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Historical Ass


There are some things you definitely expect at the Vintage Fair – like clothing from the 50s, 60s or 70s, furniture from these times, and many other neat stuff also. There are a few things you might not expect at the fair and the Bryant Suit from A:S:S is one of these things. You can debate if this is really vintage or if it is rather historical clothing. But fact is “vintage” means “from a certain decade” – and with this definition the suit and the tricorn (there are 4 different in the package – shown here is the light teal one) matches the fair perfectly. The suit has neat little details in the texturing. And there are a lot of layers in the package – so you can give your outfit a unique look.


It is no secret that I fell in love with the Dreamscenes from Garden Of Dreams. They just make the perfect set for fotoshootings and yet they are so much more. The one I took the pictures in is called “The Dining Room” and it is like if you enter with one mouseclick a medieval lounge with dinner table, separees and of course a fireplace. Want to have your own “Game Of Thrones” Skybox? Want to feel like a Tudor? The Dining Room fulfills all that expectations. The seats on the table come with many poses, the separees have couple poses and of course you can turn the fire on and off. It is a brilliant skybox to have a themed party or to live within. Like all creations of Garden Of Dreams it is special and definitely something to impress. Also: The Dining Room is mod – so you can alter the skybox to your needs and you can not ask for more… All in all the skybox is 295 prims – but it is furnished and if you want to give it your personal touch you can erase of course the large table and put a bed inside. This is, next to the excellent texturing and the love for detail the biggest asset of Garden Of Dreams: the creations are multi funktional.


List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Suit: A:S:S Decades – Bryant Suit and Tricorns (for the Vintage Fair)

Prefab: Garden of Dreams – The Dining Room

Why So Serious?


In my opinion we all are in second life to have fun and to escape our real lifes for a little while. And as amazing it is that there are creations that are incredible real looking the more amazing fact is that we have all kinds of possibilities in second life and rarely use them. So I dedicated todays blog post simply to one thing: fun. Because it is Friday and because this week was rather stressful and I can need some giggles and enjoyment.

First things first: this supersloppy mesh tee is a brilliant find from the current Mens Dept. It is from [LV] and there are seven styles you can choose from and I love the graphic faces on these shirts – especially the shocked expression of the chloe shirt I am wearing today. The bermuda shorts are also from the Mens Dept. and these come from 22769 ~ casual couture. They are perfect to add to your style since they are plain but yet lovely made. They even have real pockets but are not too loud that they overscream your look. The available colors are black (shown here), blue and teal.


Aww – isn’t this old village sim just lovely? Well, yeah it is. But it is not a sim! Indeed it is a skybox or better said: a dreamscene. I already told you in a previous blog post about GARDEN OF DREAMS. The creator Kayle Matzerath is specialized on extreme lovely skyboxes. But not the regular ones like four walls, a floor and a roof. He is creating scenes you can live in – just like this wonderful village shown above. You can not move in one of the houses shown – but you can live on the plaza I am standing on. And this is the fun part: who ever told you that you have to live in a house? Put your bed under the free sky cause the sun always shines in SL. Also it is a brilliant meeting point for friends or even a party ground. This special Dreamscene has just 146 prims.

Remember shoulderpets? When I joined second life – which is nearly three years ago – they have been everywhere. Nowadays you do not see them so much around. But this is about to change. The so called Booshies are a new generation of attachment pets – well these ones are – and they do all kinds of mischief while you are wearing them. The winged cat (called Felitera) on my head starts to fly or is lying on its back and is just way too cute. The little dinosaur like one on my shoulder (called Ibstomp) waves and makes saltos. You can get the Lil’pets in a Gatcha at Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia. And if you like them better hurry up cause the Lil’pets will be in the Gatcha only for a limited time.


List of funstuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair27 (black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: [LV] Loose Tshirt Chloe (for the Mens Dept.)

Bermudas: 22769 ~ casual couture – Bermuda Shorts Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Shoulderpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Ibstomp (Gatcha)

Headpet: Menchy’s Goods Galore – B Lil’Pets Felitera (Gatcha)

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Village

Living In The Past


Coincidences in secondlife never fail to amaze me. I think everyone knows by now that the Vintage Fair is up and running and vintage – or retro style – is the big hype on the grid. Nevertheless: the Mens Dept. is a sales event that is not dedicated to past lifestyles. But if you look close enough you find items there that simply fit in every kind of era. The old TV chair set from [kusshon] is one of these items. You can choose between 4 colors and the chair itself has 10 poses in typical TV lounging style. The couch table and a splendid amount of probs (beer cans, cheeseburger, slice of pizza, ashtray, cigarettes) is also included in the set. What I like most about the probs from [kusshon] is the fact that you can share these probs with your friends since they are mostly trans. So if you are looking for typical boy furniture – the Mens Dept. should be your first stop!


Floorplan have this chest of drawers at the Mens Dept. And here the fun starts: You can change the color of the drawers by mouseklick and I guess every designer would give you the options “yellows”, “blues and reds”…etc. Not floorplan – here you can choose between the colorstyles “chewie”, “artoo”, “threepio”, “darth” and “dagobah”. Shown above are left threepio and right artoo. The mesh tee is the item from DROP and I especially like that it is not overtextured so you can fit it to every kind of look you are going for. DROP have 6 different colors at the Mens Dept – so you definitely will find a suitable one for you. The cropped pants with the badges are also mesh and come from [LOVE RE ME] – and even if they are the item for the Mens Dept there is also the female version included. And finally the skin is – again – from NIVARO and is the special release for the current Mens Dept. round.

Finally I can close the circle by coming back to the Vintage Fair again. The skybox I took the pictures in is the exclusive release from %Percent. The 70s retro skybox has the dimensions 7.5 m to 20 m and 5.5 m height (approx.) and only 24 prims after set up. And it has these neat 70s styled patterns on the wall and also on the carpet. Also it has a lot of windows and a small balcony – so enough room for you to make your ideas real. Also the skybox comes copy and mod – that means that you can, with a little bit of building knowledge – alter the box to your needs like tearing down a wall and rez a second one beneath it to double its size. The skybox contains mesh parts.


List of stuff:

Hair: [COLORS] – 57 Ash Black

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Shirt: D R O P – Mesh V/N Tee Black (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Pants (for the Mens Dept.)

Chair and couch table: [kusshon] – old TV chair set, lilac (for the Mens Dept.)

Chest of drawers: floorplan – chest of drawers / warsies (for the Mens Dept.)

Skybox: %Percent – 70s Skybox (for Vintage Fair)

The Last Days Of Disco


My sister gifted me 2 years ago a box set of the Bee Gees and I really did not know what I should do with it. I mean – come on… the Bee Gees. But well – I listened to it and it kind of grew to me. And all of a sudden from what I thought it was really corny it became “cool music” to me. I am still not a huge fan but I always find myself humming a Bee Gees tune when I do something like taking pictures inworld or working on my computer or whatever.

Why am I telling you this? Well I found this FABULOUS male jump suit at NYU on the Vintage Fair and the first image that popped into my mind was Barry Gibb. Then I went to the new Mens Dept. and found the Crow Skin from Nivaro which has 3 body hair options (no body hair, line hair and full hair aka Disco) and things came together naturally. “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a womans man, no time to talk”. Step aside Tony Manero – here comes Nestor Travolta.

The shoes are a find at DUH! and the mirror balls are an old huntgift from a storehunt at Glitterati. But nevertheless: Glitterati has reworked the mirrorball poses and you can get them in the shop now as special marketplace promotion. So bring a little Saturday Night Life in your virtual existence. It is vintage, it is cool – the ladies will love you.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura *Dura-Emo*07(black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Jumpsuit: NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Cropped Jump Suit Vanilla (for Vintage Fair)

Shoes: DUH! – Men’s Dress Boots Silver

Poses: Glitterati – Mirror Ball Poses