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The Classics

The classics 1

Even if you are not interested in design or art or furniture – there are some certain pieces you will always remember when you see them. Take this lounge chair i.e.: looks somehow familiar? Seen it in a movie or a television series, maybe? Well – the design is from an american couple called Charles and Ray Eames – and they designed the Eames Lounge Chair sometime in 1956. The chair became instantly a furniture classic after its release – and now it is also available in second life.

I raved yesterday already about the marvellous New York Skybox from 2Xtreme. Nevertheless – a skybox is only a floating bunch of prims without furniture. So the designer behind 2Xtreme also made some chairs and beds and sofas. But not only some neat pieces made of sculpts, meshes and prims: He brings RL design classics in second life like with this Eames Lounger and the Corbusier set shown below. All furniture comes of course with animations and poses.

The classics 2

For my todays look I went again to the Gallery Gift Shop and got myself the striped turtleneck mesh jumper from 22769 ~ casual couture. The stripes are bold and the sweater gives me just that special comfi look and feel. The denims are from the Sanity Falls Hunt and the necklace is from the Fantasy Faire 2012 and proves that you can find wonderful craftings there for your casual look without wearing fairy wings or elfen ears.

The classics 3

List of stuff:

Hair: *Dura*Group Gift-Wood Bark(01/2012)

Jumper: 22769 ~ casual couture hipster jumper green stripes (for the Gallery Gift Shop)

Necklace: Trident – Thassa Necklace IV M [black]

Denims: Shey Unisex Jeans Code004 (for Sanity Falls Hunt)

Feet: [CheerNo] FeeT. V1

Chair Picture 1: :: 2Xtreme :: loungechair and ottoman

Sofas ensemble Picture 2: :: 2Xtreme :: Corbusierset black leather

Skybox: :: 2Xtreme :: Skybox New York

Demon on the Graves

Demon on the graves 1

Ever felt devilish? Well – good news – with the Fantasy Faire 2012 you can. De La Soul offer as RFL item this complete demon avatar – coming withskin, eyes, hooves, tail, wings, ears and clothing. It is a decent made avatar. And to be precise – the package includes also a shape for the demon, but i preferred to wear it on my own shape which also is not really an issue, cause the prim parts come with resizer. The hair comes from Tekeli-li and I love the idea with the third eye that moves and blinks. And the jewellery also comes from Tekeli-li.

Demon on the graves 2

The prob comes from Trident. The viking graves come in 3 different options (with different shields) and have this praying animation – shown above – included. And once again: if you have a thing for fantasy and you want to decorate your sim or your parcel you definitely should check out Trident!

Demon on the graves 3

List of stuff:

Hair: Tekeli-li Pnath – scripted

Avatar: DLS – Deamons – RFL Violent Male

Necklace and bracelets: Tekeli-li Pectinidae

Prob: Trident – Viking Graves

On the Bridge

the bridge 1

Only a few hours more and the Fantasy Faire 2012 openes to public – and here we are in my second post about the wonderful findings and creations. My whole outfit comes from Demons and Angels and it is well crafted. Like said before I am a rather tall avatar – but I only needed some small alterations to fit the gear and the clothing to my shape. And of course the clothing comes with resizer. The Dovahkiin outfit in black is one of the RFL items from D&A.

the bridge 2

On the bridge I found myself some company with this (wearable) unicorn. The unicorn comes in different versions depending what style to ride it you prefer. And it is also HUD controlled. The skin comes from De La Soul and features the color Chrys.

The Medieval Stone Bridge is another building from Trident – and it definitely is a brilliant item for every sim owner and landscaper. It does not only work for fantasy themed sims, but in general. It is very well made.

the bridge 3

List of stuff:

Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**07 (Black)

Skin: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Chrys

Ears: DLS – Ikon – Chrys Ears

Eyes: DLS – Radiance – MESH Eye – Violet

Outfit with boots: D&A Dovahkiin Black

Unicorn prob: WOE Unicorn White (White Oak Equines)

Bridge: Trident Medieval Stone Bridge II

Horn: Trident Triton Horn II (with animation)

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1

I have a confession to make: I was never into roleplay. I sometimes have a hard time to control my animation overrider – no chance that I could deal with a combat meter. Nevertheless I highly appreciate the imagination and the wonderful craftings of fantasy orientated and dedicated merchants. This is what secondlife is for: to live dreams.

The fantasy and roleplay scene within SL is legion – and the biggest fairground for fantasy related products is for sure the Fantasy Faire which opens to the public Saturday April, 21st. And I am very proud and glad to show you some of the exclusivly made items beforehand. You also should know that shown items are donation items for RFL.

The elf skin and ears I am wearing in the picture are from De La Soul. The wonderful jewellery and the triton belt are coming from Trident who also crafted this egyptian tomb skybox I took the pictures in. The boots are from Hooligan and are not from the Fantasy Faire but from the currently running Sanity Falls Hunt and the leather pants are the huntgift from Egoisme for the Runway Perfect Hunt 2.

Tomb Raider 2

List of stuff:

Hair: *SH* Kai Hair(black)

Skin and Ears: DLS – Beaux – Ikon – Pearl
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st

Eyes: DLS – Radiance – MESH Eye – Violet
available on Shifting Sands on Saturday April, 21st.

Necklace: Trident Medusa Necklace [Gold/Silver]
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Belt: Trident Triton Horn II Belt M
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Pants: Egoisme EHC – Elegance leather pant (Runway Perfect Hunt 2 Gift)

Boots: HOOLIGAN – Sanity Falls armored boots (Sanity Falls Hunt Gift)

Skybox: Trident Egyptian Tomb II
available on Shadow’s Claw on Saturday April, 21st.

Tomb Raider 3