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The Return of the Space Cowboy

The Return of the Space Cowboy 1

Inter-planetary good vibe zone… Somehow I seem to find a pattern in my blog posts about the Fantasy Faire 2013 because I find a lot of stuff I would usually not expect from a fair like this. Like this – hm – space suit. Or intergalactic stormtrooper outfit. Well it definitely has something Star Wars-ish as you can tell. Might be the white plastic armory or the futuristic cut. Definitely a unique piece of clothing again.

The Return of the Space Cowboy 2

The thing that puzzeled me first was indeed the unusual cut of the top – with one arm down and the other one up ending in a face shield like of thing. Interesting for sure and definitely a futuristic design. The subtile plastic texturing of the armory parts supports the overall look definitely. The fabric parts have a woolen texturing and are available at the booth of 22769 ~ casual couture in 4 bold colors: purple, red, blue and green. The pants and the jacket can be purchased seperately.

The Return of the Space Cowboy 3

List of stuff:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Jacket: 22769 ~ casual couture – Guard Jacket Purple (for Fantasy Faire)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Guard Pants Purple (for Fantasy Faire)

Shoes: Adjunct – Jacob’s Ladder Boots Crude Oil Black



Well – Mondra Kira wanted to have an invitation to the Vintage Fair in her last Blog Post – and here I am. Nothing brings more your inner gentleman out like the Vintage Fair. May it be the enviroment, may it be the ancient music playing on the landstream, may it be the clothing – all of a sudden we hold the door when a woman wants to enter the room, we seat her on the dinner table, we bring out all the good manners. In other words – our mothers would be proud of us.


When marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me sway.
Diesel Works made two exclusive couple poses for the Vintage Fair called “T embrace” and “Quebrada”, which is shown in above picture. They are fun poses and indeed very “good old times”. I am wearing a mesh suit from Epicosity. It is a classic pin striped double breasted suit and very elegant. My shoes are from MIAMAI and are the Otis Oxfords in Black and Grey.

Mondra is wearing the Jacky Sheath Mesh Dress and also the black pumps from 22769 ~ [casual couture]. Her skin is from {.essences.}. It is called Moira and different make ups are also available at the {.essences.} booth at the Vintage Fair.


List of stuff:

On me:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Suit: {EPIC} Gray Pin Striped Suit (for Vintage Fair)

Shoes: MIAMAI Otis Oxford Black Grey

On Mondra:

Hair: *Alice Project* Tessa – Infinity

Skin: {.essences.} Moira – Rose (for Vintage Fair)

Make Up: {.essences.} Twiggy eyelashes with eyeliner and VF Lipsticks (for Vintage Fair)

Dress: 22769 ~ casual couture [femme] Jacky Sheath Dress Red (for Vintage Fair)

Shoes: 22769 ~ casual couture [femme] Black Pumps


Diesel Works – Quebrada (for Vintage Fair)



Not that I would be that acrobatic in RL – I most probably would break my neck if I ever try to do this. But the meshed Brentwood Stool from Bounce This Poses is definitely all kinds of fun. It comes with 4 sitting, one standing and – well – the balancing pose. The detailing on this stool is wonderful – and if you have a bar in SL and want to have some fun you better jump directly to the Mens Dept. and get yourself one since the Brentwood Stool is copy. Anyways – the poses are extremely well done – no crazy legs, hands or moving heads. Also, and this is important for me since – as you know – my avatar is rather tall, the poses are way easy to adjust. In other words – get it, it is decent, it is fun.


The half hoody from [Sheep Door] is another great find from the Mens Dept. Yeah it is not mesh, but the subtile texturing is brilliant. Also the sculptwork is not too bad. I love how sloppy the jumper “flows”. And finally the Roux Readers from BALACLAVA!!: you do not only get the nerdish glasses in the purchased pack – you get the shades also. And the female versions are also included. There are many colors you can choose from – I decided for todays look to wear the black ones.


List of stuff:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Glasses: BALACLAVA!! Roux Readers and Shades (black) (for Mens Dept.)

Hoodie: [Sheep Door] Half Hoody Grey (for Mens Dept.)

Pants: former huntgift blogged here

Prob: Bounce This Poses – Brentwood Stool (for Mens Dept.)



As you most certainly know I am a student in RL. What you maybe do not know: I am a killer also. Not the cool kind like Dexter i.e., but more the clumsy kind. I do not kill people – I murder plants. Honestly I do love plants. I love it when a room has this extra green here and there. Thing is I absolutely can not take care of them. I even managed to murder my cactus last winter – and these fellows survive deserts! Maybe it is because I dumped the rest of cold coffee way to often in their soil…

Anyways – in SL it is absolutely irrelevant if you can raise and breed plants – you just can purchase them and put them here and there and you never have to take care of them anymore. In other words: Nestor kind of plants. And at the 5th Annual Home And Garden Expo I just found the perfect shop for my green needs in SL. [CIRCA] offer a wide range of neat decorative plants with holders and pots. In above picture you can see the GeoDome Terrariums I just had to buy since my mother always had some of them. The sideboard is also a find from the Home And Garden Expo and is from *KK*. The cute cat wall-comic is from the current Gallery Gift Shop.


You also can find a lot of outdoor plants at the Home And Garden Expo. The set containing the bench, the rug and the potted palm tree comes from [ba] and there is even more in it (I will show you within the next days).

But let’s finally start to talk about my todays look: believe it or not – all of it is free. And all of it is mesh. The Men Only Hunt (starting May 26th) has a lot of mesh items for men to find. The check shirt is the price from BUID and the fabulous shorts are from 7Style. The bangles and the shoes are also mesh and prove that creators have way more possibilities to build wonderful items with mesh then with sculpts.  The bangles are from WTG and the zebra sneakers are the gift from Latreia. Oh and all poses I used in this blogpost (except the ones that are in the furniture) are the gift from Purple Poses.


The wonderful prefab is – again – a find at the Home And Garden Expo and comes from L2 Studio. It is very mediterranian and I especially love the division between the livingroom and the bedroom. It is a wonderful build and the window shades and doors can become opened seperately. And with 109 prims overall it is not that heavy that you can not decorate it for your personal needs. Definitely a marvellous house!


List of stuff:

Prefab: L2 Studio Zapallar Renovation 109 prims (Home And Garden Expo)

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Glasses: MotionLess Vibrant Spectacle (MOH2)

Bangles: +:+WTG+:+ [MESH] **4bits**bangle (MOH2)

Shirt: BUID Mesh Dress Shirt (MOH2)

Shorts: ::7Style:: Jeans Shorts Mesh (MOH2)

Shoes: Latreia – Trek Zebra

Indoor Sideboard: *KK* RFL Berkley Sideboard Sculpt Set (Home And Garden Expo)

Indoor Plants: [CIRCA] GeoDome Terrarium Green Large and Green Small Mix (Home And Garden Expo)

Indoor Art: {Kiro} Woes of Maths (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Outdoor Furniture: [ba] catalina outdoor sofa, catalina outdoor rug, fancy potted palm 1 (Home And Garden Expo)

Poses: Purple Poses Set (MOH2)

Gentleman in New York

new york 1

It has been a while since I blogged some prefabs. Well, the time is now, cause I just found the most awesome skyhome of the grid. The 2Xtreme skybox New York is more or less a loft with a gallery. It is very urban and yet extremely chic and you have so much place for your furniture also. Included in the skybox is a teleporting system. First of all to get to the roof garden (not shown here) but also to get to the ground. The setup is fairly easy to do. Included in the skybos is a shower with over 30 animations (and yeah, there are also some adult ones). Also the skybox features two very comfi fireplaces.

The bedroom furniture (with the Marilyn poster) is also from 2Xtreme and can be purchased at the store. If you sense some kind of retro vibe you are totally right – it is called “satin fourties bedset white” and it comes with lamp, bed, rux, backdrop and the poster. The bed itself holds 16 multispeed animations and 11 cuddle animations (most of them are from Kabuki Creations) and it just looks fabulous.

Since the pictures do the Skybox no justice be prepared that I will show you some more of it in further posts.

new york 2

The outfit I am wearing is the gift from Kastle Rock Couture for the Sanity Falls Hunt and it comes with shoes. If you have not done this hunt yet – do it now, cause it is a blast of fun. Please remember that you need a special HUD for this hunt. And from my point of view this have been the best invested 100 L$ in SL so far. The story of the hunt drags you in. It is brilliant.

And one last word to my hair: This is a freebie – believe it or not. It is from the 1920s Project Berlin Sim and was provided by Pocket Mirrors. Nevertheless: The sim is always worth a visit. But please be prepared to wear some theme matching clothing when you explore old Berlin!

new york 3

List of stuff:

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Pure

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Robert Charcoal (free at Berlin 1920s)

Outfit and shoes: :KR: Sanity Avatar – Male (Sanity Falls Hunt)

Bed: :: 2Xtreme :: satin fourties bedset white

Skybox: :: 2Xtreme :: Skybox New York