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The Ghost of Halloween

The Ghost of Halloween

If there is one holiday in secondlife that is celebrated gridwide and with a refreshing childish sense of decorations and fun it definitely is Halloween. And also Halloween is the time where shops love to give away quirky and lovely designs as gift in hunts, group gifts and freebies.

If you have a thing for Halloween and are up to a fun adventure I strongly recommend the “Ghost Of Halloween” Hunt organized by :sey, AMERIE, LikeA, Honey Kitt, KAME and Uw.st – and this definitely is a fun hunt. You have to chase for ghosts, so far, so good. BUT the ghosts move all the time – some approach you, some just run away from you and you have to chase them over 3 connected sims. Some of the ghosts hold treasures and some of them… well you definitely should do the hunt to see what happenes. I will definitely not give away too much here to spoil the fun.

Ghost of Halloween

With this hunt I enjoyed the hunting so much and also I recommend to do it with a friend like I did. But nevertheless – you make contact to other residents easy while you run behind some ghosts together. But of course there are gifts. And they are wonderful. In fact everything you see in the pictures is indeed a gift. :sey give away (amongst other items) the halloween cat on my hat and the halloween bag. AMERIE donated this bone mesh sweater for the hunt and one of LikeA’s Ghost holds these halloween pants for you. And also the set is a gift and it comes also from :sey. It has 10 brilliant fun poses.

The hat and the hair are not from the hunt, but it is the current group gift from DURA. There is a female gift also and like every DURA Hair it is wonderful made. And the skin I am in today is the new group gift from Tableau Vivant. The Marilyn Skin comes in 5 different styles – shown above is style (a).

Ghost Of Halloween

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – Halloween Groupgift

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Marilyn Skin (a) (Groupgift)

Top, Cat, Bag, Pants and Prob: The Ghost of Halloween Hunt

Accessorize Me

Accessorize Me

Let us start todays blogpost with the good news first: remember the 49 L$ Sale for Dudes that was on a year ago and then vanished into thin air? Well gentlemen – better do not plan anything for this weekend in second life because the 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back! And one of the items you can get for a snip is my hair (with sun visor) from Atro Patena. The visor can change the color and the hair is available in 4 maintones – each including 5 subtones.

The neat sunglasses are from The Gallery Gift Shop and are the share of NYU for the current round. Available as chin and mouth-attachment and of course cou can costumize it by mousclick – the top and the frames can be colored individually.

And if we are talking about accessories we hardly can miss L’accessories, can we? These super neat Armwarmers are from ~Tableau Vivant~ and they are available in 8 different colors at the venue. They are rigged mesh and there are male and female standard sizes included. So – like siad – do not make too much plans for your weekend in SL – because you definitely have to go on a shopping spree.

Accessorize Me

List of stuff:

Hair: [Atro Patena] – Kevin Black (49 L$ Sale for Dudes)

Sunglasses: NYU – Minimal High Fashion Couture – Studded Sunglasses (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Armwarmers: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Armwarmers Green (for L’accessoires)

A Forest

A Forest 01

Suddenly I stop
but i know it’s too late
I’m lost in a forest
all alone
The girl was never there
it’s always the same
I’m running towards nothing
again and again and again

A Forest 02

Two new incarnations of events start today: the Narcissus Room and the Gallery Gift Shop. And again the designers outdone themself with creativity. Let’s start with the Gallery Gift Shop. The event is one of the most surprising fairs in SL – this time with new collaborators. So I was very pleased to learn that Tableau Vivant are joining the GGS with the Jin Skin I am using here for the pictures. The skin is available in a gift version (transfer, no-copy) and in a regular version (no-trans, copy) and like with all Tableau Vivant skins the face structure is amazing.

Plank Couture again bring fun and fantasy in the Narcissus Room. They offer three attachements called Envertebrae Imobilis containing the crown, the necklace and the vertebrae. The piercings also are from the new Narcissus Room and are from Pekka.

A Forest 03

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**13(Woodsmoke)

Skin: ~ Tableau Vivant ~ Jin -Pale Tone- dark (TGGS 10)

Helmet, Collar, Vertebrae: ~plank couture~ Envertebrae Imobilis (Narcissus Room 4)

Piercing: .Pekka. Illusionist Piercing (Narcissus Room 4)

The boy with the thorn in his side

22769 exhibition suit at the gallery gift shop

I do not know if you know the Gallery Gift Shop in SL.  If not you have to check this place out. It is a sale like many others but also an art exhibition – and even better: you also can purchase art there for your homes and skyboxes and stores – you name it. Also: the place is wonderful crafted and just magic. So you have many reasons to drop by – but i can give you some more of course. Check out this suit – it is the new item from 22769 and it looks like a big raven made love to a tux. The feather collar is just like out of this world – and i love these blue embroidings in the suit (since i love the color blue anyways).

Talking about ravens: ~Tableau Vivant~ not only have the skin I blogged about yesterday as groupgift but also the crow stage with several crows which are just brilliant for fotos or decorations. They also work as an attachement as you can see on my shoulder. Oh and :Hebenon Vial: have – sadly – a closing sale right now. If you are into piercings or stretched ears this is your chance to get some for a steal. I picked the Pierced! Ears [Images of Evil Pack] for just 30 L$ and the color is way easy to adjust with the HUD. The necklace(s) are one of the current groupgift from GABRIEL. I guess they are supposed to become worn seperated – but I personally liked it more to wear both.

And finally the shoes which come – once again – from COCO. COCO has a sale going on but also an outlet store on the second floor – and guys: you just can not get decent formal black shoes for less linden.

The boy with the thorn in his side

List of stuff:

Skin: *KENTO* Toban

Shape: my own

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Ears: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears [Images of Evil Pack] v3.0

Suit: 22769 ~ casual couture for The Gallery Gift Shop “Exhibition Suit”

Necklace: ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace ONE (M) and TWO (m)

Raven: ~TV~ Diamond Crow 2m

Shoes: *COCO* Homme_LeatherShoes(Black)

Let there be glam

Let There Be Glam 1

I fell in love today – in love with a cardigan. I love cardigans in general, also in RL. But when I visited …Scars… today this cardigan/shirt combination totally catched my eye. And since a guy simply can not have enough cardigans I gave it a shot. And I was extremely pleased with the purchase. The texturing of the draped shirt on the prim and on the texture layer is extremely decent done and the silk shirt with the cardigan is a very clever combination. You also can wear the shirt without cardigan and vice versa. The cardigan comes with flexi prims and also without – so you can choose whatever fits your needs best.

While leaving …Scars… i crossed the bridge to Adjunct and found these fab Superstar Sunglasses as Groupgift. And talking about Groupgifts: Have you got the Groupgift Skin from ~ Tableau Vivant ~ already? If not – go there NOW.

And finally it is always a good idea to check with DURA for some mens hair. DURA also has two groupgifts out right now and I will come back to these on some later posts. But also the regular hair is not overexpensive and the style is brilliant.

Let There Be Glam 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *Dura-Boy*24 (black)

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift HB

Glasses: Adjunct – Superstar Sunglasses

Cardigan: …Scars… Drape T & Cardigan Set [Black]

Pictures taken here.