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Monochrome Silver Lining

for item sused please the credits below

Hello Sweets,

we finally made it to the middle of the week! In other words, I hope you all have had a great humpday. Today my blogpost is -sadly- a short one just because rl is giving me a hard time. But, you all know, I’m a true believer and things will always end up great.

But enough of the whining, now for the  good news today: my complete outfit, I’m wearing in the image above can be yours for just 10L$ (hair and jewellery not included). How can this happen? Well, we have to thank the designer participating in the  currently running Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt. Each designer has hidden a piece of silver fabric wich includes the gift.  And please keep in mind that this is a 5L$ Hunt.

Today, I’m wearing a combination from the Huntgifts hidden at Ezura Xue and even.flow. The Silver Lining Dress matches perfect to the Classic Floral Heels in Silver. So put your hunting shoes on and join the hunters on the track ! And while you have the hunt fun ahead, I jump back to work … but promise to show you some more exiting finds on the grid very soon.

Credits for items used in this blogpost:

Analog Dog – Thyme – House Wine – [ availalable at the Analog Dog Hair Island | different colorpacks available | 275L$ each | not free ]

amorus – Fallen – Set Orange – [ blogged before here | not free ]

Ezura Xue – Silver Lining Dress – [ Huntgift for Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt hidden in the Mainstore | 5L$ | not free ]

even.flow – Classic Floral Heels – Silver – [ Huntgift for Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt hidden in the Mainstore | 5L$ | not free ]

Poses by DieselWorks

Image taken at: LEA17 Concrete Cube Light

Only a few hours …

for items used see credits below

Happy Saturday Sweets,

the title of this blogpost should be completed by ” … before Vintage Fair 2012 opens” ! And yes, thanks to Nestor, I don’t have to visit it alone. And that vintage stuff suits him, he had proofen in many blogposts before. So we both prepared ourself for the opening of the Vintage Fair today. For this occasion I decided to wear something comfy, but with a vintage touch.

Let’s start with the details of my todays look. As top, I picked one of the wonderful corsets created by the Plastik. These mesh corsets comes in female standard sizing and are available at the fairground for 249L$. You can choose from three different colored versions. A cute ribbon (worn on the backside) is included to complete the overall look.

The Zoey Trousers are a new release by erratic. Currently there are 12 different colors on display, where you can choose your favorite color for 295L$. They are also available as fatpack for 1770L$. Of course this detailed leather trousers come in mesh standard sizing with matching alpha layer.

And, ladies it’s about time to talk about a new pair of shoes. These really awesome Strap Pumps are the new release by Slink for the Vintage Fair 2012. These shoes are available in many different colors and of course as fatpack. So you have to visit the booth of SLink at the Vintage Fair.

Ladies that’s all for now. But, more Vintage Goodies are coming soon. Hope you all have a relaxing start into weekend !

Credits of items used:

The Plastik – Daunting Fate  -[ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 249L$ | not free ]

Erratic – Zoey Leather Trousers – black – [ available in the Erratic Mainstore | 295L$ (each color) | 1770L$ (Fatpack – including 12 colors) | not free ]

Feet & Shoes:
SLink – Vintage Two Strap Pumps – black – [ available at Vintage Fair 2012 | 700L$ (each color) | 4000L$ (Fatpack) | not free ]

It dosn’t matter …


Hellos Sweets,

today I want to share a different post with all you. So today, it’s not a post about fashion. Today, it’s a post about love !

The guys over there at STAND4LOVE started a charity project to raise the visibility of all kind of love couples. Everyone has the same right to love, it dosn’t matter if they are a straight, gay, lesbian or transgender. Everyone in a releationship shares feelings for each other, which should not only become respected by the partner … these feelings should become respected by everyone around. I for myself live in a part of the world where it is “normal” to see a same sex couple walking holding hands on the street. Where they have nearly the same rights as a straight married couple.  But I know that there are places where they have to hide their love. Where it is not easy to take care for each other. On the bottomline we are all humans, which deserve the right to love, to feel the love and to live their love.

You all know, that we normally do not share videos on our blog, but the commercial from the getup shows LOVE from a different perpective.

Thank you STAND4LOVE team to start this great thing.

Items used in this blogpost:

Doutch Touch  – JoLiE V2 Cream – Basic [blogged before]

Alice Project – Koko  – Infinity [blogged before]

Gos -Espadrilles in Tie Dye – bagged [free as huntgift in “The Depraved Summer Love Hunt” | free]

Summerish Weekend

for items credits please see below

Happy weekend sweets,

today I’m writing while I have my first coffee of the day. And, the weather outside has made me look for something summerish and colorful. So, I picked today a fantastic outfit from ColdLogic.  The romper in the color tangerine/pink is one of their new releases. This cute styled mesh dress comes in standard and is available in many different color combinations.

please see below for credit of used item

I have told you so much about this  astonishing dress. But, also my shoes are more than awesome today. The Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink are the Mesh Around 2012 gift from Gos.   The shoes come in standard sized rigged version and as attachable version.  After a more detailed picture of this great boots, you will find the credits of todays items.

for credits please see below

Credits for todays look:

Maitreya Mainstore  – Jackie O Sunglasses [previously available at myAttic]

ColdLogic – romper – rae.tangerine/pink  [new release | 250L$ per color/1000L$ fatpack]

Gos – Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink [available as Mesh Around 2012 Gift]

Gift of a friend [not for sale]

I’m not too late …

Hellos Sweets,

since this morning everything that can go wrong .. go wrong! No, I’m not complaining about it, just because nothing important was on my shedule today. But more a real funthing I had planned for today.

Meeting an old friend, from my early years. We both have tried to meet for over half a year now. If we had found a date that suits us both … well a few hours before it finally happend on of us had to cancel it. But not today … and than I am to late.

But well, he called a few minutes after arrival that he has gone back to office because of an emergency. I can understand that and so we will meet in the next week – at least we planned.

So I decided to have a look around in the nearby shops, and I discover Exodi. A skinstore wich is having a closing sale currently going on.  So if you feel uncomfortable, I advice you to have a look there. The Sale runs till end of March.

Here are the credits for todays look:

Exodi [Sophie Carmel – Goddess (LT)][Groupgift]

Icing  [Night Mist][Gift]

Icing [Wooden Wedge][Gift]

ICING [Princess Pearl Bracelet][Gift]

Nexus Prime