens Dept. And also I really adore the mint color on the poloshirt which gives it something very summerish.

As backdrop I used the wonderful mesh skybox from Designer Prims I blogged about yesterday.


List of stuff:

Shirt: 22769 ~ casual couture – Poloshirt Mint (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Chinos Brown (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Bench: Cheeky Pea – Hendrik Bench (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Shelf: PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf (mesh) (for the Mens Dept.)

Flowers: Designer Prims – Tuscany Vase of Daisies (free Gift)

Plants: LITHIUM – =Bloom=Mini Plant C and D (Midnight Mania)

Art: {Kiro} – Fast Food has taken over (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Prefab: Designer Prims – Romantic Loft Space (mesh / 20 prims/Landimpact)

Time for a Summer Vacation


Boy I definitely need a vacation. Honestly this year is kind of tense and since the weather is getting better and better my will to sit on my desk to learn things suffers big time. Anyways – no vacation for me this year in RL. But that does not mean that I can not go on a lil trip in secondlife, right?

The Mens Department has a lot of summerish items in the new round. First of all these adorable Layered Tanktops from [Sleepy Eddy]. I must confess that mesh tank tops are kind of my newest pet peeve in SL, cause there seem to be just one template and somehow they look all the same to me. Not these, boys! I love the idea of the two tanks worn above each other. The mesh is incredible well done and has a lot of details. Definitely one of my fav finds in the current Mens Dept.


Another brilliant find are these mesh eyes from Insufferable Dastard. As you can see in above picture the detailing is incredible and just as real as it can become within secondlife. ID has become definitely my first place when it comes to new eyes and I strongly recommend to check them out at the Mens Dept.

I blogged the Postman Shorts from 22769 ~ casual couture already yesterday. Today I am wearing the blue ones. Postman Shorts seem to be a huge trend in RL fashion right now, cause when I look out of my window I see a lot of guys wearing them. The trend seemed to catch up in SL also.

Below you will see the different color options of the [Sleepy Eddy] tanks to make your desicion a bit easier. Because I know you want them!


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Eyes: .ID. Deep Eyes (for Mens Dept.)

Tank: [Sleepy Eddy] Layered Tanktop (for Mens Dept.)

Shorts: 22769 ~ [homme] postman shorts beige (mesh) (for Mens Dept.)

Poses: {exposeur} That Boy Pack (for Mens Dept.)

Pictures taken here.

While my guitar gently weeps

while my guitar gently weeps 1

As promised in last post: it is time to show the goodies you can find at the Narcissus Room. In case you are not familiar with the name – it is a market where male fashion designers offer new and limited releases for the fair price between 10 L$ – 100 L$. And there is a lot to find there. Nearly my whole look comes from the Narcissus Room today. Nearly – not everything. The guitar comes from a shop named WITCH BABE Rocket. I found a depandance at the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt with some lucky boards and lucky as i was – there was a wildcard round. The guitar comes with a hud (and that is where the poses are from).  The hair is Dura and the skin is my everyday skin from Kento.

Anyways – back to the Narcissus Room: The vest is a great deal from [Nerd.P] cause it comes in 3 different designs. The skinny denims from illmatic come with cuffs and the fabulous sneakers are from DEF. And one word on the makeup: It is the Eye Definer from Stain Cosmetics and this one is also a great deal cause you get a lot of colors in the package. The Narcissus Room opened yesterday and – i think – the new round lasts two weeks.

While my guitar gently weeps 2

List of stuff:

guitar and HUD: WITCH BABE Rocket – TELE crack NT 4GG

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics – Eye Definer, Black (Narcissus Room)

T-Shirt: COCO Homme Gift Tee (green)

Vest: [NERD.P] Simple line Vest 03 (Narcissus Room)

Pants: illmatic :: Arden Denim – Classic Blue (Narcissus Room)

Shoes: DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black (Narcissus Room)

Photo taken here.

Do you think I’m sexy

Do you think I'm sexy 1

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy
come on sugar let me know.
If you really need me just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so.
Tell me so, baby.

Underwear in SL: What for? I mean – face the facts: normally you wear your denims or whatever pants you choose and wear no underwear at all. Okays – it can be interesting for some foreplay when you get into action with the partner of your choice. But normally I have the feeling that undies – especially for men – are highly underrated. This has to change!

The new monthly gift from VITAMEN is a piece of art. It is completely sculpted with resizer and just way easy to fit. And the bulge is quite impressive without beeing way too big. The texturing is flawless and there is not one single tiny bit I could dislike about these undies. And again – it is a gift. Not a groupgift, not a dollarbie – just plain and simple a gift!

Talking about gifts: the bracelet is a groupgift from RONSEM. And they have gatchas also where I got this highly detailed hemp anklet. The hair i am wearing is from [kik] and the glasses are also from that store and once again are a gatcha item.

Do you think I'm sexy 2

List of stuff:

Hair: [kik] hair_Ethan (dark brown)

Glasses: [kik] Pig Ear Glasses – Gatcha

Underwear: :: VITAMEN :: Monthly Freebie Mar 2012 Roku-Shaku Fundoshi_UmeSakari – Shu-Iro

Bracelet: RONSEM* Bracelet AKATONBO (Group Gift)

Anklet: RONSEM* Hemp Anklet – incarose (gatcha)

Shoes: [jp]dsg. Sneakers/MultiChange/Groupgift

Foto taken here.

I am not a doctor

I am not a doctor

I am quite new to blogging and obviously i have had one lession to learn: I wanted to make some kind of a casual shooting with some clothing I found interesting and neat. And then I teleported to [Iruco] and found a Gatcha for face masks there. And all of a sudden the outfit became kind of edgy and dark. But anyways – I have had to ad the face mask cause i just love it!

Mr. Poet moved. And it took a lot of time to find out their new location since I was not able to find the shop in SL search. Thank god the creator has the new locations (yeah – Mr. Poet has two shops now) in his picks. Nevertheless – the clothing is just fabulous and it definitely was worth the hazzle. I snatched the black cardigan there which is a decent rigged mesh and – unbelievable enough – a freebie.

The tee is from COCO – another store i just adore. And it also is a freebie in the (way too small) homme-departement. The sneakers are the groupgift from [JP]dsg. They are out for a while now. Best thing: you can change the color of them so they fit nearly everything. The half checkered trousers are part of the current groupgift from CricKeTs – Fashion. It is a whole outfit, but I fell in love with the half plain, half patterned style of the pants.

I am not a doctor 2

Have I said already that I am not a doctor? Heck yeah – but I surely love to look like one.

List of stuff:

Facemask: [Iruco] Surgical mask gatcha

Cardigan: ::Mr.Poet:: Bat sleeve knit coat_Black[mesh]

T-Shirt: *COCO* Homme Gift T Shirt black

Pants: CricKeTs – Fashion C~Peter Jeans (Groupgift)

Sneakers: [jp]:dsg Sneakers / Multi Change Groupgift

Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – summer breeze (m) dark

Skin: *Kento* Toban

Shape: my own

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Picture taken here