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Uriel 1I just came back from the holidays and found the new groupgift skin from Reila Skins that I definitely wanted to show you guys: the NOAH skin (Xmas special edition) is a brilliant skin and it is not just the usual skin you can get. The white beard and brows and hairbase just makes it the perfect skin for a unique look and it definitely is brilliant for roleplay. Since the skin is rather fair I wanted to create an angelic look with it. And here comes my nostalgic noob moment: I guess everyone once had this moment as noob when he found some freebie angel wings and stumbled across the grid with these wings for at least a day or two. And yeah – I also was one of them. And I thought I was so fancy with my grey boy next door jumper, the denims and these wings. Times have changed thank god.

So for my Uriel look I decided to wear the Kirins Poem Jewellery from Finesmith (necklace and tiara – also included in the set is a ring that is not shown here). Now all I needed was some wings and I found them as groupgift in a particle shop called Festiva. I must admit that I am kind of snobish about particles because I really dislike poofers and stuff like this. Festiva on the other hand has particles that are kind of out of this world. The creations of Kosamu Oh are a brilliant example of what you actually can do with particles. So if you are looking for effects – may it be as avatar attachment (like the wings) or as rez object – I highly recommend a hop to the shop.

Uriel 2

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Platinum)

Skin: Reila Skins – Noah Xmas Special (Groupgift)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Jewellery: Finesmith Jewellery – Kirins Poem

Wings: FESTIVA – Bird (white) (Groupgift)


Venom 1

On candystripe legs the spiderman comes softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead looking for the victim shivering in bed

Fantasy is a huge scene in secondlife. But at one certain time within the year even residents who are not into roleplay should check out roleplay shops. And this time must be Halloween. One of the biggest brands dedicated to roleplay, fantasy and quirky items for sure is +FALLEN GODS INC.+ and these days a visit to the temple, that happenes to be a shop, is strongly recommended. Not only that you find the perfect outfit for the next Halloween Party there within literally minutes. +FALLEN GODS INC.+ also have their famous fortune teller up again – and the price is this creepy but wonderful made Arachno Avatar. And – you never know: the folks hanging around at the temple from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ are extremely friendly and just a nice bunch. And since the fortune teller only works with interaction with others you might find new friends there also.

Venom 2

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and suddenly! A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright that the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Skins are one thing in secondlife that fascinate me. With realistic skins it is unbelievable how high the standard of realism and quality has become. The skins from +FALLEN GODS INC.+ instead are very artistic. When I put the skin on I spent some time to get all the details. The shading of the skin is flawless and even though the skin is mainly black the muscles still are defined. Then there is these fascinating patterns and nearly tribal paintings going on and it looks like the skin is more or less the canvas for the ideas of the creator. And I really love how the colors pop out on this skin. This one is definitely a show-stopper.
The package you receive from the fortune teller – if you found your perfect match – contains the male and female Biologic Skin, forehead and chest add ons, the spider legs, the loin cloth and also eyes. So – if you are lucky you get the full treatment.

The hair is from “The Ghost Of Halloween” Hunt and is one of the many gifts from UW.St. And there is a lot of hair to find in the fun hunt – to learn everything about it check my blogpost here.

And finally – the lava cave is a dreamscene from Garden Of Dreams. It is called “The Dungeon” and it has a lot of animations and poses included. If you are looking for a place to scare your friends or to make your own halloween party – this one is strongly recommended.

Venom 3

List of stuff:

Hair: UW.StThe Ghost of Halloween Hunt

Avatar: +FALLEN GODS INC.+ – ARACHNOS (fortune teller item)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – The Dungeon

Splish Splash

Splish Splash

It is funny – the colder it is becoming outside the more I tend to take my clothes off in my blogposts. Well – this time for a good reason: there is a new event in second life, brought to you by CHIC – and it is called FAIR. And it is – a fair! But not only another fair for stuff in second life because Fair equals of course for sales exhibition, but also to fair pricing. And the interesting part at FAIR is that every designer has a hour of a day as inspiration for their new releases at FAIR.

Splish Splash

HISpose are part of the opening round of FAIR – and they got 6am. The item is this neat bathtube with a lot of details and 5 easy to adjust poses (most of them shown here). What I especially like about the bathtube is, that it is not a “girly” kind of furniture – HISpose added enough details to suit it to every man. And for the poses: yep – that could be so me.

Please note that FAIR is opening tomorrow!

Splish Splash

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Dura-Boy 07 (black)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Prob and poses: HISpose – HISbathtime (for FAIR – opening tomorrow!)

Set: Paperwork – build 008 (retextured by myself)


for credits, please see below

Hellos Sweets,

today I want to bring it down to the most important things a girl needs. And, yes I am with you if you say shoes. But what are the presents that let your eyes sparkle like diamonds? Accessoires! And they make you a sparkeling diamond, even if you wear nothing else.

And where do you find the most cutes Accessoires in Second Life? On L’accessories, you find everything to make you to a sparkling diamond. With the new started round the Group LePonpon continues to bring together a collection of high quality items from Second Lifes most creative designers.

So it is a pleasure to show you today some more items you can find at the exclusive venue!

The big shawl I am wearing is carefully created by Vaguards Designer and inspired by Alexander McQueens creations.  The decent, but eyelooking texture matches perfectly to the upcoming fall season. And, keeps you warm in the rainy days wich are upon us. The Shawl is available in two different sizes (small and big). Both together are yours for just 200L$.

The wonderful and very extravagant hat is created by Gizza Creations. The Primavera baOba is available in three different styles at the event for 325L$ each.

So ladys, what are you waiting for, grab your significant other and start sparkling like a diamond with all the items available at L’accessories!

Credits for used items:

Doutch Touch  – JoLiE V2 Cream – Basic [my normal skin]

D!va –  Manon – Onyxs [ available at Collabor88 | different colors available | 188L$ per color | not free ]

CS-Shapes by Xanthe Audeburgh – Forbidden Sweet Pink Lippy – [ available as Groupgift | Curvy Silhouettes by Xanthe | Group is free to Join ]

Vanguard –  Mcqueen Shawls – Big – [ available at L’accessories | two sizes included | 200L$ | not free ]

Gizza Creations –  Primavera B/W BaObA – [ available at L’accessories | three different styles available| 325L$ (each) | not free ]

SLink  – Vintage Two Strap Pumps – black – [ blogged before ]

In Concrete

In Concrete

Time to show you more awesomeness from the Mens Dept. And clearly the Mens Dept is in kind of an inbetween season. Not really autumn-ish but also the summer items disappeared. One of my favorite finds in the current round is the Basicborder Vest and Chanbray Shirt from [Sleepy Eddy]. You can find three color options at the venue, but each package contains also shirts in two colors. Seen above is the olive vest and white shirt.  The cropped slim pants are again from [LOVE RE ME].

Also in this round you can find furniture and decor pieces at the Mens Dept. and this makes the whole event somewhat interesting and special since you find something new in every cycle. [HANDverk] joined the first time the Mens Dept. and I instantly fell in love with the Director-X Chair. The chair comes with 8 animations and an easy to adjust menue.

In Concrete

List of stuff:

Hair: [INK] HAIR – Steez (black)

Shirt/Vest: [SLEEPY EDDY] – Basicborder Vest and Chanbray Shirt, olive/white (for the Mens Dept.)

Pants: [LOVE RE ME] – Cropped Slim Pants Check D (for the Mens Dept.)

Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet

Chair: [HANDverk] – Director-X Chair, grey (for the Mens Dept.)