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Happy Monday

mainimage, showing belleza skin, cold logic capri toruser and 22769 african spring top

Hello Lovlies,

sorry, for being absent the last days. But slowly everything coming back to normal levels and that means much more time for me to run around the grid and show you great finds, deals or other cool stuff.

And yes, logging in after a few days, Iwas surprised that Belleza have sent out a new groupgift to their members. The Lily Skin is also a new release at their mainstore! I’m wearing the Groupgift version .. but please keep in mind, that there is a joining fee of 250L$.

My next steps inworld lead me to two of my favorite shops on the grid. 22769 ~ casual couture and Cold Logic. So I mixed my todays look with items from my shopping spree there. And than a nice surprise waiting for me in my little skyhome. A homeless cubechair. Maybe a suprise gift from Nestor – and it could only be him, he is the greatest comic nerd I’ve ever seen around.

But, that’s something Nestor should better explain t you guys by himself. I better give you the credits and all infos on the items I’m wearing, as usual, right after the next image.

Read you soon sweets … I miss you all!

closeup of face from Belleza Lilly Skin v2

Credits for todays Blogpost:


Belleza –  Lily V2 Medium Group Gift [free for groupmembers | groupentry fee 250L$]


22769 – African Springtop – color:red [available at Culture Shock 2012 | 130 L$ ]

Capri Trousers:

Cold Logic – Capri Trouser Brooks – color:grey [250L$]

Living in a Box


Hello Sweeties,

have you missed me? Well – my RL world is kind of stressful right now and I feel so sorry that I can not blog as much as I want to. Sometimes it feels like living in a box from where you can not break out. You know the feeling? I guess so – and that is pretty much my life right now.

Talking about it I found the perfect prob for this kind of feeling at the Tropical Bazaar in SL. It comes from ILAYA and is called “Model in a box”. It comes with 8 easy to adjust poses. And the box is available in 2 different colors.

Then I went back again to Culture Shock and got myself this wonderful dress from mavma. It is a Culture Shock exclusive and a donation item also! It is a mix between mesh parts (the skirt) and texture parts which makes the dress fit nearly every shape. And the flowerish spine attachement is of course optional – so you can dress down or up, just as you like. What I like most about this dress is the playful use between blue in the front and yellow in the back.


And here are the credits for todays blogpost:

Alice Project – Ashleigh  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

mavma . cuture shock exclusive dress [100% Donation Item at Culture Shock 2012 | 249L$]

[ILAYA] Model in a Box [available at The Tropical Bazaar | 75L$]

Ingenue  – Jude Boot Mustard – [ available at Culture Shock  | 100% Donation Item  | 295L$]

I’m like an open book

for credit see below

Happy Sunday sweets,

today I’m celebrating another lazy sunday. With my bestie out with his friends I’ll enjoy the silence around me. And in this moments I often grab my favorite book from the rack of books. My favorite one is an old one, one that already my grandparents have read!

Oh what a nice contrast I have found latley in second life to the old book: the latest installation, “PAPERMAKIS: Escape to Rome” by Romy Nayar, is a tribute to text, words, books, newspapers and other communications. And it is perfect for me to show you some more finds from Culture Shock today. First of all the great -spring inspired- dress by Koketa. The dress is available at the venue. Also my shoes are availabe at Culture Shock, the Picci Love Paris Heels are an Culture Shock exclusive. The shoes come with a HUD, to make it easier for you to match the color of your skin.

Also controlled by a HUD, are my new hair from Alice Project. The Ashleigh Hair is available for you at FaMESHed for just 250L$.

That’s all for today ladies, so finally before I go back to my old book I want to wish everyone of you a great, relaxing sunday. Please see below for the credits of the items used in this blogpost.

Credits for todays look:

Alice Project – Ashleigh  – Infinity [available at FaMESHed | 250L$]

MONS  –  Shocking Eyes lime  [ Fatpack 50% Donation Item at Culture Shock 2012 | 250L$ ]

Koketka – Strips dress (yellow) [ 50% Donation Item at Culture Shock 2012 | 200L$]

PiCHi – Love Paris Heels (nude) [ 50% Donation Item at Culture Shock 2012 | 345 L$]

Picture taken at: PAPERMAKIS: Escape to Rome

A foggy day in London Town


Today is the day! As I am writing this blogentry CULTURE SHOCK is finally open to the public. And while my bestie Mondra Kira is showing you all the wonderful dresses and womenfashion you can find there it is my turn and pleasure to show you the finds for the gentleman.

A:S:S is taking part at Culture Shock with their subbrands A:S:S Decades and A:S:S Deluxe. While the Deluxe line is kind of edgy jewellery the Decades brand is pretty conventional – when you are living in the 18th century. The above shown “Etienne Outfit” is the donation item from A:S:S and it is rich on textures and details. The outfit comes in an overwhelming variety and includes the shirt, the vest, the breeches the socks and of course the tricorn. You find wonderful ornaments on the buttons and all in all you can say that the creator is way dedicated to it.


The Chevaliere Ring is also a donation item from A:S:S Decades. it comes with 5 different ornaments (shown above is the “Feather” one) and with a texture change HUD that allows you to change the color of the gems. And finally the Cravat-Pin (shown below) can also become purchased seperately and is – again – a donation item for Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).

Conclusion: It is a very decent outfit which works brilliant for historical roleplay or as an eye-catcher when you combine it with some casual clothing.


List of stuff:

Hair:  *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Outfit: A:S:S Decades – Etienne (Culture Shock)

Ring: A:S:S Decades – Chevaliere Ring (Culture Shock)

Cravat-Pin: A:S:S Decades – Cravat-Pin (Culture Shock)

Pose: STATUS – Cajsa5 (Culture Shock)

Picture taken here

Spotlights on Culture Shock


Only a few hours left til Culture Shock opens. And time for me to show some more stuff for men from the event. First of all this wonderful prob from Sparrowtree Studios. It is very disco, very Studio 54 and all kinds of fabulous. The 9 poses are pretty unisex, and are easy to adjust. You can also change the color of the lights by one click. It is a brilliant idea for fun pictures as well as for fancy model shots. I strongly recommend this one.

The skin I am in is also from Culture Shock. The Antonio skin from AKERUKA has a very muscular definition and an appealing shading on the face. It comes with eyeliner and hairbase. So if you think about a change check out this skin.

[Lazybum] offer these Tropical Square Cut Briefs as donation item for Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). It comes with optional bulge and drawstrings. One word about the bulge: [Lazybum] did a pretty amazing texture job here. It is hard to see a crossing from the prim bulge to the texture. I also like that the bulge is not oversized but very realistic.


And now please take a closer look on this marvellous necklace. Like nearly everything from FINESMITH JEWELRY it is a piece of art. It is raw and very tribal and I especially love the idea that it works from the front and from the back with the extension. Again a great idea and a proof for the overboarding creativity you can expect from the Culture Shock designers.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Skin: AKERUKA Antonio Skin pale (for Culture Shock)

Necklace: FINESMITH Safari back necklace (for Culture Shock)

Briefs: [Lazybum] Tropical Square Cut Briefs (for Culture Shock)

Prob: Sparrowtree Studios Poses – Circles Of Light (for Culture Shock)