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Having A Ball

Having A Ball

Busy, busy, busy – so much stuff is going on in secondlife and I really have to catch up – especially since I took a week off from blogging to play a bit RL. But anyways – let’s get started with L’Accessoires. The November Round just has started and again there are adorable items to be found. And this time many of the accessories are rather unisex then strict female. These shades are from BOOM and are called “Begas Shades”. They are available in five different colors and of course as fatpack also at the venue. The neck candy comes from REMY. The Beau Tassels come in many different colors and also in sliver and gold and also of course as fatpack. And I must say – i really love those – they are super dandy.

Having A Ball 2

The silk flared pants I am wearing are one of many items 22769 ~ casual couture offer at the just started “Around The World” Fair and I really love the design of them. First of all they look way comfi and second it is something different for men then just jeans, chinos and shorts. I will show you some more stuff from “Around The World” in further blogposts and I am damn sure that Mondra also will because there can be found some adorable dresses. But for today – if you are looking for something different and cozy – get these silk flared pants from 22769.

If you read my blogposts for a time now you know that I have something like an “unofficial” hobby: to showcase the classic SL designs in furniture. And one of these pieces is definitely the Ball Chair from AKEYO. AKEYO – more known for their animations and dances – offer furniture, plants and a small line of clothing also. In that case I think it is appropriate to say that AKEYO is an old school merchant within SL. This is not a bad thing. The creator just does what he is up to and if you look at all his creations in a row there is still something like a line that connects all of them.
The Ball Chair is very Retro SciFi and I truly love the overall look of it. It also comes with a HUD that can change the color of the chair in all colors of the rainbow. And the eight included animations are – of course – extremely well done and lovely. If you have a thing for more modern furniture this one is definitely a must have. And anyways – the Ball Chair is just too much fun.

Having A Ball 3

List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair23M (black)

Skin: KENTO – Preston T2

Shades: BOOM – Begas Sades Platinum Black (for L’accessoires)

Necklace: REMY – Beau Tassles (for L’accessoires)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture – Silk Flared Pants black (for Around The World)

Chair: AKEYO – Ball Chair


Tibet 1

A few days ago I blogged a preview for the new Reila Skin Noah. Today I learned on the Reila Skins Webpage that the skin finally is released. Noah comes in different options for facial hair (shown below) and also comes with tattoo layers for body hair (like in above picture) and teeth and also the shape (not shown here). What I really love about the skin is that it is a unique creation. I really like how the face looks on my shape and it appears to me a bit oriental what I absolutely like. This skin is definitely a keeper.

Tibet 2

I went to The Outlet Sales Room today which is a pretty new event in second life. You find very well known brands there like Trompe Loeil or Barnsworth Anubis – and you also find Garden Of Dreams there who offer a Dreamscene for a steal. Usually the Dreamscenes are between 1000 – 2000 L$ which is an absolute accurate price for the excellent texturing and crafting work. The Dreamscene “Tibet” is at The Outlet Sales Room available for just 100L$ and I strongly recommend getting this one.

First of all you have a brilliant themed skybox with many possibilities. “Tibet” is more or less a relaxation enviroment with a huge bath in the center and sitting possibilities around with many different poses also (single and couple). So it is a tibetian themed spa when your second life is getting too hectic. I love the subtile sound design also – so if you enter the bath you hear the water. Leafes are floating around the enviroment – but not too much that it looks unrealistic. Indeed this is one of the most fine assets of Garden Of Dreams with every of their creations: they create a comprehensible place with every scenery they do.

Next you learn the best about the Dreamscene concept of Garden Of Dreams. Because – even if the scene works as permanent skybox (that is included) – you also receive the “Bubble-Rezzer” for the Dreamscene. If you do not want to rez the scene permanently you can just rez the bubble on the floor, sit in it (and you also can take friends with you) and it transports you to the temp rezzed scene where you can stay as long as you wish. Even better – you can load the Bubble-Rezzer with as much Dreamscenes as you like so you can even swap between scenes.

And finally: the whole skybox is copy and mod. You can even rez the scene on the ground if you want to have a tibetian themed sim and alter each part of it. If we talk about multi funktionality of buildings in second life – this one definitely sets a mark. So you definitely should get this one.

Tibet 3

List of stuff:

Skin: Reila Skins – Noah Tan

Hair: [iruco] hair23M (black)

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Tibetian Temple ( for The Outlet Sales Room)


for credits please see below

Happy Saturday Sweets,

do you have your huntshoes ready? Crab your bestie and start a ladies adventure. I’ll promise you, after this exiting adventure you got 200 Gifts .. and that’s just the start!

Okay, I better should start at the beginning. Yesterday at 6pm the WOMENstuff Hunt started into a second edition. This time there are 200 participating desingers, which all have filled the little known T-Shirt with a gift for you. The most of them are exclusive items, carefully created and given away for free! So, what else do you need? More gifts? Okay, that is a thing the Huntorganisers already have planned in from the beginning. So they asked the designers to change the gifts in December.  You still want more, let me think: I just have done a few stops of the hunt so far … but the bunch on the hunttrack is nice, and the staff is helpful. So, what more can you ask for … oh have already mentioned the fun? No? Then try it out yourself because hunting is fun! You can find a list of participating stores and hints here.

With this blogpost I want to show you some finds from the Hunttrack. Let us start with this awesome Jewellery set in the image above.  This great set (wich shouldn’t be missed in every ladies inventory) is hidden at Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery. The Circus Maximus Set includes the earrings, the necklace and a Braclett Bunch.

for items used, please see credits below

Next In line is this wonderful Boho Dress from 22769 ~ casual couture. The Kate Boho Dress comes in mesh female standard sizing with matching alpha layers. And I simply adore the texturing.

Also the pose I used in the images can be found on the hunttrack. You have to search the gift at Savoir Fair Shapes. If you find the tee there it contains three different poses. The one I used in the images is the lovley Casual Friday 1.

So ladies, before you go hunting, please check the credits below. Have a great Saturday Night ahead !

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery – Circus Maximus Set – [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive | contains Necklace, Earrings and Braclett | free ]

22769 ~ casual couture – Kate Boho Dress – [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive |Dress comes in female mesh standard sizing |  free ]

Savoir Fair Shapes – Casual Friday Poses [ Womenstuff Hunt exclusive |3 Poses included |  free ]

Enter The Runway

Enter the Runway

And here it starts again: the third edition of the Runway Perfect Hunt – the hunt that brings you everything a model needs. And lets start with this neat prob from WetCat. It is a red carpet with loads of poses for him and her included – some are shown on above picture. So if you want to make a glamour shot – this is definitely the right gift for you. The complete outfit is the very generous gift from FATAL and it is called “Westwood Prince”. It is mesh in male standard sizing and has many wearing options also. The shoes are also included in the gift (and also the socks that you can hardly see in the image 😉 )

The bag comes from L’accessoires and is the item from NYU – since my today look is blue-ish, green-ish i decided to get me the “Neutral Blue Briefcase”. The briefcase comes with holding animation for left or right hand – and with no animations also – so perfect for every purpose.

Enter the Runway

List of stuff:

Outfit: FATAL – Westwood Prince (mesh in male standard sizing) (for the Runway Perfect Hunt 3)

Bag: NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Neutral Blue Leather Briefcase (for L’accessoires)

Prob: ::WetCat:: – Perfect Red (for the Runway Perfect Hunt 3)

Historical Ass


There are some things you definitely expect at the Vintage Fair – like clothing from the 50s, 60s or 70s, furniture from these times, and many other neat stuff also. There are a few things you might not expect at the fair and the Bryant Suit from A:S:S is one of these things. You can debate if this is really vintage or if it is rather historical clothing. But fact is “vintage” means “from a certain decade” – and with this definition the suit and the tricorn (there are 4 different in the package – shown here is the light teal one) matches the fair perfectly. The suit has neat little details in the texturing. And there are a lot of layers in the package – so you can give your outfit a unique look.


It is no secret that I fell in love with the Dreamscenes from Garden Of Dreams. They just make the perfect set for fotoshootings and yet they are so much more. The one I took the pictures in is called “The Dining Room” and it is like if you enter with one mouseclick a medieval lounge with dinner table, separees and of course a fireplace. Want to have your own “Game Of Thrones” Skybox? Want to feel like a Tudor? The Dining Room fulfills all that expectations. The seats on the table come with many poses, the separees have couple poses and of course you can turn the fire on and off. It is a brilliant skybox to have a themed party or to live within. Like all creations of Garden Of Dreams it is special and definitely something to impress. Also: The Dining Room is mod – so you can alter the skybox to your needs and you can not ask for more… All in all the skybox is 295 prims – but it is furnished and if you want to give it your personal touch you can erase of course the large table and put a bed inside. This is, next to the excellent texturing and the love for detail the biggest asset of Garden Of Dreams: the creations are multi funktional.


List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin: -NIVARO- Crow Skin “Backwoods Special (for the Mens Dept.)

Suit: A:S:S Decades – Bryant Suit and Tricorns (for the Vintage Fair)

Prefab: Garden of Dreams – The Dining Room