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for credit of items used, please see below

Hello  Sweets,
between two meetings today, I decided to take a little break and spoil myself with a little shopping spree at faMESHed and The Gallery Gift Shop. And best, on both locations you can find great items from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. So I decided to combine them both to a great look.

But before I tell you a little more about the items, I want to point you to my new haircut. Have you noticed? I made a steal at [e] during their annual hair sale. Today I’m wearing the haircut called Figure. You still can find the great mesh hair at the mainstore from Eliktatira. For 250L$ you can choose one colored version, but there are also Essentials Collections (280L$ – with up to 8 colortypes included) or the Fatpack (1400L$ – all available colurs included). Of course demos are available to check the look before purchase.

Let us start with this great done Trenchcoat I’m wearing today. This is a perfect match for the upcoming fall season and it is available at faMESHed from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. At the venue you can choose between 12 great colors for 300L$ each. Or you can take the fatpack (all color options included – 2000L$).  This mesh item comes in five different sizes with matching alpha layers. And, as always, a demoversion to test your personal fitting is also available at the venue.

Okay, back to the taxi, and next stop is The Gallery Gift Shop. The new items are out there for a few days now, so it will be hopefully not crowded. And I was surprised to see that NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture offers there the great Studded Sunglasses for 230L$. In total you have 256 different color combinations available with just one pack. But, please keep in mind, that the sunglasses are also mesh items.

And finally, my bag is also from NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture. But, for more information about this accessoriy, I want to point you to Nestors Blogpost Enter the Runway. You find the bag at the current cycle of L’accessories.

Now it’s time for me to say goodbye. The next meeting awaits me. But I’m pretty sure I will make a great impression with my modern and classy look today. Thank you designers, for these wonderful creations. While I’m in the meeting, I have preapred the credits for my todays look and hope to read you all soon !

Credits for items used in this Blogpost:

Eliktatira – Figure – Black 04 – [ available at the Eliktatira Mainstore | 250L$ per color | different color available | Essential-  and Fullpack also available ]

NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Studded Sunglasses – [ available at The Gallery Gift Shop | 230L$ | in total 256 color combinations ]

NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Trench Coat – Wool Military [ available at faMESHed | 12 different colors available | 250L$(each) – Fatpack 2000L$ ]

Picture taken here.

Gallery Hunting

for credits please below the blogpost

Happy Tuesday Sweets,

yesterday a new round of the Gallery Gift Shop has started. But this cycle is a very special one: The Gallery Gift Shop celebrates its first anniversary on the grid. And for celebrations of this special event, the artist and merchants have made next to their regular items a small huntgift and have hidden them in a pictureframe. This hunt is the perfect excuse to walk around the newly designed Gallery Gift Shop. There are so many nice corners to explore! Hints are provided via notecard, you can get at the entrance of the new build. Also the merchants have robbed their inventorys and displayed (nearly) all items they have ever offered at The Gallery Gift Shop in the past circles.

Now I have told you so much about the Gallery Gift Shop, but you should also make a visit at the Hair Fair 2012. This year every vendor on the fairground give an percentage of each sale to Wigs For Kids. Next to all the new releases there, at some of the boothes you can find goodiebags with examples of their work included. But, please keep in mind, that you maybe need a few tries to teleport to Hair Fair 2012. This years Hairfair expands over four complete sims, so there is a lot to explore and discover.

But, now to my todays very classic look, wich is a mix&match of the two events.  Let me start with the awesome dress I’m wearing today. It’s from 22769 ~ casual couture and is available for 160 L$ at  The Gallery Gift Shop. The Anastacia Dress comes in mesh standard sizing and with two different versions of the alpha layer included. As usual 22769 have included the alpha textures too. The envelope bag I’m wearing is the free huntgift from 22769 for the anniversary hunt!

for credits please see below

Yes, I have got a new and very classy and elegant look for todays blogpost.  And my new haircut comes for free. It is from the Goodiebag greatfull offered by Zibska. Next to the Nan Hair in five colors you find the great earrings I’m wearing.

Also my todays pose is from the Hairfair. Amacci has included in their freebiebag four classic modelposes. Two for men and two for girls. But to be honest, you didn’t see, that I have  using a guys poses for this entry. So I would rather label them as unisex.

That’s all for today my sweets. Hope each of you have a great tuesday ahead or behind you. See you around !

Credits for items used in the blogpost:

Zibska – Nan Hair black – [ available at Zibska Booth at Hair Fair 2012 | free ]

Zibska  –  Severine Earrings in Gold – [ available at Zibska Booth at Hair Fair 2012 | free ]

22769 ~ casual couture Anastasia in Champaign [ available at The Gallery Gift Shop | not free | 160L$ ]

Envelope Bag:
22769 ~ casual couture – envelope bag champaign – [ available as Huntgift in the The Gallery Gift Shop anniversary hunt | free ]

Amacci – Amacci_Male_Stand34 – [available at Amacci Booth at Hair Fair 2012 | free ]

Where have you been so long?


When mesh came to the grid I lurked around a certain store from which I expected that the creator will blow us away with fabulous mesh items. I thought: “Ok, if someone is such an artist with sculpties he must be one of the first who will release mesh clothing for guys. But… nothing happened. For nearly 15 months I did not find one single new release. Not even a sculpted one. I finally came to the conclusion that the creative mind behind this certain store has lost his interest in SL. Nevertheless – I still did not dump the group because of nostalgic reasons.

When I logged on this afternoon I found a groupnotice and I guess I hold my breath for at least a minute. In other words: SEY is back! After 15 months of silence Risey Aray did not only gave us a lifesign but also a complete new item. And what can I say: expectations fulfilled! The mesh cardigan is extremely well modeled and rigged. And even better: SEY is running a promotion offer on the marketplace with a 30% discount on the mesh cardigans. Guess someone has a guilty conscience for leaving us alone for so long 😉


Nevertheless boys – the Mens Dept. is the place to be right now (talking about bargain deals). I wrote about the mesh denims from 22769 already and as you can see I refuse to take them off. But look at this Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Ombre from Tee*fy. The scarf comes not only in a mesh, but also in an “old school” version that is not rigged (for wearing it together with other mesh items). Well thought – I appreciate that a lot. The Pause Loafers come from BALACLAVA! and give your outfit a very cosy look and feel.

Finally the hair comes from [Iruco] and again I really love the slightly messy style.


List of stuff:

Hair: [iruco] hair14M (black)

Scarf: Tee*fy – Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Ombre (for Mens Dept.)

Cardigan: :sey – Mesh Cardigan [Gr.Border-Black] NEW! Marketplace offer

Jeans: 22769 ~ casual couture – Schanzen Denims (for Mens Dept.)

Shoes: BALACLAVA!! – Pause Loafers (Tonto) (for Mens Dept.)

Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Oh Boy (for Mens Dept.)

Picture taken here


for item credit please look at credits

Greetings Ladys !

Today I want to show some of my findings from the current Dressing Room and Dressing Room Blue. You all know, that I love strong colors and classic chic. And with the Mesh Dress from Bilo I have a complete colourful, classic look preapred. The Dress is currently available in standard sizing at the Dressing Room for just 60L$!

And yes, you’re all right! If I visit the Dressing Room, me as a shopaholic it’s more than a duty to have a look (yes -repating look) at the Dressing Room Blue as well. And … I found this great hair from  LoQ there. It comes in different colors with this beautiful hat.

There are two more reasons to have a visit at the both venues currently. This great pair of pumps, are available there nearly free. You find the left pumps(in different colors) at the Dressing Room and the right one (also in different colors) at the Dressing Room Blue. You just have to pay 1L$ for each.

After the next image you find the credits and SLurls to the items (and stores) … and for me a cold drink is waiting !

See you around everyone.

credits for items see below

Credits for Items used in this blogpost:

Hat & Hair:
LoQ Hair –  IceCream (Black) [currently available at Dressing Room Blue | 70 L$]

Crystal Line – “Ramona” [groupgift]

Bilo – Sushmita Dragonfruit Maxi [currently available at Dressing Room | 60L$]

TDR 2 years pumps GIFT – [available at Dressing Room & Dressing Room Blue | 1L$ for left & 1L$ for right – different colors included]

Copacabana Brasil

Between the Laws

teaken at mayfair

Hellos Sweets,

yesterday was a day at court! And yes, todays inspiration comes from that. Okay, I have to admit, I’m also a fan of the original Law&Order Series so maybe you can say I was inspired for my todays look by them as well. And, to stay in the image, it’s my duty today to put Nestor’s Murder he Wrote into prision. Bringing together all the little clues, follow his phonecalls and finally catch him. But well … as usual this is a different story to tell.

I want to tell you now something about my todays look. While on shopping spree around the grid, I have found a neat store called Priss. And was really surprised to see that they have currently a sale going on. And the bags I’m wearing are also a gift from Priss.

Continuing my shopping spree, leads me to Bitch/Bastard they currently offer a few meshed sunglasses for just 1L$. That’s what I call a steal. So you better plan a visit there in short.

please notice the fabulous back of the dress

That’s all from me today. Hope you all have a great day ahead  !

Credit for items:

Bitch/Bastard – MESH Smoovies/Faded Black [1L$ Promo Offer]

Priss – Ish Bow-Tie Dress in Coal [not free | 30L$ on sale]

Priss – OversizeCoinPurse (ArmPose) – [free gift at store]