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Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove 1

Welcome to lazy Sunday everyone, my favorite day of the week. Sundays for me always have been hanging around days – like chilling, reading books, doing nothing and relax. And thankfully I have two very different creations I can present to you today that go oh so well together.

GizzA just released an awesome nautical suit for guys – just the perfect sea themed comfi clothing. It comes with a loose shirt, the bermudas and also the shoes. There are a few things I really want to mention about this outfit: I have the impression that mesh clothing, and especially mens mesh clothing, has entered a complete new level. Like with the shirt – the first mesh shirt releases have been quite tight ones that followed the avatars body perfectly. On the one hand it was kind of interesting to see what mesh actually can do – and these have been the first shirts released ever. Now shirts, like the GizzA one, follow a more natural flow. It is bulky, it has folds, it looks real. Same goes with the trousers. I noticed that many designer put a lot of detailing in their mesh pants recently. These Bermuda Shorts have real pockets – just like normal pants have. And this seems to become standard by now which is nice to see. So there is development in mesh clothing and I am sure that we will be surprised about the things that are about to come within the next months.

Hidden Cove

Back to the Nautical Suit. It is available in two different colors: Red (in the first pic) and more traditional blue of course. I have to say I love the fact that shoes are also included in this outfit – and the sneakers are really awesome and full of neat details. The Nautical Suits come in three different sizes.

Oh and the second creation I am going to introduce you today is again a Dreamscene from Garden of Dreams. This one is called Hidden Cove and is more or less a beach hang out. It is kind of cute and like a mini-sim for you and your friends or your significant other. You find not only the tent (shown above) and the camping place, but also a hammock and a pier full with animations (solo and couple). With this one I am extremely impressed with the texturing and with the plants. Also the scenery has realistic waves – in other words: if you want to escape – this is the place to be.

Hidden Cove 3

List of stuff:

Hair: [NSD] Cullen Hair/Noir

Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 Freckles

Outfit: GizzA Creations – Nautical Suit [Blue] and [RED]

Dreamscene: Garden of Dreams – Hidden Cove



Now isn’t that cool? I found a new store with neat and witty stuff to make your second life just a little bit brighter: Rowena Paine’s Junque Shop has everything you never dreamed of but find irresistible when you see it. In other words – you need everything from this shop! OK – I for myself might skip the earrings, but Rowenas items are adorable and her ideas are brilliant. I got myself this Party Pontoon which was a huntgift for the “Fun to be 5” hunt. But you will find so much more in the store like skyboxes, probs and many stuff more. The animations are reasonable done and somewhat natural.


Mondra already told you about The Amira Gacha Festival – SUMMER BY THE SEA. And hey: Gatcha? Count me in. So I went lucky at Spyralles Gatcha machine and got myself the rare Fractal Scarf “Hapuna”. But to be honest – all fractal scarfs are adorable. The scarfs are wonderful made and can be adjust way easy. I got myself some more things at the festival which I will show you in further posts.

Oh and the bangles are the groupgift from :sey they put out some time ago.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Black)

Scarf: Spyralle – Hapuna Scarf (The Amira Gatcha Festival SUMMER BY THE SEA)

Bangles: :sey – bangles (peace) (Groupgift)

Shorts: <kal rau> – Cargo Shorts (Groupgift)

Prob: Rowena Paine’s Junque Shop – Party Pontoon (former Huntgift)

On Safari


Hello Sweeties,

today clearly is not my day. I woke up way too late, had to rush and have my head up all in the clouds. The strangest things happen to me today. So well – I decided to go a bit on Safari in second life just to relax. But my bad day karma followed me even there! But first things first: I have told you yesterday already about the closing sale at Finesmith. What I did not tell you is that there is a hunt going on at Finesmith also. You can find 20 hidden items in the store and get so much wonderful stuff. I combined some of it in the pictures – and Ladies – there is definitely more to come! So the necklace, the ring, the earrings and even the bag and the sandals come from that hunt! And these items are wonderful made. One thing you should be aware of: to do this hunt you have to be a Finesmith VIP member and the joining fee is 100L$. On the other hand you get 20 wonderful items and even a groupgift and this is not too bad in my opinion.

The question now was – with what can I combine my new hunted jewellery and accessory? Well – it was not really a huge task for me. Nyu offers minimalistic high fashionable mesh clothing and this tube dress matches perfectly.

I have told you about my bad day karma. And it happened in second life also. I found the right place to make some photos, I found my look and then started changing my hair. So I picked the wonderful Wasabi Pills Annette Mesh Hair but forgot to remove the bangs from my Alice Project Yolanda Hair. And I did not even noticed! When I checked the pictures on my computer I thought: “Well this is way strange – I do not remember that the Anette Hair looked that way.” But I was not able to put a finger on it since it looked quite natural to me. When I started to write down the credits for this post I recognized what happened. On the other hand – it looks great. Normally I would never come to the idea to combine two different hairstyles in one, but judge for yourself: I kinda like this look. So well – things happened but at the end of the day it was a lucky coincidence.

Before I snuggle up on my sofa to just end the day – I will give you the credits for todays look. Read you soon, Sweeties


Credits for items I used for todays look:

Wasabi Pills – Annette Mesh Hair – Royal [not Free | 250 L$ per color]
Alice Project – Yolanda  – Infinity [former huntgift for Mesh Around 2012 | free – Huntgift]

Jewellery, Accessory and Shoes:
FINESMITH – Cougar Groupgift (necklace, ring and earrings) | Wild Sandals and Wild Travel Bag (storehunt)  [needs Group tag | 100L$ joining fee | not free]

NYU –Tube Dress Nude [former FaMeshed item | not free]


The Spice must flow


Warning! This post is a complete cultural mishmash. On the other hand – the whole grid is a cultural melange, so if I mix things from different regions and cultures in one post it can not be wrong, right? Right!

Yesterday the Silk Road Hunt started – and if you are looking for something unique and not western european: this is definitely the right one for you. Also there is one thing I truly adore about this hunt. It is not only about clothing but also about furniture, buildings and gadgets. The theme of the hunt is the ancient Silk Road – the trading routes that connected East, West and South Asia with Europe. And of course you can find many asian inspired gifts in this one.


I will show you some of the goodies I found so far. Like these adorable prob from *Kismet*. It is called “The Spice Trader” and contains a lot of different Spice Bags and Bowls. The texturing of these is just outstanding with such a love for detail that it is mindblowing. You literally can smell the different spices when you unpack the gift. The Kurta is from 22769 ~ casual couture and is also a gift in the hunt. And lately the guys from 22769 work a lot with mesh and the mesh standard sizing for men. The Kurta itself is of course rigged mesh and beautiful textured. And if you do not feel comfortable with standard sizing (because it is pretty new for us guys) you should check out the gifts at 22769 to become a bit more familiar with it. While I was there I also bought these white cotton capri pants after trying some demos.

The skin and the hair are also gifts. Not in the Silk Road Hunt tho. The skin is the current groupgift from Filthy – and you better join the grouip NOW since it is free to join til June, 8th. I chose the dark tan to at least look a bit indian. And the hair is the 2nd Anniversary Groupgift from Dura which was released yesterday. And like all Dura hair it is extremely well done. Honestly – nearly noone can make guys curly hair as good as Dura. So get this gift!


Talking bout gifts and coming back to the Silk Road: I told you about buildings you can get in the hunt already. And now look at this! Simply stunning. And once again I am speechless about the creativity and dedication of the designers in second life. The  Round House Folly Foundations from Fort Weka has (unfurnished) 82 Prims and is – well as you can tell – rather big. Again not your usual skybox or prefab, but wonderful made. And the first picture in this post is a picture I took inside the build. I guess you can see the wonderful texturing. In other words: one of the best hunt gifts ever.


List of stuff:

Hair: Dura – The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Wood Bark)

Skin: Filthy June Group Gift Lucaz – Dark Tan – Shaved (Free to join til 8th June)

Kurta: 22769 ~ casual couture Kurta violet (mesh – standard sizing) (SRH3)

Pants: 22769 ~ casual couture cotton capri trousers white (mesh – standard sizing)

Prob: Kismet – The Spice Trader (SRH3)

Prefab: Fort Weka – The Round House Folly Foundations 82 Prims (SRH3)