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While my guitar gently weeps

while my guitar gently weeps 1

As promised in last post: it is time to show the goodies you can find at the Narcissus Room. In case you are not familiar with the name – it is a market where male fashion designers offer new and limited releases for the fair price between 10 L$ – 100 L$. And there is a lot to find there. Nearly my whole look comes from the Narcissus Room today. Nearly – not everything. The guitar comes from a shop named WITCH BABE Rocket. I found a depandance at the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt with some lucky boards and lucky as i was – there was a wildcard round. The guitar comes with a hud (and that is where the poses are from).  The hair is Dura and the skin is my everyday skin from Kento.

Anyways – back to the Narcissus Room: The vest is a great deal from [Nerd.P] cause it comes in 3 different designs. The skinny denims from illmatic come with cuffs and the fabulous sneakers are from DEF. And one word on the makeup: It is the Eye Definer from Stain Cosmetics and this one is also a great deal cause you get a lot of colors in the package. The Narcissus Room opened yesterday and – i think – the new round lasts two weeks.

While my guitar gently weeps 2

List of stuff:

guitar and HUD: WITCH BABE Rocket – TELE crack NT 4GG

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics – Eye Definer, Black (Narcissus Room)

T-Shirt: COCO Homme Gift Tee (green)

Vest: [NERD.P] Simple line Vest 03 (Narcissus Room)

Pants: illmatic :: Arden Denim – Classic Blue (Narcissus Room)

Shoes: DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black (Narcissus Room)

Photo taken here.

Off the wall

The new round of the Narcissus Room starts today and boy I can tell you I am somewhat extremely excited about it. I was lucky and got the chevron knickebocker from 22769 ~ casual couture beforehand, but be prepared that I will show you much more from the Narcissus Room within the next days.

So the main actor of this post is the jacket. *chronokit* just released the mesh Mods Coat and it is one of the best mesh pieces I have seen so far in SL. The rigging is flawless and the details on this masterpiece are splendid. You can choose from several colors and there is even a fur collar you can buy seperately. The Mods Coat comes in S, M, and L and of course the store has demos. Honestly: This coat represents everything that rigged mesh clothing stands for.

List of stuff:

Jacket: *chronokit* Mods coat 01 Unisex Black

Hair: .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie / Black

Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black

Pants and socks: 22769 ~ [homme] chevron knickebocker grey (Narcissus Room 2)